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Shuffleboard FTW!

Hello, little Earthlings. As I was perusing the Earth literary material and looking for a way to pass the time on this planet, I came across a post on the PCB called Shuffleboard.


Still stuck on this island, I found some people playing a game with small sliding pucks. I don’t think the mime is going to win this one.

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The one and only Hazmat Hermit at 1:02 PM

And for all you fans of this island called Reality TV, (TV? What is this strange Earthling invention?), the name of this image is….

“RealityTVPreview” !!ย  This almost assuredly proves that RTV is in the works, as the last RTV post was quite a while ago.

Shuffleboard seems to be another game in the making; not a multiplayer game but a game against the Reality TV contestants of the island. as you can see, at the top of the image are faces of people (some previewed in earlier RTV sneak peeks) and their ranking in the game. More interestingly, there seems to be a mime in the picture! And shuffleboard will probably be a fun game to play.

Well, enjoy your upcoming trip to this RTV Island, as the natives call it. (This Earth is such a very different place than where I come from.)

*rocket engine starts……rocket flies off*

Random Civilian 1: Hey, look, was that a spaceship? Aliens! *screams and runs in circles*

Random Civilian 2: Nah, there are no such things as aliens. Calm down, man.

DaVinci: *swoops down in spaceship and winks at Random Civilian 1*

Random Civilian 1: Aaaaahhhhhh! *screams and falls over*

Random Civilian 2: *rolls eyes* These Earthlings are so strange. I mean…..whoops! Did I say Earthlings? Uhh…..

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Counterfeit Island REALLY confirmed XD

avatar imageThis just in!
It seems as if the Creators are trying to jam us chock-full of excitement for Counterfeit/French Island! Check out this new post by the new Creators’ Blog author Master Mime!

Scooter Chase

You will get to zip through Counterfeit Island on a cool scooter. Wheeeeeeeeee!

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*eye twitch* This is just TOO awesome Creators!ย  I wonder if we’ll get to ride it through the whole island, or will it be like the Hoverboard on Astro-Knights or the boat race on Big Nate!

And who is this new Creator, Master Mime? I think it’s safe for us to assume that he’s the villain (or one of, it is called “Counterfeit” Island) on Counterfeit Island!
Or, he could be a good guy. As you might know, mimes like to act things out without saying a word; so perhaps the mime of Counterfeit Island will be giving us clues?

I also forgot to mention that on one of my other Poptropica accounts, I found a flashlight from an upcoming ad in Poptropica! Check it out!

Original Post:
Everyone’s heard of Counterfeit Island (well, anyone who’s read the other posts), so this will pretty much simply confirm it more for you. If you haven’t heard of it, you’ve been living under a rock without internet access. The new Creators’ Blog post is about the characters on Counterfeit Island.

Credit to Happy Storm of the PHF

“Some Counterfeit Characters”


Here are a few Poptropicans you’ll likely be meeting on Counterfeit Island.

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And so we have a: Police Officer, Construction Worker, and Clerk. Is it just me, or does the clerk look…I dunno, Frenchy? No, not French Fry Frenchy, but French Island Frenchy?ย  Her hat in particular. I wonder what the plot for French Is- I mean, Counterfeit Island will be. XD

Other Counterfeit Characters:
I also managed to dig up a few other costumes from Counterfeit Island. Because of this version of wordpress’ HTML restrictions, I had to post them on the PHF Blog. Click here to check em’ out!

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And in other news, the PHF recently got a homepage upgrade! Yaay cake and cookies and all of that stuff!

Click here and check it out!

Catch you on the OTHER SIDE,

P.S.: I have no idea what the “OTHER SIDE” is, but it sounds cool so…