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The Mechanical Flu Outbreak!


Large outbreaks of a new flu, only recently discovered have been spreading everywhere over Poptropica. The new flu known as Mechanical Fever, Two Face Plague, Robot Monster and The Terminator Germ was only just recently discovered on a newly found island by the name of Astro-Knights Island. Certain cases of the flu were found on multiple Poptropicans on the island and was spreading fast. 

It is suspected that a certain type of mechanical owl found on Astro-Knights is the cause for this plague. These robots have been known to fly near areas containing traces of hay, so it is recommended that you stay away from such places until the coast is clear.

Yesterday all access routes to and from the island were closed off to try and isolate the outbreak. Although i must mention that no such access has been given to Poptropicans as of yet to be able to get to the Island. The island was to be opened in early fall as a holiday destination for any Poptropicans wishing to take a break. But this holidays destinations opening seems will be delayed due to this rare flu.

Not long after highly qualified scientists from Super-Power island (these scientists were recently studying the mysterious powers given to escaped convicts when a radio-active asteroid hit the cell) were sent in to study the cases and find a cure. Authorities on the case were sure that they had kept the problem isolated and main islanders of Poptropica did not have to worry about catching the flu.  This is what the chief constable of Super Power island had to say about the matter;
“Do not panic. While this rare case of the flu could potentially be deadly, and there is no cure as of yet. We have hard working scientist on the case for that. The Poptropicans with the flu have been isolated on the island and we a sure the threat will not reach your waters. Thank-you.”

Unfortunately latter that day an urgent call from a scientist on Astro-Knights island informed the head of Police that an seriously infected Poptropican (the poptropican even had his eye turned to metal) had escaped from isolation and was making his way over to The main island via a blimp.

avatar image  We would like to confirm that the mysterious Poptropican is called Binary Bard. He managed to get off the island by putting the guards to sleep by doing a dance. Not long after the report came in that he had fled the island bystanders on the Main Poptropican island state they saw a half robotic poptropican, with strange yellow and purple clothing float down in a parachute and land on the outskirts of Early Poptropica island.

We recently found out that the first suspect to come into to contact with Binary Bard and catch the flu was White Foot. In under 24 hours after his landing, large cases of mechanic skin rashes have been appearing all over the island. All we have to say is stay indoors. Do NOT go into multiplayer rooms. You can only obtain the flu by touching someone in the Multiplayer Rooms.  Look out for people with strange metal like parts on there face.

There have been no cases of the flu spreading onto different islands yet. But it wont be long till it does.
I hope this doesn’t get as serious as the swine flu (H1N1)!

This report could not of been done without the help of Cool Wing. She was the first to tell me that there was a new flu going round. She is such a brave kid, she even had the flu when she informed me. Poor kid.


Image #1
Blog Post Title: I Don’t Give a Hoot
Description: This place is getting stranger and stranger. I need to get back home and away from all these crazy robots.
Image URL:
Image Name: mechanical_friend.jpg

Image #2
Blog Post Title: Diving into Astro-Knights
Description: I went sky diving for the first time today. Thanks to White Foot for joining me, it was great fun.
  [BINARY CODE=010000010110100001101000011010000010000100100001 // Translation: Ahhh!!]
Image URL:
Name: skydiving.jpg

For any of you fearing that AK Island will not come out because of this you are more then likely wrong. Somebody, most likely White Foot, copied the face when Binary Bard came to visit Cap’n Salty’s multiplayer room on Big Nate Island, Poptropica. I’m sure the creators do not mind that everybody has it. Its pretty cool.

Go out into multiplayer rooms and see if you can find it!
Have fun.

-PHB Team-

212 thoughts on “The Mechanical Fever

  1. nice Dragon says:

    first coment!yay!
    The robot face is so cool! Woo! Yay, I got first comment!

    Codien: Please do not spam. I.e. Don’t say “First comment, oh look at me, first comment!” This is spamming.

    • Codien says:

      Don’t worry. At least you will know for next time not to do it. Here i will edit your first comment so it is acceptable.

  2. Director Lion ( Gentle Lion) says:

    There is another post called “I Dont Give A Hoot” If you don’t know yet.

    Also, this flu reminds me of N161 (Or swine flu)!

  3. Magic Storm says:

    Cool! Binary Bard went on Poptropica! Gee-wiz! It’s no wonder so many Poptropicans are customising BB’s mechanical face! This is a rare oppotunity to get a piece of Astro-Kinghts clothing before the island comes out! BB has just made Poptropica History! 😀 Speacking of Astro-Kinghts, wen do think it will appear on the map? Big Nate was on the map before the island offically came out. Wat about AK? It’s a big mystery………. 😕 😐 😦

    • GoldenStar says:

      Speaking of big Nate and BB, if u look in the multiroom BEHIND the skydiving game, u will see bei nate islands multiroom

    • Magic Tummy says:

      You are right, Magic Storm. But there is no place to put Astro Nights Island on the map! The spaces are all taken! I wonder If they’ll take an Island such as Early Poptropica off to make room for Astro Nights.

