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Giffy Goodness!

Captian Crawfish XI: I didn’t even post this!

El: Yeah, so..? You’re here anyway. Let’s get this over with.

Captian Crawfish XI: Uh oh… *gets engulfed in EL’s mouth*

EL: Omnomnom. Now on with the horse gif.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Animation test


avatar image

EL: Wow. A gif that doesn’t work. FAIL much?


27 thoughts on “Giffy Goodness!”

    1. I have a horse at my farm named Coco but she has a terrible diasease. She might not make it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I have another horse that’s a mustang but he isn’t the same as Coco. I’ll miss her if she passes :(.

  1. :O! After such a long break I would have thought the Creators would be bursting with ideas! Atleast now CC’s brain is bursting!

  2. :O There goes another Captain Crawfish. These creators should be coming up with more exciting posts and updates. Like sneak peeks at new islands besides animation tests!? BORING CREATORS, BORING!

    1. You know that this COULD mean we ride a horse on Wild West Island, right? Oh, and by the way, the Creators did a re-test that worked..

      1. A Wild West Island would be really cool. They’ve already done Skullduggery (pirates) and Astro-Knights (astronauts). So… fingers crossed!!!

  3. Sighz. You’d think they woukd’ve said “Free Membership for everyone.” Though I already have Membership. But I’m still very mad about the Cryptids Island Incident. Yup, I’m so mad, it’s capital Incident. I mean, you camp out since 10:00 P.M. mountain time, and you wait. It’s 1, 2, 3…. and it comes out at 3!I waited for more than a half day, I wrote the walkthrough, and I didn’t sleep because I thought you were going to be repaid well. But no, bad boss battle, and now, we get an animation test. Sighz.

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