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Santa’s Sharks

PHB Header
Poptropica Help Blog staff member Coderkid worked hard to create a colorful Shark Tooth header for us to enjoy! You can view it at the top of every page at the PHB. Also, be looking forward to an upcoming Christmas header from graphics designer Codien!

New Store Stuff!
Shark Boy from the Poptropica Creators’ Blog changed his avatar in honor of one of the two new costumes to arrive at the Poptropica Store – the Tiger Shark! (Notice the amazing dead fish!) For girls, you can also pick up a Swan Ballerina outfit. Thanks to Xarr for this update.

Tiger Shark – Basically looks like the shark costume from the Shark Museum at Shark Tooth Island. But with this costume, there comes a twist where the boring gray color of the typical shark becomes a thrilling striped orange. You can also Customize the awesome fishy and toss it in the air by pressing the space bar!

Swan Ballerina – The title says it all! It’s a pretty dancing ballerina costume mixed with a taste of swan. Isn’t it beautiful? 😛

Santa Buddies Ad
For younger children (6 to 11 years old), a nice Christmas adventure awaits you at the Disney Santa Buddies advertisement building! You can find it on Main Street of most islands. Thanks goes to Incredible Fish for the update.

Once inside the building, go to the right side to be briefed by the white instructor dog, Santa Paws, about what to do. The goal is to get all five brown reindogs in time to deliver Santa’s presents so everyone can have a very merry Christmas season! xD

You have sixty seconds to round up all 5 dogs. To the right side of the Santa Paws is a snowy landscape, and if you explore the area, you should be able to touch 3 of the dogs. The other 2 dogs are hidden back inside the advertisement building, on the higher platforms. When the time is up and you have succeeded in your mission, you will watch a little cutscene where you get to drop gifts down the chimneys!

After the cutscene, you will be presented with two prizes – a green elf costume with antlers and a surprise box. The elf costume is similar to last year’s, except that there is no nose attached to the antlers and the pants are yellow.

The surprise box can be used (by clicking on the ”Use” button on its item card) to spray gift boxes all over the place, then having them magically clear up. YAY BOXES!! :mrgreen:

In other news…

  • Check out and follow us on Twitter @PoptropicaHelp! Poptropica Help Tweets (PHT) is here to tweet you in touch with us!
  • Invented by Coderkid, the iCostume displays a new costume each week, which you can Costumize at no risk. Don’t forget to vote about whether you like it or not!
  • Remember to be using The Multiverse Project (TMP) by Coderkid to view and submit current open Multiverse rooms for partying!

92 thoughts on “Santa’s Sharks”

      1. I was ABOUT to say that. You don’t need to say agree x10,000,000 times… That is AKA spam as PawPtropica said.

      1. Not necessarily, I mean, everyone loves it so if more people love it, more people buy credits and TA-DA!! More money for the creators!

      2. i bought the swan thing…the tiger one would have been a waste of credits to me

        and AWESOME header!

  1. I got the shark outfit on one of my characters for my Bday! And NIce header Coderkid! Is Quantum Coder on it? I recognize the Poptropican on the far right. with the cool glasses.

    1. The North Pole FIRED Santa CLAUS and Santa Paws was hired. Santa claus had stalked too many houses and complaints were sent to NS and the got overwhelmed and fired him. xD

  2. Yay! Your back from the the dark of not posting for a LONG time! Great post, Hijuyo! And great Header Coderkid!

  3. OK, question. HOW COME??? WHENEVER I SUBMMIT A MULTIVERSE CODE… I DON’T SEE IT!!!??? It says, “No submissions currently.” Driving me NUTS!! It did it FIVE times ALREADY!!

    1. The Multiverse code has to be valid for it to work. To make sure it works, enter a Multiverse room, and without exiting it, go to TMP and submit the current room you’re in.

      TMP will automatically detect when a room is no longer in use, and when that happens, it will be removed from the current list.

      1. Me too! I hate that! It always happens to me! I have given up on the multiverse project because it never shows up! Even though the room I submit is perfectly fine!

  4. AWESOME! Im probably going to buy the shark suit. But that will have to wait for the next island, enough though I have credits (waiting for a limited edition item)

  5. Does anyone have a candy cane on one of their accounts from last year? if so, please enter it on icostume! please! please! please! please! this includes everyone! i’m dieing for the candy cane and i want to save it on the costume collector!

  6. I saw an outfit from reality TV in one of the multiplayer rooms! It was the tattered pink dress with a star on it! And I’ve been seeing this polka-dotted belt EVERYWHERE and I don’t know where it came from.

  7. The Tiger Shark costume is awesome. 😀 A lot of people have been wanting to hold the dead fish, including me. xD I love the header! =D

    1. Just go to a multiverse… ONE person always has one. Meet me in a multiverse or go to one from TMP. (I have it! Yay!)

    2. I costumized it from someone in a multiplayer room. At first I thought it was some kind of glitch, a poptropican’s mouth moving and no speech bubble, but then I clicked on the character to costumize her, and I could costumize her mouth. Do you think it could be from an upcoming island? Like, there’s a poptropican character from Counterfeit Island that won’t stop talking or something and her mouth is always moving? IDK, just a thought…

    Okay, now I know we all love the Poptropica Store, but lets think back for a bit.
    If you remember, when they unleshed the store back in July this year, they also released the first sign of the there actully being a store in poptropica.
    But did you know the creaters showed signs of a store here in poptropica before that?
    After looking though the archives, I found one that was SHOCKINGLY FAMILIER.
    Not many people will remember this, but think back to Februwary 2009. In a post titled “Crazy Costumes, Yogo Bucks and…Nate Greenwall!” you can see a picture of some of the costumes from the store. Here is the link for the picture. I think you’ll agree with me when I say: Very Familer” :

  9. Hey! for something fun, lets make up a Poptropica xmas song!
    One the first day of christmas Poptropica gave to me: 1 jet pac from early poptropica!
    One the second say of christmas Poptropica gave to me: 2 coconuts and a jet pac from shark tooth!
    One the third day of christmas Poptropica gave to me: 3 time travel devices, 2 coconuts and one jet pac from Time Tangled!

    basically, the aim of this song is to name something from an island. but the islands must be in the order they came out. It’s sorta tricky, but let’s see what you can do!!!

  10. I knew the Cajun version in French but i forgot it.:( Im gonna try the song you guys are singing.:) One The First Day Of Poptropica gave to me A Jet pack from early poptrooooopica, on the second day of Christmas Poptropica gave to me, two coconuts and jetpack from Early Poptropica! LOL

    P.S I saw Disney On Ice Today! It’s the 100th YEAR OF DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. In other news: Poptropica help TWITTER?? Of all things? I guess I don’t really get the point of it. In iCostume, you can’t customize it at no risk. I submitted my account and I got the whole outfit and lost all my outfit! I was torn. I managed to get everything back exept the paint brush- I shall never see it again 😦 And for the multiverse project, (see comment 15).

    Hijuyo: With Poptropica Help Tweets, Twitter users can follow us to keep themselves updated with the latest community news. With iCostume, we’re sorry, but you do need to be careful if you don’t want to lose your current outfit! 😉

  12. New PCB post.. could Counter feist Island be on it’s way??? and to the Creators: here is what the Counterfeit Islanfdlogo should be::


    with bthe money sign as the ‘s’!! 🙂

    (and when i say logo, i mean like the way the incorperate pics into the island names!) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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