      Scary Tomato: I don’t think they’d want to remove any islands, but they’ll probably make a new map or something creative to solve the problem.

      • Grey Flame says:

        Yes, taking islands off the map would be a waste of hard work. If they took Early Poptropica Island off the map, where would the new Poptropicans go to learn the basics and have fun on an easy island?

        My guess is that they’ll make the map kind of like a book (have an arrow going off the side of the map to toggle between ‘pages’).

  4. Neat Whale says:

    oh great. I thought my bad cold was enough. now mechanical flu???? DARN!! their gonna delay astro!!! 😥

      • Incredible Bubbles says:

        Is the mechanical flu still going around this year?
        And, it was 2010 where Swine Flu spread into Australia, which means it officially spread through-out the whole world, because Australia was the last country to get Swine Flu!
        So this blog post, the one that Codien wrote, was meant to be in 2010

      • lazy moon says:

        i`m more infected than binary bard i have the face the eye the body the air tank backpack even a cool oil stopping gun (don`t worry little kids it has no special power)

  5. Cheerful Claw says:

    Cool! I love the post. It was really original. 😀 Yeah…the thing about Astro-Knights not coming out is scaring me a bit…

    • basebal360 says:

      Zane if you want to get rid of it use costumizer with anyone and click on your mechanical face and maybe the eye i never had it so i don’t know if you half to click on the eye

    • Green Seal says:

      Probably when Astro-Knights Island comes out. For now, you’ll just have to get them from multi-player rooms. Guess you have to wait… :\

      • super power says:

        I Have the Half Robot face! Don’t take this the Wrong way But,………… I LOVE YOU! We Have the Metalic Face but we DON’T Have the Metalic Eye! You know… The one Binary Bard & that other Jester have, The

        Evil Red one, the nice-calm Green one, & the Wierd Looking Yellow one. They could make a BLUE one!

  6. pemit says:

    ok, i got the flu!!! 😥 oh no! how do i get rid of it??? i went into a chat room, and i thought it was cool! how do ;i get rid of it?????
    😥 😥 😥

    Scary Tomato: Try using the Costumizer with another character to get it off. 😉

      • Blue Tornado says:

        So, you’re trying to get the mechanical face OFF you, right? Well, it should work with the custumizer. click the customize button, then any random person. Then click on the mechanical face on YOU and it should come off. It should work for you. If it doesn’t, try shutting your computer down, then turn it back on and try again. I hope this helps you.

  7. Gentle Diamond says:


    I’m a new user (just started yesterday). I don’t mean to be rude or impolite, but even though Poptropica doesn’t belong to you, it’s a bit offending to the people who have swine flu, no?

    One of my friends recently started playing Poptropica, and caught the flu the time the mechanical one was around.

    Sorry to be grumpy. But the rest of your site is absolutely brilliant!

    Gentle Diamond

    • Orange Tummy says:

      Hi there, I’m Orange Tummy.
      You’re right about the swine flu, but anyway hope you enjoy the site! 😀 😀

    • pemit says:

      Impolite? OMG, you are SOOO polite. i never thought of writing a LETTER to them. Your friend has the Swine? i feel so bad!

      PS: what country are you from? i’m no good at Social Studies, but it sounds forgin. i’m in Wisconsin, USA.

      • Gentle Diamond says:

        Hello, both of you.

        Do not worry, I’m enjoying the site. I live in the Hong Kong time zone, but I’m not telling which country it is. You have to guess…

        My friend is getting better. She just flew in from Mexico, so I’m suspecting she got it from there. Doctor says she’ll be fine by Monday.

        Gentle Diamond

      • pemit says:

        ok, i’m thinking maybe in the china area? i have a cousin from mongolia……… u sound really nice, GD.


      • Gentle Diamond says:

        Hi again,

        Actually, I live in South-East Asia. Although I am not from there, I was born in Europe.

        Gentle Diamond
        (P.S. Sorry for signing my name all the time. But just so you know, because people may try to post as me.)

  8. Grey Flame says:

    Wow, that’s quite a few animals now 😐 There was that tiger, the shark, and now the owl?!?!

    And to all you fellow Poptropicans out there worrying about the Swine Flu, it’s mostly just the media. Tons more people die each year from normal flu, and there have been only a few official deaths from Swine Flu. So DON’T WORRY!

    • Codien says:

      There is quite alot of animals isn’t there.

