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PHB Sneak Peaks: The Dead King

March 22nd, 2009 #9


-Poptropica Help Blog Sneak Peaks-

Welcome to another wonderful week of ‘Poptropica Help Blog Sneak Peaks’. These posts are posted every week on Sundays. In every new post there will be stories that only we have. And only we post them. These stories are classified and are very secret.
This week’s story is ”The Dead King”, It is about the mysterious Pharaoh coming to life.

-The Dead King-
A Mummy!…I mean, A DADDY!

Out jumped Codien with a flashlight in hand, scouting the area for any signs. Codien had been searching for lost treasures. So far he had found none. He slowly shuffled down the cold dark floors. Raising his hand, shaking, his flashlight illuminated a dead end with a golden plaque. It read “DO NOT AWAKEN THE PHARAOH”. Well that’s strange. Codien couldn’t see any pharaohs around, how could he possibly wake one up. He chuckled, then stopped – he heard a noise. Breathing deeply Codien took the courage to turn around slowly. His flashlight lit up the passage he had just walked through but nothing was there. With a sigh of relief he took a step back. CRACK! He stepped on a old bone. Codien stopped. He could hear deep raspy breathing. Sweat beads building on his forehead he once again turned to face the golden plaque. Expecting there to be the giant, evil, smelly old Pharaoh breathing down on him. He took a deep breath, ready to scream. No one was there.

Codien let out a puff of air. He was shaking all over. He lent, half collapsing out of breath against the golden plaque. He really didn’t want to see an old wrapped up Pharaoh. Codien shot up. He heard a faint click coming from behind the wall. Before Codien could inspect what had happened the wall rotated with a whoosh pushing Codien to the other side with it.


On the ground sat Codien with his knees to his chest and his head in his hands. He didn’t want to look up. He knew what was just ahead of him. Sitting on a throne or slowly coming out of a sarcophagus, moanning with his arms outstretched all wrapped up in cloth. He looked up slowly preparing for the worse. He took in a deep breath and – “ARGH!” There in the corner of the room stood a Pharaoh. All glorified with gold and jewelery with his hands above his head wearing a creapy face about to tear Codien to shreds.

Codien took in another breath preparing to scream again. When a noise amplified from somewhere echoed through the room. “Hello. Welcome to the Pharaoh exhibit. Here we have a replica Pharaoh as he would of dressed back then. Beside him is his sarcophagus and of course inside is the Pharaoh himself. Please enjoy the exhibit and PLEASE DON”T TOUCH ANYTHING!”

Raising his head slowly he realised the Pharaoh was just a model. Laughing Codien strolled over to the Pharaoh and examined his outfit. It was amazing. Such detail and colour. He then looked at the sarcophagus. “Wow! I wonder if it gets a little stuffy?” Codien chuckled turning to the Pharaoh with a smile.

“Actually it does.” murmured the Pharaoh.


Mummys! Arn’t they just a treat? Well i can tell Codiens not a fan of them as you can tell from his encounter. So Pharaoh should be coming out in Astro-Knights we think. But how on earth does that make sense. Well this is a comment by Rachel that might be able to show how.

Do you think this is for Astro Knight, or is this for something else? I do agree, it looks a LOT like time-tangled island…
I wonder if the “French island” isn’t actually French at all. That picture with the statues looks like its from Rome, and of course in the French Picture you can see the flag (and crepes). Maybe this one is from Japan (or china, if they did it wrong) and the island has something to do with worlds!

Worlds! Maybe Astro-Knights will be about travelling to different worlds. It would make sense, we have a spaceship and we are going to different planets to track down the King and Queen. Or maybe these Sneak Peaks are for a totally new island that we don’t know about yet. Only time can tell.

You can check out Poptropica Help Blogs other sneaks peaks here:
So that’s my Sneak Peaks this week. Next week might be the last PHB Sneak Peak because PHB is working on something different but similar that will come out every 2 weeks and will involve YOU.  

See you next week. Hopefully.




