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Hey Poptropicans! Shaggy here. More disturbing news from the Poptropolis area! Check it:


DECEMBER 27, 2012 — Mews Foundation seismologists have verified reports of “sizable tectonic activity” taking place beneath the Poptropolis Games. “We’ve heard the stories about the island returning to the seas whence it came, but, frankly, we thought that smooth-talking emcee was just being dramatic,” said Mews Foundation spokesperson Cheerful Spinner. “However, at this time we are not confirming that the Poptropolis Games are, in fact, on the verge of sinking back into the sea.”

When asked if the Mews Foundation was denying that such an event was taking place, Spinner had no comment.

This is a breaking news story… updates as events warrant…

Sinking further.

Hmm, it does seem to be sinking further and further down compared to what BT took last. So what do you guys think? Are they sinking back into oblivion for the next 100 years? Or is it something else? Leave your speculations in the comments! If the island is, in fact, sinking, I think you better finish Poptropolis Games and fast!

Have a Happy New Year! 😀


39 thoughts on “Poptropolis News”

    1. Maybe, it might be! Remember the Inspecter person on Counterfiet Island? She was helping us and she was trying to trick us by doing that stuff!!!! So maybe all the “bad guys” are planning something with Poptropilis Games!!!! I just thought about something if you do: PG Island so since it says PG it might have something to do with it???? Why is it this Island? Is it because it’s a mini game kinda thing? Or could Cheerful Spinner be a “bad guy” trying to plan something and we don’t know about it????
      And the people aren’t saying anything about???? Are they going to do something or just flee from the Island???? Maybe!!!! I don’t know, what there doing!!!!

      PS: Sorry for the long comment!!!!

  1. Oops sorry I meant, WHAT?!?!? This is the worst thing that has happened to Poptropica since Monster Carnival Island disappeared off of the map! 😦 ;( It is my FAVORITE island! 😦 I mean, sure, it might not sink back into the sea, but it IS my favorite island! It’s better than all of the islands combined (all of the islands are AWESOME though and it is only slightly better (in my opinion obviously) than all of the others I just like it SO much!)! ;( I hope it doesn’t disappear! 😦 That would be AWEFUL! ;( Then again, it might not because the creators just made those tribe rooms, so hopefully it is just a false alarm or like ★A Very Merry New Year to you all From New Year Party Goofer Clown★ ★May There be More Fun Next Year★ said (1st comment) Cheerful Spinner might betray us like Zeus or Director D. did in the previous islands (they were both greedy, so maybe Cheerful Spinner is planning to pretend that something is wrong with the island and he finds a pretend “solution” to the problem and everyone will call him a hero and he will be in the papers and stuff). Maybe he might be a new villian (although it’s not TOO likely) or maybe Zeus came back, still planning and planning his revenge, refusing never to give up! Maybe Director D. is coming back, or he could be an entirely new villian. Or, he could, of course, be no new villian at all and the island Poptropolis Games really will sink back into the sea (that would be the worst of all of the possibilities). Or of course there might be other possibilities. Anyways, Merry Late Christmas and Go Poptropica! Good job to the PHB Staff Team! 😀 PS: Sorry for such a long comment! :blush:

  2. The poptropolis games are going to sink but a new one is going to rise up in 2013! I can tell cause on the members-only cards it says Poptropolis Games 2012. EPIC!

    1. Maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s just renewing the island for this year (2013), since the last year showed up on that card you were talking about.

  3. Hmmm, it does look like its sinking? What if
    It’s won of the “bad guys” making it do this?
    I went on there and it was shaking, but none
    Of the people were saying anything about it?
    Are they going to have the island just sink or are they gonna flee? I dont know!

  4. Hmmm….. Maybe it’s like the actual Olympics. Maybe it’ll dissapear, but come back in 2016, when the next summer olympics are. Or it could be revamped in 2014, when the winter olympics come. Or it could be the end of the Poptropolis Games.FOREVER!What they make a spinoff mini-island that involves the end of the poptropolis games, and you have to save them from an ancient evil that sank the original Poptropolis???? It could be anything….We just have to see.

  5. What if… the creators make Poptropolis games a MEMBERS-ONLY island?!?! 😥 DUH DUH DUH! 😯 If they do that, then it would mean the demise of a really fun island! 😦

      1. It feels like 3/4 now, since basically the creators are reserving most of the stuff for members. Like member’s only items. I’m a non-member, and I don’t think it’s fair if Poptropolis becomes a member’s only island. Then Poptropica would lose more players, I am pretty sure.

  6. Maybe there’s a technical malfunction with the island. But I really like that idea of a villain causing this. Does it have something to do with the new island Night Watch island, do you think?

  7. I hope this isn’t the end. I love this island.

    ♦Happy Poptropolis games, and may the odds be ever in your favor♦

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