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Counterfeit Island REALLY confirmed XD

avatar imageThis just in!
It seems as if the Creators are trying to jam us chock-full of excitement for Counterfeit/French Island! Check out this new post by the new Creators’ Blog author Master Mime!

Scooter Chase

You will get to zip through Counterfeit Island on a cool scooter. Wheeeeeeeeee!

avatar image



*eye twitch* This is just TOO awesome Creators!  I wonder if we’ll get to ride it through the whole island, or will it be like the Hoverboard on Astro-Knights or the boat race on Big Nate!

And who is this new Creator, Master Mime? I think it’s safe for us to assume that he’s the villain (or one of, it is called “Counterfeit” Island) on Counterfeit Island!
Or, he could be a good guy. As you might know, mimes like to act things out without saying a word; so perhaps the mime of Counterfeit Island will be giving us clues?

I also forgot to mention that on one of my other Poptropica accounts, I found a flashlight from an upcoming ad in Poptropica! Check it out!

Original Post:
Everyone’s heard of Counterfeit Island (well, anyone who’s read the other posts), so this will pretty much simply confirm it more for you. If you haven’t heard of it, you’ve been living under a rock without internet access. The new Creators’ Blog post is about the characters on Counterfeit Island.

Credit to Happy Storm of the PHF

“Some Counterfeit Characters”


Here are a few Poptropicans you’ll likely be meeting on Counterfeit Island.

avatar image


And so we have a: Police Officer, Construction Worker, and Clerk. Is it just me, or does the clerk look…I dunno, Frenchy? No, not French Fry Frenchy, but French Island Frenchy?  Her hat in particular. I wonder what the plot for French Is- I mean, Counterfeit Island will be. XD

Other Counterfeit Characters:
I also managed to dig up a few other costumes from Counterfeit Island. Because of this version of wordpress’ HTML restrictions, I had to post them on the PHF Blog. Click here to check em’ out!

The Poptropica Help Team now has Twitter! Check out Poptropica Help Tweets (PHT) here:

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And in other news, the PHF recently got a homepage upgrade! Yaay cake and cookies and all of that stuff!

Click here and check it out!

Catch you on the OTHER SIDE,

P.S.: I have no idea what the “OTHER SIDE” is, but it sounds cool so…

146 thoughts on “Counterfeit Island REALLY confirmed XD”

  1. Hey! I discovered the Creators post a while ago. When I saw it, I was like, “French Island!” The guide totally gives it away. (At least it looks like a guide to me, you said it was a clerk.) I’ve been sure that Counterfeit and French Island are the same thing for a while now, because they both have the same style.
    I can’t wait for Counterfeit (but especially Reality) Island to come out!

      1. It was the beret, totally! Oh yeah, I think “Catch you on the other side” is something that soldiers say in movies for dramatic effect. It means like, “When we both die we’ll see each other.” Yeah. Well, maybe that’s not really what that means but that is what I think it means!

  2. oh my god!!!!!!!!!!! i just realized this. french island been counterfeit island all along! someone decided to call it French Island when it was the beginnings of counterfeit island. what do you think?

      1. oui,j’aime poptropica! mais, je faim! je mappelle Moonlight91,moony*,ou Invisible Skull. je suis de Ontario Canada

        and THATS french to YOU, buddy

        tu es Bete!!! 😀

      2. Bonjour, ca va? Je m appele rory. Repetez!
        Transaltion:b Hello, how are you? My name is rory. Repeat!

  3. i think that the girl scout is actually a french colledge student. by the way, i think the park ranger is a police officer because that is the color of shirt police in France use. but she’d fit perfect for a park ranger too. either one works.

      1. no wonder y i didnt get cred for the tinkerbell stuff… wel 2 lazy to make a PHF acc so yea im kwl wit not gettin cred lol

      1. *cough* What do you have against cows. The creators should totally make a Poptropica cow *cough*

      2. cheerful claw,
        Time Tangled island go to that place where the guy writes that declarion of america thingy you know, in that huge red house, outside in the background, there’s like this paddock that has a scarcow, cows and a bull in it. You wanted cows on poptropica, you go it!

