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Escape from Pelican Rock – Poptropica’s next island!

Quick post time! Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato and… we apologize. We told you the next island is going to be Prison Break Island but… turns out we got that title wrong. Oops.

Well anyways, just in time for approaching Halloween, the true name of Prison Break Island and its island icon are now revealed on the map: Escape from Pelican Rock! (Thanks Popular Wolf for telling Fishy, and thanks Fishy for letting me know… and allowing me to let out a fangirling squeal.)

prison island

Besides this name and island icon, unfortunately, the island’s official info page has yet to be published and give us the scoop on this perilous pelican prison pandemonium. If anything, I assume it’ll be released tomorrow, and this post will be updated when the info page is released.

While we’re here, since I can’t come up with a full story yet without the main synopsis, I’ll just predict what might happen myself in the meantime.

Remember that one scene from Counterfeit Island where you are asked to protect the Scream painting, and when you do, you end up being assumed to be responsible for the crime?? Luckily there, you just got released after passing a lie detector test. However… this time isn’t going to be so lucky. So… remember these safe Daily Pops?

Behold your one way ticket to jail. You probably try to interfere with a thievery caper only to be assumed by the cops to be the thief itself. This time, though, for reasons unknown, you’re thrown right into the slammer. With the real thief still on the loose and you, a innocent Poptropican, locked up in a place you don’t belong, you have to get out of there and set things right!

As more information is revealed, I can probably expand upon this synopsis, but in the meantime it’s something. Stay tuned to the PHB for more info, and check out our Daily Pop Sneak Peek Archive for more “Escape from Pelican Rock” sneak peeks!

BT out!


The Secret Site of Codien!

Hijuyo: Don’t forget to check out issue #4 of the Poptropican’s 911 here, and view the poll results here! And now a message from the awesome Codien–

Well howdy folks!

It has been a while since i’ve posted. Mostly because i have been busy with exams and such. Oh did i mention it was was my 16th birthday awhile ago. 😀 Yes i do realise I’m older then all of you. MUHAHAHAHA!

Seeing that there’s nothing new in Poptropica yet, i will post something unrelated. Not about some random game, No! Something a bit more, Secret!

Yes, there is a secret site-more of a blog- that is a personal blog by Codien. But can you find it?
Well it should be simple to find. Many people have found it already and i’m shocked at how many views i get daily!

My blog has the latest news about me. Also, it is still in development but, i will be posting about awesome online games and console games, new movies, books, the latest and greatest things i think worth posting, ART! Lots of Art! And i will be updating everyone on my around the world trip that will take off in a week!

“Track it down, look under rocks, jump over prison walls, take the bucket from your head and find my site (BLOG)!”


Seeing that a couple of people (Looking at you two :P) told everyone, and for those who still can’t find it, i will post it. It really is simple…