Hellos & Goodbyes

An End to a Journey is the Start of a New Life

Dear fellows of my sweet Poptropica,

How nice you have treated me during these unforgettable years. I am sad to say that the PHB will no longer be with me, only apart of my memories that i will forever remember.

Thank-you Scary Tomato, or Hijuyo. Thank-you for giving me the chance to help create the wonderful community surrounding the PHB. I loved what i did. I wish i could continue, but my studies have caught up to me and reality beats virtuality.

I have made many friends, and to you i say thank-you for making me smile, and enjoy what i do.

I will still be around. Popping in once and a while. I will continue to develop my blog to what i dreamed of.

Stay with me. Remember me.





71 thoughts on “An End to a Journey is the Start of a New Life”

    1. A duh… a duh… I mean, that made me cry. It really did. But I’m not gonna be all like,” NOOO!!! WHY OH WHY DON’T LEAVE MEH” and be all annoying. Because there IS no reason to be that sad. Even if I am ur biggest fan. Bye, my friend.

  1. Okay Codien, if you can’t work here any longer, it’s okay, and although we will miss you dearly, you will always by in our hearts. WE LOVE YOU! *sniff sniff* WAH!!!

  2. NOOO!!! Not ANOTHER person leaving PHB! WHy are so many people leaving anyway? We will miss all of them a LOT.

  3. Noooooo Codien u were an awesome author i wish u didnt have to go u wre one of the three orignal authors and one of the bests at poptropica blogging nooo ill miss u

    1. Is that ALL you can think about? Aren’t you going to say farewell to the AWESOME Codien???

  4. You were the only person, other than coderkid, on the staff that seemed to actually help the blog grow, not just make lame jokes about cheese. I will miss you.
    Codien: Many people helped make the blog grow. I have done my bit. I raise my fist in glory for Hijuyo and his lame cheese jokes! 😛

  5. The PHB is dying slowly..

    Hijuyo: ..and coming to life again with the help of everyone who remains, and joins.

  6. Bye bye boxy man. 😦
    We will all miss you terribly and will really appreciate when you come to visit.
    I still have that kitty avvie you made me. :3

    1. dude..you can’t possibly be as AWESOME as Codien was is and…will be? … So why take his place???

  7. AUGGG!!!!! This CAN’T be happening! (sorry about the caps) Yesterday I thought Codien was going to leave(in a sad not mean way). 😦

  8. Bye Bye Codien, thank you for the awesome beards, creative graphics and secret sneak peeks.

    1. Codien will just leave and then…Hijuyo will make them…He/She’s pretty good at graphic designing 🙂

  9. Hey Hijuyo, maybe as a goodbye present, you could leave Codien on the author list, since he’s one of the 3 “originals”?

    Hijuyo: But since he wants to leave, the ‘goodbye’ means he has to be taken off the staff crew.

  10. Codien, before you actually leave please release M.A.P (aka Make a Poptropicanian)
    And for the last time,
    Good bye
    Bis dann
    Zai Jian

    Hijuyo: MAP (created by Coderkid) has already been released for certain users of the PHF.

  11. Codien, I was one of your biggest fans, and naturally I’m sad to see you go. However, just as I left in a turmoil of chaos, you’ve calmly and gently ended a long relationship with the PHB. I’ve always admired you, and though I’ve never formally met you I hope that we can talk more. (Plus, I need your graphics skillz on my blog.)

  12. Good…bye. *sobs*
    But hey, Codien’s right. “An end to a journey is the start of a new life”. We will all miss you.

  13. >:{ i am so sad, i dont kno why, but i feel this is giving me guilt for not commenting on a lot of ur posts :o( :():

  14. Farewell, Codien. I wish you the best in life and that you have an enjoyable and prosperous future. You’re gonna go far, dude. ~th

  15. Codien, you will be dearly missed. Your graphics on the PHB were top notched. I have seen many blogs with graphics and yours was the best that I have seen in a long time. I wish you the best of luck. Stop by on the PHB if you get any spare time. Have fun and let me know about when your blog is ready. Always like the idea of joining. If not, that is okay. Mainly, enjoy life, be successful, and good luck.

    ~Golden Rider- God of Poptropican Islands- Captain Rider of the Narrator- Servent to God

    1. My word. Two years ago. Funny, to think I actually wrote like this. With all that little stuff at the end. My gosh, I sounded like such a nerd.

  16. Bye codien! We will miss you! I haven’t known you that good because i just started reading the PHB is like 2013 but it’s always sad when an author leaves! Bye! You will be missed!!!

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