Follow the Poptropica Creators’ Blog!

For those of you who have Blogger accounts, you can now “follow” the Poptropica Creators’ Blog by clicking the follow button in the sidebar. The people who post there are real Poptropica Creators (I am not a Poptropica Creator!).

If you want information about “Following” blogs, click here. You must have a Blogger account to follow the Poptropica Creators’ Blog, and you can sign up here. Here’s Blogger’s description on “following”:

Do you have a favorite blog and want to let the author and readers know that you are a fan? Well now you can do that and more with the Blogger Following feature! You can even keep track of the blogs you follow via your Reading List on the Blogger dashboard.

UPDATE: The Poptropica Creators have removed the followers widget!

In other news: You may have noticed that I have set up a poll on the right side of my blog. Thanks to everyone for voting, and you can still vote! Also, friendly reminder Spy Island will be coming within a week, according to the Poptropica Creators’ Blog. Hope you’re all excited!

Also, if you haven’t already seen it yet, there’s now a guide for the Time Tangled Quest on this blog.

9 thoughts on “Follow the Poptropica Creators’ Blog!”

  1. My daughter set up an account. We know the username it correct, but she can’t remember the password. If I give the administrator the username, is there any way they can give us the password. Too many tears for a 9 year old.

  2. Tough Claw – Ok, but you posted this in the wrong place. Next time post where it’s supposed to be. (Try the posts about Spy Island.)

    Mat888 – I’m still working on the mission, congratulations on completing it!

    Cyndi a Mom – Sorry to hear about that, but I don’t think that they can give you the password.

  3. i just figured out what the letter says its says dont trust director d as for the part that says the answer is in the shadown line up the first letters of everyline with the shadow from the folder see it says dont trust director d hope this helps u mat888

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