Long time no see, Poptropica Help Blog! It’s been a really – interesting experience. I mean, I wanted this ever since I was 10. When I got added, I was so excited, happy and I felt like the king of the world. But now, I’m 13 almost 14 busy with trying to graduate middle school and my social life. And I don’t want to take up space on this blog. What’s the use of having an author that doesn’t even post? Maybe there’s another kid out there who dreams of being on this blog like I did. So, Hijuyo (Slanted Fish), thanks for giving me a chance to be here, and thanks to all the readers for taking the time to read my posts! This was definitely a point in my life that I never want to forget. So, thank you all!

Happy Holidays,


123 thoughts on “Deuces!”

  1. Why? WHY?? Don’t you realize it’s the holidays? This is the worst gift ever! DON”T GO!!!

      1. You know what, guys? It is not funny because Raymond said that he does not understand what you are saying.

      2. Language I’m with doctor? I think you’re right, Mike. This doesn’t make any sense to me.

      3. I was agreeing with doctor that you were not controlling your language. Also,gangsters rule,”You know what, guys? It is not funny because Raymond said that he does not understand what you are saying.” doesn’t mean you have to understand it.I thought he already did (“What? Oh.”)

  2. no!!! don’t leave mehh! i was about to give you my *zombies come in* WII U!!! *gets carried in *

  3. Oh and, hijuyo, if you’re adding someone, I advise Samwow5. He’s been a help of your blog, writing Charlie and the chocolate factory guide, and zomberry Island. Well I’m just advising okay! Don’t spam or anything!

  4. Ok, sorry. i wish you good luck, MT! and also, I recommend myself! Have a good holiday. (gives a wii, a chocolate cake, and some milk.) Note:If you ate the milk, your’e now a zombie.

      1. This is just crazy. People going away because MT was. I didn’t really know him anyway.

  5. REALLY!?!?! I just came back from my Christmas vacation and that’s what I see!?!? NOOOOOOOOOO! YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME! 😥

      1. *sniff* Bye. I have to go now. I will miss all of you. *takes bags and walks away sadly*

      2. I think MT is inspiring you all to leave.Sigh… 😦

        If anyone wants me,I’ll be at my Sky Home in the future.Bye,everyone.I’ll occasionally visit the Soda Pop Shop! *teleports to the future*


        Sticky Clown,break dance,hiphop,SCREAMER!,and blame it on the love of rock and roll.


      1. Anyway,if this goes on,the PHB cannot afford to lose anyone.

        “You’re not leaving me again.”

        –Percy Jackson to Annabeth Chase,from the Mark of Athena,The Heroes of Olympus Series,spinoff of Percy Jackson and the Olympians,both written by Rick Riordan.

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