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Shuffleboard FTW!

Hello, little Earthlings. As I was perusing the Earth literary material and looking for a way to pass the time on this planet, I came across a post on the PCB called Shuffleboard.


Still stuck on this island, I found some people playing a game with small sliding pucks. I don’t think the mime is going to win this one.

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The one and only Hazmat Hermit at 1:02 PM

And for all you fans of this island called Reality TV, (TV? What is this strange Earthling invention?), the name of this image is….

“RealityTVPreview” !!  This almost assuredly proves that RTV is in the works, as the last RTV post was quite a while ago.

Shuffleboard seems to be another game in the making; not a multiplayer game but a game against the Reality TV contestants of the island. as you can see, at the top of the image are faces of people (some previewed in earlier RTV sneak peeks) and their ranking in the game. More interestingly, there seems to be a mime in the picture! And shuffleboard will probably be a fun game to play.

Well, enjoy your upcoming trip to this RTV Island, as the natives call it. (This Earth is such a very different place than where I come from.)

*rocket engine starts……rocket flies off*

Random Civilian 1: Hey, look, was that a spaceship? Aliens! *screams and runs in circles*

Random Civilian 2: Nah, there are no such things as aliens. Calm down, man.

DaVinci: *swoops down in spaceship and winks at Random Civilian 1*

Random Civilian 1: Aaaaahhhhhh! *screams and falls over*

Random Civilian 2: *rolls eyes* These Earthlings are so strange. I mean…..whoops! Did I say Earthlings? Uhh…..

71 thoughts on “Shuffleboard FTW!”

    1. It’s more organized to have the Shuffleboard sneak peek on a separate post, so we can keep it this way. Most of the readers have already commented here anyway. 😛

      1. xD So do we keep the part in my post or do we just delete it? I’m fine either way. 😀

        Hijuyo: You can keep it if you like. 😀

    1. Well, sorta. Shuffleboard is where you have something like a puck and have to get as close to the center as you can. (isnt curling also like that xP)

  1. Elimanation contest!Another one of my bright idea scripts!

    Enclosed Lightning:What’s going on?
    RTV host:Well, for four people to be eliminated, you have to play this shuffleboard game.
    Diva girl:Can’t we play, already???
    Cowgirl:Let’s get this show on the ranch!
    RTV host:1…2…3…GO!
    *two min. later granny loses*
    Granny:It was a good try…
    *8 seconds later conductor loses*
    *5 min. later diva girl and cook loses*
    Diva girl:What-EVER!
    RTV host:You 4 are safe…for now.


    1. I’ll finish it for you.
      Me: “comes to show* Hi, everyone!
      Diva: Hello!
      Hippie Man: What’s up?
      Me: Nothing.
      RTV host: Oh, hi! *waves*
      Me: I shall vote YOU off, Granny.
      *Granny gets voted off*
      7 days later…
      *gets left with Gangster and wins show*
      *goes on show again and waves hi to contestants*

    1. Here’s my script for RTV:
      SCRIPT 1: Gangsterrific

      Random guy: *knocks on contestants’ apartment*
      *Gangster opens the door*
      Gangster Dude: Who are you?
      Random Dude: *leaves*
      *Gangster finally slams the door*
      Random Dude: Who is this?
      *Little Gangster opens the door*
      Random Dude: Oh, hi, little one.
      *Gangster Dude takes the little gangster inside the door and scolds him*

      SCRIPT 2: (New) Car license problems

      Diva: Dad, I won the show! Can you get me a new one?
      Diva’s dad: But Sarah, you don’t have a lisence!
      *Diva leaves the room and shows her dad her lisence*
      Diva’s dad: Plus, you must be 18+.
      Diva: AUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *leaves room and walks to bedroom and slams door*
      Diva’s dad: So what?

      SCRIPT 3: Sports Problem

      Baseball player: *sees basketball player walking down the street* Hey, dude! How’s basketball?
      Basketball player: Terrible! I got hurt in the arm!
      *Baseball player tries to swing his bat but gets hit by the arm*

      1. Haha, nevermind.
        SCRIPT 4:
        Give me your money
        Random Theif: Gimmie your money!
        Granny: *runs away*
        *soon a group of random theives come in*
        Granny: *calls cops*
        10 minutes later:
        *some Random guy comes to bank*
        Random Dude: *sees Granny but no robbers*

        SCRIPT 5: Gangster bully
        Diva: *runs to educator in school locker room* Wazzup?
        Educator: I can’t believe it. This is going to be the cra-
        *they hear screaming and punching*
        Diva: What the heck are you doing?
        *that was Gangster Dude who was making this punching sound* *he runs away*

        Who wants to finish?

      2. Nevermind.
        SCRIPT 6: Gangster Dude’s Revenge
        Diva: Guess what? All the contestants are having a boxing competition! Woohoo!
        Goth Girl: Oh, well. I’ve praticed a lot. The male contestants are gonna lose-
        Gangster Dude: *comes toward girls* Say WHAT?
        Diva: *whispers in Goth Gir;’s ear that the male contestants are going to lose* *soon she sees the Gangster with angry red eyes*
        Goth Girl: Uh-oh. RUN! *both of the girls run away*
        *Gangster Dude turns back to normal, but is now walking away sadly*

        SCRIPT 7: Hippie man’s vacation
        Hippie man: What a nice day to go outside! *runs outside*
        *Hippie lies on the grass* Ahhh…
        *soon he is riding on Nyan Cat*
        Hippie Man: Huh? Wow, cool! Woo-hoo!
        *Nyan Cat goes on and on until…*
        BOOM! *that was actually a mountain or tree*

        Who wants to add another scene?

    1. he might already be eliminated or he might of used some safety thingy to pass the game and be sure not to be eliminated, ohhh, so many ideas! I wish I was a creator! 😛

  2. the mime is probably the player as in the hero, cus it looks like the person on the computer is moving and the mime is in green. PLUS RTV was being made before counterfet (where mimes oringiated from) so it is likely its the player

  3. Well, I like RTV so far. It seems to be a really good island! I seriously can’t wait until it comes out! 🙂

  4. You know how counterfeit was more advanced? Well, maybe in the shuffle board game, they’ll show the poptropican’s hands! Just like 911.

  5. As I said on Poptropica Updates Blog, “Now for those who watch Survivor on CBS at 8:00 PM, (Heros vs. Villains starts next Thursday I think… 🙂 ) On Thursdays, will notice from about the previous season, they had a game very close to this, But with more obstacles.”

  6. On the first day of Poptropica My Reality Tv gave to me, 1 hippie in a tree! On the 2nd day of Poptropica My reality Tv Gave to me, 2 shuffleboard games, and a hippie in a tree! On the 3rd day of Poptropica My reality tv gave to me, 1 gold flat screen tv! (Thats the Poptropica Tv version of the 12 days of christmas…)

  7. Poptropica is down!!! They might be putting up RTV!!! (I hope they just let us in after all that waiting for the cool island)

  8. No offense but i don’t think shuffleboarding seems much fun.BTW cool story about the alien thing! eh hehehe….. *runs off stage fast*

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