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Sweet and sour, street and power

The Super Villain Island members gear pack is now available! Visit the Poptropica Store to pick up your free Night Hare costume (inverted/negative-colored Dr. Hare – this one’s limited edition), Sleeping Powder power (makes everyone fall asleep), and Evil Henchmen item (drops bunnies, crawfish, spiders, robotic mice). Awesome! Thanks, Muddy Axe.

There’s also an ad building for Monster High, so if you’re interested, check out the costumes and special prizes in the dorms of Venus (prize: Pollenator), Rochelle (Stone Gargoyle), and Robecca (Jetpack)! You might also see some other players around because it appears to be a sort of common room as well.

Some recent new sneak peeks on the Daily Pop suggest a possible city-themed island we may see in the future. Could it be related to this Creator sneak peek about the birth of an island? It even mentions the word smoothie, and one of these newer sneak peeks shows a building called Sluggy’s Smoothies. There’s also a Subway, matching both the island-process-planning sneak peek mentioned, and the Daily Pop.

Breakdown – Looks like a bad neighborhood.
In Outline – We only need the broad strokes when laying out scenes.
Cup of Joe – I like my coffee like I like my comedy: black.

On Roald Dahl Day, the Creators confirmed what we had been suspecting: an island themed after Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Lots of Daily Pops have evidence for the idea, including this newer one depicting the infamous chocolate river Augustus Gloop fell into:

Deep and Dark – There’s nothing sweet about this dangerous place.

If you haven’t already, look for the blue balloon with a “5” on it in any common room (though Early Poptropica’s Soda Pop Shop is the easiest because of its smaller size) and pop it to get a bonus firework-shooting, limited edition epic birthday cake costume. There’s also a free color-changing balloon in the Store! Poptropica’s 5th birthday celebration lasts for the rest of September. Check out BT’s post for more pics!

The balloon should look like this:

In other news, don’t forget to join in the PHB’s 7 million hits celebration for your chance to win an account with a rare costume! It ends next Friday, September 21st. Click here for more information.

That concludes another mega post! Have a great weekend! 😀

14 thoughts on “Sweet and sour, street and power”

  1. Hiyo! How do you have so much time and I’m in the same grade?! Lol. I’m so busy right now that I don’t have time to do much else… -.-

    But nice combo of posts! I love how they’re doing a CatCF island! I wonder what the city island thing will be about…

    Anyway, I’ll try to make a post soon, if time permits. 😛

  2. Hello, PHB, I couldn’t post comments for a week because I couldn’t find me iPod.
    Wow, it looks like a lot of stuff is going on in Poptropica!
    Now, guess time!
    I guess that the next island’s name is gonna be ‘urban island’ but who knows!
    P.S. happy B-day Poptropica!
    5 years of awesome adventures!

  3. Has anyone else noticed that Captain Crawfish has made almost all the posts in the PCB? Also, in Skullduggery Island, he is shown with a brown beard, and in all the other pictures of him, his beard is grey?

  4. I can’t wait to find out what the city-themed island is going to be about! It looks pretty cool! And I can’t wait for the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island! Even though I never did read the book or watch the movies.

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