100 thoughts on “PHB Sneak Peaks: The Dead King”

    1. I Agree. But i have a totally new and different concept. What if there was an island, where all of the islands in poptropica got messed up, do you understand? Like it was an island, where we had to fix the islands of poptropica? I think that would be really amusing!

    1. ya, it is, but imagine if that was like the pinochio and pirate thing, that u could get that costume too. 🙂

  1. i thought that was from nabooti. not the dad i mean the mummy that holds the jewel. i dont think its going to be from astro nights island. that has stuff to do with space. this is tombs.

      1. Maybe…but for me “Astroid” won’t work because I spell it “Asteroid”.

        Scary Tomato: I spell it “asteroid”, too. Maybe “astroid” is another way to spell it, but I don’t know.

  2. I agree, that sarcophagus looks just like Nabooti Island! Maybe some sort of Worlds/Ancient Worlds island. That would be fun but similar to Time Tangled island. Interesting…

  3. LOL. ‘Mummy!…I mean, Daddy!’ 😆

    It DOES look like Nabooti, but there something different about it, something I can’t exactly touch. Hmmm…

  4. Got to be for the new island.It probably will be like time tangled island. Except, you go to different countries instead of time periods. I say its Around The World island.

    1. i agree with cookie i mean the french themed stuff thier are millions of oranges in belize(south africa)ant the egyption tomb it all adds up!!

  5. Awesome sneak peek, but i think you accidentally misspelled chest on paragraph three, first sentence. Great job on the story though.

    1. That’s a good point!! He is definitely Egyptian, look at his crown and his eyes. By the way, is the background just a photo shop? Because if it is, then he’s probably from an Egyptian world. But if not, then maybe he isn’t Egyptian…? Or maybe Poptropica used the same background?

      1. I know that the chance of that is very slim, but it’s still nice to hear optimistic comments once in a while, so stop being a pessimistic and let them dream!

  6. Notice his eyes are different again, with black eyelids. Did Codien do that or was it like that already?

      1. LOL. But, as Scary Tomato (At least, I THINK it was Scary Tomato. If it was Smockers or Codien, sorry) you don’t need to correct any grammar mistakes.

  7. The story is cool! also, i’m wondering, will the nextphb sneakpeek be about astroknights, or the french island

  8. I’m a little depressed that the next sneak peak is going to be the last, but at least Codien has something else in store for us! Something that involves us! 😛

      1. You know, those TopOfBlog things can say whatever they want about how well this blog ranks, but it will always be the best in my book. 🙂

  9. Thanks so much for featuring me! 🙂 Also, I found something else that proves my theory about an island with different worlds.
    That’s the link on the Poptropica blog. It’s “New Outfits”. I think the first one is a Geisha, and the second a Crusader? I’m not sure.
    I also found another picture that doesn’t prove my theory, but I can’t find it. 😦 It was the design process for making an Island, and it had the Eiffel Tower in it. So I think maybe the French island is second. Then again, maybe this mysterious “worlds” island has multiple parts instead of only one (like time tangled island).

    Also I have an idea for Astro Knights Island…. you know the green screen? Well maybe all those numbers is a code!! Here are the numbers:

    I can see the pattern, but that’s not what interests me. Its the “custom rockets” page. The numbers after the title are “0100100001100101011011000110110001101111”
    They’re not the same, but could it be a similar system? We got a hint last time with the Nabooti phone, could this be another hint?

    1. The ones on the green screen make absolutely no sense at all, but the ones on custom rockets say “Hello!”.

    2. They are a code. It’s called Binary. 😉 An even cooler thing, is there is a whole chapter about Binary numbers in my maths book.

      1. I’m not good at explaining things, if you don’t understand, maybe someone else could help. Sorry again, but I only know how to translate binary into ordinary numbers, and ordinary numbers into Binary, I don’t know how Binary is translated into the alphabet. Anyway, this is how Binary numbers are read:

        Lets say, we wanted to find what the number 11011 means. We use numbers like this to work out the answer, like: 1,2,4,8,16,32…etc.
        (See how they double each time?)
        11011 has 5 digits. So we need to use 5 digits like above to multiply with the Binary digits. The digits are used backwards from biggest to smallest.