  4. O.K, I think I know what Counterfeit Island is about.The park ranger arrests the builder for building a mall in Yosemite Park.She takes him to the slammer, but stops at the cafe for a cup of coffee.While she’s not looking, the builder says to the clerk where’s the exit.He escapes to the police office, disguised as a cop, tells them, “Let’s take over the world”.

    -To be continued.

  5. why cant they put Counterfeit Island on the poptropica home page when ever i play poptropica i always see the HH title when is it gonna change its been over a month now i hope the PCB do more posts soon

    -Noisy Fish (more like chatty fish XD)

    1. or maybe its europe isalnd or something i mean really think there are vineyards (places were people grow grapes) in Italy not france there are mimes in Italy too not just france and maybe the scooter is how you travel!?! hmmmmmmmm?

    2. It could change the plot to WWII island because there’s:
      1.A cop(or Park ranger!)costume.
      2.A Army Island coming up.
      3.Master Mime could be a soldier.

      1. hmm good point. But dont forget the other old sneak peeks of the ‘french-themed island’. There was one with bikes in in

      1. That is true, Seth, but there’s probably a reason it’s called ‘private’. It would also be difficult to get ahold of the right user/pass. 😉

      2. Hijuro is right. You’d have to be, like, a hacker or something to do that! Or you’d have to have some great connections!

  6. Part two of the 17th post:
    The builder tells them who his leader is.It’s Master Mime!Just then, he hears the park ranger’s bike and he runs away.Later he comes face-to-face with the park ranger.Deja Vu.

    -To be continued…again.
    P.S. I found a Santa Buddies Ad in Poptropica.Awsome!

      1. Mime probably came from the foreign word mimic.And I think that Master Mime agrees to what people say, but he’ll lie in the end.

  7. So if Mr.Mime here is from Counterfeit Island wat about RTV? was the hippie man ever a
    Shark boy is from Shark tooth
    Vlad the viking( or thirsty whale) is from Time tangled
    Dr.Hare is from 24 carrot
    Director D is from Spy
    Comic kid and Hazmat hermit SHOULD be from Super power
    Binary bard is from Astro Knight
    Master mime is maybe from Counterfeit
    if there’s any left tell me
    so that leaves Early Pop Nabooti and Big Nate

  8. Try going outside (the opening is right next to Santa Paws). There are only three dogs inside the workshop – the other two are outside (one is on the ground, and you have to jump up on the hills to find the second. 🙂

  9. well i think the creators r just gettin us hipe bout the counterfeit island in doin so distracting us from RTV island which isnt working still cuz everyone still remembers bout RTV island so RTV better be better than AK island cuz dis is takin a while lol

    1. oh and also i think Thirsty Whale is Master Mime cuz yea u guyz alredy kno dat Thirsty Whale havent been doin much in a long long long time lol

  10. I wonder if everything on Counterfeit Island is an imitation? That motorcycle could be a counterfeit product…

  11. Counterfeit means FAKE MONEY

    there might be cops and bad guys trying 2 steal money thats why we ride a scooter 2 catch them I bett you the master mime is a robber

      1. Whoa… never knew, thanks for the lesson! but really? I bet the bad guys are really making a scheeme to trick people to buy fakes or are lying about what the product is or have no product at all and they are selling it. this is only a guess.

  12. Hmm, y’know, I have to wonder if “Counterfeit Island” is, for lack of a better word, counterfeit? Not as in not real, just maybe part of another island? I’m probably just being paranoid or have been hanging out too much on tvtropes’ WMG.

    1. Ok, deep breath *gasp*:
      1.He won’t tell first of all.
      2.If he told you, not saying that you would but, people might impersonate creators and we wouldn’t want that. 😉
      3.If he told here, creators wouold fix whatever it is he’s tellin’ you on here.

      Gee, mouthful…

  13. i kno i wont get cred but too lazy to make a PHF acc so yea… new post on creators blog bout 2 new outfits ones a tiger shark and the other is a swan ballerina and also shark boy changed his image there to the new tiger shark costume

      1. I LOVE the Swan Ballerina!!! if It Has An Action It would be cool and funny it a lot of people dressed in that costume and did the action and it would be like swan lake! LOL! I Know A Teeny bit of French! I like the scooter! I hope we can keep it and ride it all over! It could be like the jet pack, you know? And Motion, your poptropican looks like Indiana Jones! LOL. P.S. I’m Happy Horse!