      Grey Flame i would like to respond to your statment about the Swine Flu.

      First off, you are right about that it is majoraly the media. They are making it appear bigger then it is right now, and you are right that many more people die of regualar flu each year then the Swine Flu.

      But i have to say that this is not the problem. While you do not have to worry now as you said, there is a small potential chance that we might have to. The swine flu strand is in a critical state that it could join with any other flu strands out there. The problem with this is that if it were to join with something real bad there might be a HUGE problem around the world.

      Why you might ask. Its because the swine flu travels very fast from person to person and has already spread all over the world. Yes, you are probably NOT going to die from it (majorly the old and very young could die). But if the swine flu comes back worse we might have to panic. 😛

      But for now don’t worry. Only worry about the MECHANICAL FLU spreading through Poptropica!
      Thats the one that turns you into a robot. Nasty!


  9. Grey Flame says:

    By the by, nice new header, Codien! We finally get one with Grumpy Wolf on it 🙂 And I love that ‘PHB Poptropica’ logo thingy on the top left!

  10. moody scull says:

    i have the terminater germ!mustdesroy world! were going to turn into robots!2 resons brain hat and robot face… that sonds like cyborgs

  11. Loud Panda says:

    This flu is awesome!! Also, Codien, Grumpy Wolf, Scary Tomato, and Smockers You Have the best Poptropican site EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Grey Flame says:

    Haven’t gotten the Mechanical Flu yet… no idea if that’s a bad or good thing 😐

    So, about the owl pic, I have a hunch that the particular scene is right beside that broken castle. Notice the half-burnt tree. This must be where the UFO/spaceship landed/took off, if there is something like that. All this burned/destroyed/messy/blown up stuff has been sneaking into the screenshots the Creators are giving us, so it must be something major.

  13. Noisy Hopper says:

    Have you ever noticed that that guy on the bottom of your page when your playing poptropcia(it says sign up to be emailed when astro nights island is realeased) has the mechanical flu, but with a yellow eye?

  14. A1130 says:

    oh and by the way poptropica news is out yay!!!!!

    I made this up Poptropica Reports from poptropicareports.pop

    The mechanical flu now has 2000 people in Early Poptropica. Poptropica Towers famous rooftop resturant was closed Down due to a sight of mutant cyborg people as sighted. “Ctrl shift r will ruin us!” yelled poptropicans from the soda pop shop. This was recently a flu recieved from astroknights island where everyday sightssers watch to see the succesfil con structuon. 20 people from big Nate had recieved this either from hearing the hoot of a mechanical owl or by a jester with cyborg eyes. Astroknights may be closed down Wahhh!! 😥 because it takes forever to construct as 5 astroknights islanders r now cyborg. Over & out.

    I don’t mean to insult u guys but a report on h1n1 was similar to this. Such a big whoop!!! 😈 :anger: 😡

    Scary Tomato: Nice report, except… AK Island won’t be shut down because of this. 😉

  15. Bronze Lobster says:

    How do you get to astro knights it isn’t out yet?

    Scary Tomato: We didn’t. When Binary Bard came to play Sky Diving on Big Nate Island, people must’ve Customized him. 😉

  16. Rachel says:

    Guys- DON’T get the “Mechanical Flu”!! If you costumize the robot face, Astro Knights won’t come out, /just like monster carnival/! 😦 Work with me, guys! FIND A CURE FOR THE MECHANICAL FLU!

    Don’t get yourselves sick! That’s silly, isn’t it?

    Keep Astro Knights island alive! Probably the reason it isn’t on the map is because they might not release it because of the leaks!!! Can’t you guys just wait until Astro Knights island comes out to get it?

    Scary Tomato: Umm, the “flu” is just a story to describe it. If you like the mechanical mask, then it’s a good thing if you managed to get one. Astro-Knights wouldn’t get cancelled just because of one item – not after the Creators have worked so hard! 😉

  17. serious spider says:

    I’m not infected by mechanical flu. I haven’t been on Pop for weeks, maybe even months! I had to stop because it made my internet slow. 🙂

  18. pemit says:

    Hi, scary tomato

    i know it isn’t your site, but d oyou know why the poptropica blog hasn’t done one every day? they should. they should have at least done memorial day. please find out.
    are tou really from hong kong? can i become a member (like you) on this site?
    PS your time is wrong.

      • shaggy tornado says:

        You are.His blog is set to Hong Kong time. That answers two questions. 😀

        First Question: Maybe they are busy or they have no reason to post every day.

        Third Question:If he thinks you are trustworthy enough, he might add you. Or maybe he has enough staff members 😆

  19. subata says:

    i have mechanical fever…. well its not really affecting me much but hey now im a robotic brain-headed person like…like…….. frankeinsten!

