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Lil Tips and Tricks

Black Widow strikes again! This time she’s posting–not exactly a news story or update– but a few tips to help the newer Poptropica players to find their way around.

Costume quest

You fashionistas out there already know that there are hundreds of outfits on Poptropica that you can costumize on Islands, or buy in the Store. And there are thousands of possible costume combinations that you can put together when you combine pieces from them all.

All those accessories can be hard to hold onto. Here are a few tricks for keeping around your favorite ensembles.

The Costume Collector Gold Card is available in the Poptropica store. It’s free to use for Members, or 250 Credits for non-Members. With the Costume Collector, you can store up to three of your costumes exactly as they are, so you don’t have to worry about having to put them all together again later.

The Portrait Printer, also in the Store free for Members and 250 Credits for non-Members, lets you immortalize your greatest fashion creations on paper. You can pose your Poptropican, add one of several backgrounds, and then print it out for all to see!

Finally, all Members and non-Members with a Poptropica username can use the Avatar Studio to save a picture of their current look and share it with the world. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and play dress up!

avatar image

While older members may know these, it’s always nice to have a bit more knowledge. After all, knowledge leads you to frolic– no, knowledge leads you to college! Or something all the adults say to trick you into eating your brussel sprouts and spinach. Either way, isn’t frolicking in the flowers quite fun?

What’s your favorite thing out of these three awesome advantages to Pop? (other then frolicking and skipping in the daisies, which no doubt the creators must add as a feature.)

As for the Daily Pop, there’s a new one called “Mine Is Yours”. How queer? Perhaps the “Mine” actually means… a mine!

*squee* Isn't Shark Boy just the most adorable?! Sorry, fangirl moment there.

It seems to be a scene from Nabooti Island– or perhaps an old island idea that was scrapped, or even an *gasp* upcoming island! As for me, if I were stuck in that unfortunate Poptropican’s place I’d probably be screaming my lungs out as well.

I took the liberty to go on my backup account and check out the mines at Nabooti. It took me a giant 18 minutes to get the camera and hard hat and everything! The things I do for you guys.

They don’t seem to resemble each other much. You don’t see that giant pipe thing or the broken boards in the background of the Daily Pop picture. Perhaps it was an early sketch.

By the way, maybe you know, and if you didn’t, you gained some more knowledge for frolicking! Tomorrow, January 8th (at least for the states), it’ll be none other then…The King of Rock n’ Roll’s birthday! Yes, lady and gents, Elvis Presley himself! Just a little fun fact I know c:

12 thoughts on “Lil Tips and Tricks”

  1. BORING, Creators, BOOORING! Already HAVE that! πŸ™„ Anyway, that DOES look rather like Nabooti until you do it. Then they don’t resemble each other much. So it’s probably an early sketch like you said.

  2. I WAS RIGHT!!! There WILL be a western island wif shootouts, bandits, mines, cattle rustlers, and (my favorite) SALOONS!!! <:O They showed a saloon pic when Daily Pop first started!!

  3. I found a glitch on Cryptids Island:
    1. Go into the General Store
    2. Click on the man inside (a thought bubble menu should pop up)
    3. Without making the menu go away, go in your items and click use on the gardening shears.
    4. While your character says, “Why would I use them here?”, choose one of the thought bubble choices behind the speech bubble you are saying.
    5. The man talks to himself right in front of you!

  4. Really like the post, really really like it how you checked back to the island with pictures. Good praise!
    Mine is Yours.

    Sharkboy does not want the ride in the Mine.
    So the Mine is yours to ride in. πŸ˜€ love that.

  5. So, You took 18 minutes to get into the Nabooti mines with a new account. Was that with or without PopMatrix? Oh, wait, PopMatrix doesn’t have the mines.
    I went to http://www.dinkypage.com/poptransport, then clicked on “Even Even More Mines”. Instant transport.

    I hope you’re updating the PopMatrix with more locations, such as the boss place of AstroKnights island, where you fight Modred…

  6. i dislike the store item review posts on the creators blog, i feel that more time could be put into working on the next island or item than the effort for those posts

  7. Whoa, Ravenclawgurl super fan or in love with Shark Boy xD kidding about the love part but Shark Boy is awesome and this post by the Creators is boring -_- don’t they know that alot of members and even non-members have that thing?

  8. Well, at least for now, Poptropica members know that it IS a sketch for a new Poptropica island – Wild West Island! Non-members, your wait isn’t as long as it seems – Wild West Island is open for all on March, 14!

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