  14. Part three of the 31st post:
    The builder runs to Master Mime’s hideout, which is basically a mimes ordinary box…but bigger!The builder tells his master that he’s being chased by a park ranger.He says, “Hop into my car”.He uses this cheat:

    -To be continued-one last time!

  15. Counterfeit means fake like knock-offs…

    When I think of counterfeit stuff I think of China(Not to harm Chinese citizens.I just know a lot of that stuff comes from China.).

    I can’t see why people call this the French Island..(Can someone explain?)

    There is a Mime act where you act like you are trapped…

    Trapped in a place where everything is

    We’ve been seeing sneak peek previews about this island for ages! Who would of thought that those sneak peeks were for this? But there’s still one mystery to unravel.
    Think back to a few months ago, after astro knights came out. Loyal players will remember seeing Reality TV island advertised there. They might also remember how they told you about the island. Then the advertisement(which included a picture of Hippy Man) dissappered, and all that was left was a boring envelope that says allows you to sign up for an email to say when the next island will be out. Back when Reality TV island was addvertised, a signed up for it, and so far, many months later there has been no email for Reality TV island.
    Now we have a new island called Counterfeit(whatever THAT means) island, and there is, so far, no word about Reality TV island.
    So what happened to this survier-themed TV fan haven?
    Nobody knows but here are some hypothesies:
    1. Reality TV was cancled just like Monter Carnival
    2. The creators decided that not many people would like it or it was too daggy and decied to can the island
    3.They might bring it out after Counterfeit Island
    4.They might release both Islands at the same time
    Or maybe they are planning to suprize us, by saying a new island called Counterfeit will come out, when really Reality TV will come out instead.
    I don’t know and nether do we.
    But I, and I’am sure many others, even you, possibly, have our suspicsions…..

      1. P.S like Detective Sneakyc/Scaryw said,
        ‘Counterfeit means fake like knock-offs…’
        Remember my last hypotheis?
        Sounds suspicous creators!
        I think am on to something… Maybe someone should look into this……..

      2. P.P.S
        Addind to what i just mentioned,
        loyal player Kabecca said this in one of her comments:
        “Hmm, y’know, I have to wonder if “Counterfeit Island” is, for lack of a better word, counterfeit? Not as in not real, just maybe part of another island?”
        Kabecca, you are very clever!
        like I said before,

      3. P.P.P.S
        Sorry to keep dragging on about this but, after looking at the comments, on comment no. 38, some people were talking about what counterfeit means. I’m not taliing about what the others said about fake money, but a really cool player, namely, COOL LIGHTING, caught my attension in saying that counterfeit means ‘TRICK’.
        I’ve said it twice and I’ll say it again,
        SOUNDS SUSPIOUS CREATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. hey People
    i think i know what the plot is about! A thief stole a painting and left a forgery, a counterfeit (hence the name) and u have to look for the painting and the thief!also I think MasterMime is obviusly the bad guy here like most ALL other creators!
    Orange shell & Shiny Crumb

  18. Why does everyone think that this is an Italian, Chinese or Russian island? It is definately a French island! On some older posts in the Poptropica Creator’s Blog, you can see the Eiffel Tower in the background, and the French flag. Also, there are many more clues that this is a French island. My friends and I have figured out that there would be a French Island, and we were shocked when the Creators’ posted about Counterfeit Island. BUT, now we are almost positive that the French Island and Counterfeit Island are the same thing! There is a lot of proof that there will be a French island!! Just wanted to share what I think…

    PS. To the others who think that this island will be Chinese, Russian or Italian…what are your reasons for thinking this? I’m interested. 🙂

    1. the robber is stealing a painting called ‘The Scream’. an artist called Edvard Munch painted The Scream (verrrrrry famous painting). According to some book, Edvard Munch is from Norway. i Googled it, and it turns out that The Scream is actually on display in Norway, not France. is it possible that this island actually takes place in Norway and later in france???

  19. That guide looks like a girl scout…..
    …Anyway, since it’s out now (if you don’t know that Counterfeit Island is out, PAY ATTENTION [creator’s blog]), most people WOULD buy 500 credits to go on early, but here’s the thing: ITS A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY! YOU LOSE 300 CREDITS even with the “special” 200 credit “bonus” you get for completing it early!?!

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