  20. tall horse says:

    Oh no! I’m infected!

  21. a1130 says:

    Poptropica Reports

    Cyborg Flu Update from Poptropica Reports

    A few scientests who studied this cyborg germ realized the mutant cyborg people were not infected badly. The seriously infected person named binary bard who had a cyborg eye had spreaded it becuz he had jumped off a parachute, luring White Foot, a Popteopican person into a cyborg. Recently studying a radioactive asteroid from the jail in
    Super Power, a scientest figured out a cure— customizing. When customizing someone to not have any cyborg germs, the avatar who ccured! Another is to open up your store thing and buy an avatar. Hopefully these cures work. As cyborgs frequently go into multiplayer rooms better stay away from them. The Hair Club is closed bcuz when I login 2 Poptropica and go in it keeps saying the room is not available! Ahh!!! 😯

  22. Maroon Mosquito says:

    Hi. My name is Maroon Mosquito.I am glad to meet you,Gentle Diamond.I hope your friend gets better. Cheerio, Maroon Mosquito

  23. mr. says:

    i just got back from AK to tell you that seriously infected poptropicans are on the loose! they have their eyes turned to metal!(im also seriously infected) all multiplayer rooms are to not be entered. they are quarantined from this point on until further notice.

    • mr. says:

      on comment 83 on this post,we have just been informed that there are now ways for your hair to get zapped to a metalic state, next your other half of your face will be turned to metal!
      side effects of the terminator germ:
      1.metalic face(only half)
      2.metalic eye(only one)
      3.metalic hair
      4.randomly shouting things with only 1 and 0. 10000000000000010101111000101010101! sorry.

      • SERIOUS FOX says:

        wait. You can now say things with only 1 and 0 in them!? This is getting out of control!

      • mr. says:

        no, that was just a joke. plus, with just a tiny cell of this flu, you only get an eye. 1010110100001010101000110010101.

      • mr. says:

        bye the way, i shold of said known side effects. 10010101101011101011011101101101
        (translation:sorry.;( wait why am i winking and frowning at the same time?!?!?!)

  24. orangecactus (mechanical flu infected) says:

    the mechanical flu is now infecting the people outside of astro knights… also because of customizing binary bard on the island also we got news that the mechanical flu has gotten worse it has mechanical eye as a side effect!

  25. Calm Spinner says:

    Wait, I had early access to astro knights island, and when i signed in a minute ago, it showed me just falling off of those fire things on the fire planet and took me to early poptropica. then i tried refreshing the page and it still just took me to early poptropica, and it said i didn’t have access. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Hungry Brain says:

    I hope I find the awesome mechanical face! I hope they open the astro-knight island!!! I love poptropica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. I REALLY want reality island to open!

    Hungry Brain

  27. Spotted Flipper says:

    Okay, I did’nt know this Scary Tomato but after you get half your face zapped, you can get your eye zapped too! I got zapped and now I have a purple mechanical eye! What do I do?

    ST: Cool! If you like it, keep it; if you want to get rid of it, use the Costumizer. 😉

  28. Golden Jumper says:

    Is this true? Well,i discovered an entrance between the two hay stacks shown in the picture above ^^^ (the owl chasing the girl)
    And anyways, I hope the Poptropicans with the Mechanical Flu get well! I hope i dont get the disease! *shrugs*
    Thanks for letting us know!
    ~*Golden Jumper*~

  29. Angry Leopard says:

    Sorry for that. Anyway I will continue.

    This is Angry leopard at Astro-Knight Island. the citizens of Astro-Knights belive that the flu isn’t from robotic owls or any robotic things around you. even at multiplayer rooms it isn’t deadly at all. the most deadly case when the germs attacked by the eyes. when being attacked by the eye, you can’t go out in the sun anymore, since you have night vison. it’s best to fly to Spy Island now. If you have minor effects, click on the costumzer and then select a character then click on the effected part and you are cured already. the places at poptropica are opening already including the Time Tangled Island famous for traveling back in time.

  30. orangecactus (mechanical flu infected) says:

    ok… im infected by it still. but it does not stop me from going into multiplayer rooms.

  31. happyfishblog says:

    It’s spreading again!Here’s a report:

    (shows me in front of the Hair Club,thousands of Poptropicans are running around & screaming in the background)

    This is Happy Fish,reporting live from the Hair Club,where-

    (Poptropican starts screaming “HOOPLAH!” in my ear)WILL YOU STOP THAT?Where “Mechanical Fever” is yet again spreading.A Poptropican named Tiny Dragon has escaped from solitary confinement,and is now spreading the fatal disease across Poptropica.I suggest that all Poptropicans report to the Soda Pop Shop a.k.a our shelter immediantly for a line-up.This is Happy Fish saying “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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