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From Santa’s, no, Poptropica’s little help bloggers…


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings and all that good cheer from the PHB! Don’t forget to get the holiday-themed that have been pushed to the front of the Poptropica Store for December! There’s the Elf Costume, Crazy Candy Cane, Snowman, and Tangled in Lights… the first one’s free!

December store costumes

As for the gold cards, get in the Yuletide mood with the Little Candy Cane, Winter Blast Flavor PopGum, Candy Cane-on, and Snow Fall… again, the first one’s free. Enjoy your prezzies! 😀

-Poptropica’s little helpers

36 thoughts on “From Santa’s, no, Poptropica’s little help bloggers…”

      1. Wimpy Wonderland is probably the most wintry one. Other snowy locations include: Mount Everest on Time Tangled, Ice Planet on Astro-Knights, Himalayas on Cryptids, the iceberg on SOS, and the place where the picture above was taken – Main Street on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island. 😛

    1. It will come.
      My uncle works for poptropica, and he told me that it would come out in 2013.
      In the first half of the year.

      1. Yes I am changing my name from my normal Spotted Dragon to Spotted New Year for the upcoming New Year.
        But really is that guy’s uncle really working for Poptropica?

  1. are you sure? i guess i can trust you … *gets close up to face* OK! (o-0)

      1. Well, when I next visit him I will take a photo that has never been seen before.
        1 problem: we live in different countries.

      2. Toaau,

        Because you are saying that you and your uncle, the “Creator”, living in seperate countries means that you are probaly lying. However, your user looks Somoan, meaning, you may or may not be lying.

        Dr. Magic Onion

    1. You are so fortunate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, Fishy, new post on creators blog about poptropolis.

      1. I usually won’t “give credit” for reporting new Creators’ Blog posts, since I am quite capable of checking the blog myself (as is everyone else). I’m not quite sure why, but several people decided to post very similar comments about the new PCB post even though it had already been mentioned. Also, I didn’t write the new PHB post about it, Shaggy did.

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