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Volcano’s Hole

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Trapped in a volcano’s hole? What is Comic Kid up to now?

The story below is a sequel chapter to the “Lost in the Wreckage” chapter from a previous post on the PHB. Please note that the story below is a work of fiction; written by the PHB Team to entertain its readers. Enjoy!

The Old but New Adventures of Comic Kid
Ned Noodlehead by day, Comic Kid hero by night.

Chapter 3
Hot Under the Collar

When Ned Noodlehead woke up, it was already early night-time, and he was now the legendary Comic Kid hero of the dark. Using his super eyesight (with the help of his big glasses), he had somehow found a way to exit the old castle he was in. Whew, thought CK, finally out of that filthy place! Now if only I could find a TV or comic book to look at.

But just as he thought this, a huge gust of wind swept over him and he was tossed into the air. He was going so fast he couldn’t think, but he knew he was being taken far, far away. He’d read about these winds in his comic books. They were rare and dangerous, but when a victim was standing at the wrong place at the wrong time, he’d find himself in for a nasty ride. Why, he even remembered the TV episode in which Super Pretzel Boy had experienced this himself while trying to sell donuts on Astro-Knights Island!

It didn’t last very long, though, but he’d been going so fast he no longer knew where he was. He was also very tired again, but at least now he could think clearly. Okay, I need to get myself a shelter so I can rest a while, he thought. He looked around, but only saw red lands and mountains all around him. Not to mention that the sky had mysteriously turned red or that the temperature was terribly hot. Well, I’ll search for anything useful, thought Comic Kid, now full of determination to overcome this troublesome island. Unfortunately, as soon as he took a step, he slipped and fell.

Down, down, down he went. He’d fallen into a hole that turned out to be more than just a hole. When he landed on his feet, he looked around again, and was aware that he’d fallen into a volcano. A really, really HOT volcano, where the temperature was far worse than it already was above. CK was standing on a dark red rock, but he knew he’d have to be careful. Because all around him were rivers of burning, steaming lava!

Blog Post Title: Hot Under the Collar
Description: In my recent adventures I stumbled into a hole that turned out to be more than just a hole. As you can see it was a very hot place, so I made sure to get out as fast as I could.
Image URL:
Image Name: hot_place.jpg

Heh heh… another misadventure from Poptropica’s most famous superhero. Notice in the sneak peek that he gets to use some kind of “scared” emote where he’s holding the sides of his head with his hands. Cool! :mrgreen:

66 thoughts on “Volcano’s Hole”

  1. Awesome!!! All these sneak peeks are making me want to play Astro-Knights all the more!!! I can’t wait to go to this volcano-ish place!!!

  2. One million, thats like LOADS of hits! wow! also wouldn’t it be cool if that volcano erupted??

  3. omg! on the home page of poptropica it says reality tv island is coming later this year!!!!! YAYY!!!! Thats means that AK island must be coming very soon!!!!

  4. On the day that astro-knights is going to come Astro-knights will erupt with people playing. please come in may please -Incredible Fish 😆

      1. Save the kingdom of Arturus? Sweet. And now we’re rescuing the princess? I thought it was the king and queen…maybe we’ll rescue all three! But what about the lady on Main Street that says, “Does anyone know if the king and queen are safe?” I sure hope they put out the island soon; I can’t wait to find out!!!

      2. Arthurus? That sorta sounds like something from Arthurian Legends. Anyway, I’m with Neat Whale on the ‘princess’ thing. I mean, on the King & Queen thing I was OK with, but the princess thing I have a problem with. It’s so chauvinist. 🙄

      3. i know right? I can name tons of things about a gal getting kiddnapped.
        The tale of Despurux.
        The Princess Bride.
        Astro Knights. Grr.
        I’m ashamed to say this, but one of my own books.
        Gah. Tell about a prince getting kiddnapped for once.

      4. That would be funny, a prince who thinks he’s all macho and gets kidnapped, and the princess saves him.

      5. and then, all of a sudden, princess Heather was unlaching the chains and saving prince Mathew!
        i would love somethin like that…

      6. Yeah, you’re right; the “damsel in distress” thing gets kind of old. In fact, even I’ve reversed it and am writing a story about a princess who rescues a prince. (;

      7. I had a wiard idea

        Everyone know how we have been seeing slightly differant characters in the half robot form? Well, what if the alians are kinda robot like, so they are not REALLY robots, but alians in desguise, and they are here to take over poptropica. and have started by taking the princess and offer a ransom!

        We might battle the king robot/alian to get the princess back! cool!

      8. Why is it that the girl just has to be kidnapped?!? I’m with y’all on this one, but at least the princess powed Mordred in saved the orb… but still!

    1. LOL… it started with a princess being captured… then changed to a king and queen… and now back to princess!

  5. Astro knights is now coming soon. Reality TV is coming later this year. The princess is captured. The guy is diffrent on the advertisement for Astro knights. The place will be going in is Arturus. They have a new poll about how exited you are. There is a new post on the PCB and there is a new a is on the sides. This can only mean one thing: Astro knights is coming vvvvvvvveeeeeeerrrrry soon. Sorry for saying this all at once.

  6. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr why can’t they make all the islands come in 1 day! i can’t wait any longer! (cries) (then becomes evil) just kidding. (cries). Oh,and did any one notice the sign?

    1. I,ve Done some Math and AK will come out in two weeks. Thats right Two weeks! Heres how I got It
      1. The Mancala video before CYOA Island was 17 days before it’s release It’s been around 3 days since The AK video Came Out
      2.When AK came up next to BN Island on the Homepage of Poptropica It (Bn Island) Came out two weeks later.
      There you have it. It will come out in About Two weeks.

      P.S. I’m jumping off the walls as I write This!

      1. It’s not always going to be about the same time… but that was a good estimate.

  7. LOL nice story 😉 For me, all these sneak peeks seem to be a bit annoying. It makes you want AstroKnights to come out even more, and with every picture you want more 😀

    973,649 hits at the moment!!! (I like to be technical)

  8. Wow nice story!
    I just can’t wait till AK come out, i mean they keep on making lots of changes!! 😕

    1. the translation for the post 010000010110100001101000011010000010000100100001 is Ahhh!!

  9. omg! do you guys think that poptropica will make sequels to islands like Big Nate Island 2 or somthing like that? I think that would be awesome!

  10. Now on the homepage it says “Coming soon, Astro-Knights Island” & “Coming Later this year, Reality TV Island”! And if you click on the astro-knights one, theres a new guy there dressed like a peasant!

  11. It is so awesome!
    Can you get the cyborg half face without going into multi player rooms?

    Scary Tomato: At the moment, no. 😉

  12. That sneak peak of Astro-Knights isn’t on the fire planet! It’s gone! That stinks, because it would have been cool. And the crystal thing isn’t there, either. Neither is the green number code thing! Those things would have been awesome. :crying: I want the on some island!

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