New island sneak peek week: It’s dynamite!

You dyna-might want to take a look at this next item. Ok, I know that was a terrible joke.

Take a gander at these sketches of dynamite. This explosive gadget is a little more complicated than the stick of clay you are used to seeing.

Come back tomorrow to see the final image of this dynamite with some color. And don’t forget that on Friday, we’re revealing the name of the new island for the first time.

Like I said, we’re all gonna blow up! 😀

The stick o’ dynamite looks pretty techy… The creators must be getting ready for the 4th as well…. The string that you burn looks like a rat tail to me. xD

It’s late. So today, you get a short post! 😉


28 thoughts on “OMG WE’RE ALL GONNA BLOW UP>.<

  1. Neat Tornado says:

    Maybe you have to blow a rat up in the dynamite and you have to use his tail to blow the dynamite up! XD XD

  2. postopialucy says:

    Looks like sometimes you ladies and boys talk to much about “going after the creators”… maybe the creators are getting fed up and planning to blast a world wide Poptropica User Dynamite Blast. To blast all the poptropicans that are “going after them”… Blast Them All UP! (Not the Creators… Just anyone that are threatening the Creators.)

  3. Fierce Scorpion says:

    I think you have to get rid of an evil plant guy using the dynamite and the multi tool to get rid of his two headed plants.
    That would be cool. 😀

    • alyssa the vampire says:

      I didn’t see one on the Multitool… I don’t think it has one. It might have in the sketch, but not in the colored version…

  4. Nightsouled says:

    Hey, you’re right, it DOES look like a rat tail! O.O Well anyways, I like the new one better, the old one looks too much like a light saber in my opinion…

  5. anahappysword says:

    It looks like a Wii controler to me……..
    Perhaps we have to charge ’em so that we can shoot lasers out at random stuff! 🙄

  6. freddie says:

    Cool TNT! I wonder why the rat exploded and forgot his rattail? hmmm.. anyways cool short post! Sorry rat, but if you want your own new rattail, you have to get it from me! *billions of rats attack me* AHHH!!! Rats!!! go away!!!!! AHHHH!! Sorry long comment!! -Freddie The Master Of Poptropica

  7. Billly Bob says:

    So how do I actually get help on this website? The live chat is filled with a bunch of 8 year olds. Are there any adults that offer actual assistance?

    Hijuyo: When it comes to a children’s game, kids are actually more capable of providing help than adults. Just search around the blog for what you’re looking for – the base of our content is written by kids. 😉

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