Daily Pop, Dec 2014: Galactic Hot Dogs, Way Back Week, & more!

Hey Poptropicans! December isn’t quite over yet, but this month’s Daily Pop sneak peeks (and more) are already on Poptropica’s servers! A good chunk of this month’s peeks are for the upcoming Galactic Hot Dogs Island, so let’s take a look at those first (click here for round one of GHD!):

Among the sneak peeks, it looks like we’ll be traversing strange lands including a desert landscape, mushroom kingdom, a place with galactic food stands (Main Street?), and more. It seems we’ll also be stealing an Egg from a big bird’s nest and encountering some interesting creatures.

For more info on Galactic Hot Dogs Island, check out our GHD trivia page! Remember, also, that you can always browse the entire Daily Pop collection on the PHB’s Sneak Peek Archive.

Nestled among all the GHD pics is this sneak peek for the final installment of Arabian Nights Island, which features the spire with the telescope stand seen in Episode 1, but this time, night has fallen!

Bad Moon Rising: The days are hot but the nights are sizzling.

Bad Moon Rising: The days are hot but the nights are sizzling.

Finally, since the Creators will be taking a well-deserved break for the holidays, they’ve prepared a “Way Back Week” of peeks from December 26 to January 5, featuring throwback images from years ago. I especially like all the designs for E. Vile, the villain of the Legendary Swords mini-quest!

Again, be sure to check out the PHB’s Daily Pop Sneak Peek Archive (under the Cool Stuff tab) for a complete collection of Daily Pop images with their titles and captions, all the way from when they first began in November 2010 and updated monthly. Stay popping, Poptropicans! 😀


4 thoughts on “Daily Pop, Dec 2014: Galactic Hot Dogs, Way Back Week, & more!

  1. Slippery Raptor says:

    Also, Poptropica announced on their blog that Poptropica Realms (new and improved Poptropica Land) is coming in 2015!

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