Da bomb! Da bomb! Who knows what dangers this could hold?

New island sneak peek week: It’s the bomb

Yesterday to keep the sneak peeks rolling out the door, we showed concept sketches of dynamite for the new island.

Here is the finished version. This is something that you are not allowed to hold while chasing your brothers around the campfire.

Look at all those gauges and wires. I had to read a 500 page manual to learn how to use it properly. Though, I accidentally discovered that throwing it works too.

Now that you’ve seen a glimpse of the design style of some of these items, can you guess what kind of island this is going to be?

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the announcement of the new island name!


And the end still looks like a rat’s tail… wait… could this stick of dynamite be, in fact, a rat? A live cheese-eating mouse…? :O JK. xD

Long awaited poll results about Poptropica membership! The question was, simply: “What do you think of Poptropica’s membership?”

  • HOW COULD YOU, CREATORS?! Worst update ever! D: | 4,019 votes | 57%
  • Meh. I don’t really care. :/ | 1,136 votes | 16%
  • Awesome! I already have it. 🙂 | 895 votes | 13%
  • Great idea on Poptropica’s part. I’m going to get it soon. | 779 votes | 11%
  • Uh, what does that mean? -.o | 249 votes | 4%

Looks like our PHB readers are mostly anti-membership. Wise, very wise. 😀

In other news…

  • Check out this Xat chatroom owned by Fred9005 – http://xat.com/fred9005!
  • We’re all sad to have one of our “original 3 PHB authors” – Codienend his time with this blog. But of course, this gives him the opportunity to start new journeys in life and we wish him all the best.
  • A new staff member will join the PHB’s Poptropica Help Team soon enough.
  • We’re getting close to July 26th, 2010 – and that means the PHB’s 2-year anniversary is coming up! Stay tuned for more. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Da BOMB :O

  1. Tomzilla says:

    OMG! Lotsa updates, Atomic power and Fireworks in the store, and two more things, if your at a island, look at your map, and look at mainstreet, there should be a blimp there, and, in the store, The tofu dog is gone :o.

  2. fred8910 says:

    Fred9005? That’s closer to my name! I wonder why the PHB started in July 26, 2008? Anyways, cool post! *dissapears to Codien’s planet and then Coderkid’s planet* Hi guys 😀 Bye! -Fred8910

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