        1×16+1×8+0x4+1×2+1×1. Which equals: 27. Therefore 11011 in Binary form, equals 27 in decimal form.

        It is a bit complicated, so don’t worry if you can’t understand it. It took me a while to learn this all too.

      2. I forgot to add, in binary form, the only digits used are 1 and 0. I think you must have noticed it before, but just in case…

  10. Rachel i think those outfits are from astro knights. the girl has a banjo looking thing like binary bard does. and the guy looks like a knight. ive seen alot of astro knights sneak peeks with characters holding banjos. hmmmmmmmm…. mysterious.

      1. Uh… yeah. But its true, Poptropica must really like Banjos. Also, have you noticed the new mouths? They’re on the Geisha and the girl rock star, I really hope they’re costumizable! 🙂

    1. You might be right. But it was only 15 days after they released the sketches of the princesses for Astro Knights… then again, they were called, “super-special” which might imply it had something to do with Astro Knights…. I’m not sure, though, because it also says that for the rock stars. 🙂 But look at the older posts, you’ll find that you can put a lot of the pieces together.
      And I found the picture I was looking for! Here it is:
      I’m afraid this might be a totally separate island, because this would be really big if it was just 1 of the many parts of an island…. 😥

      Also, just a fun fact, Poptropica started Reality TV island before Astro Knight! I have proof, too:

      Wow, I have really long comments. lol.

  11. Have you noticed that earlier on Poptropica, it let you put “password”as your password and it let your username be “username” and it let youput the same thing for your username and password, but now if you try to it says “It is to easy to guess”? Hmm.

    1. Grey Lizard – Cool, but please stay on topic. (This would be better on the Poptropica Talk page.) There is only one account that can have “username” for its username, and oddly enough, Username’s password is “password”. 😉

  12. Thanks for all the feedback. I will quickly fix up the mistakes i made last night. Was in a hurry while posting.

    Do you know how hard it is to make up a story in 2 hours? 😛

    For people wondering about the picture. The background is just to add to the whole egyptian feel of the costume. It is the mummy from Nabooti Island, Giza.
    Its just for effect. Just enjoy the AWESOME costume they made. 😛

    I’m sorry again but…the eyes I did myself. Sorry. BUT the black part under the eye will be customizable.


    1. Speaking of the eyelid paint, yesterday I was in 24 Carrot in the Multiplayer Room and this one Poptorpican had rea eye paint under his eyes. Any connection? Or could it be a leaked item?

      1. Weird…I don’t believe it’s from any islands… maybe it IS a leak. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! If it’s another leak, then whatever the creators have in store might ruined! 😦

      2. I think it’s from Nabooti Island in the nile falls one where the girl who has the chicken, fox, and feed is… she has red paint under her eyes.

  13. Well, with the Ninja Sneak Peak and the Dead Mummy Sneak Peak, the French Island Peaks, and the post with the statues, I have one (highly doubtful) theroy. Time Tangled Island 2 ???

    1. Maybe…but why would they make a Time Tangled 2? Maybe it IS a world tour island. You know, the french sneak peaks, those Poptropicans in stone (it looks Greek to me, not French), the ninja, the mummy…

      1. You might be right. That would explain the out-of-place rockers… and things like gutiar hero and rock band are getting really popular, so maybe poptropica is going with a theme like that to?

  14. Hey everyone! On Nabooti Island and Time Tangled Island, there is a Goosebumps ad about the books and dvds! One is Return of the Mummy so I think this was Codien’s sneak peak! The other is a scarecrow book. They have costumes out but right now I can only get the face items. I think the creators are still putting them up but this is Codien’s sneak peak I’m 99.9% sure! 😀

  15. Oh,and I FINALLY went to Nabooti Island and I found out that it IS just from Giza. I also found out that the king was EXTREMELY conceited. Pictures of him on the pillars, two HUGE statues of him, for Pete’s sake, he even has a picture of someone worshiping him, and in the same picture, he has the jewel with him! Wow, no wonder he’s dead.

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