The Secret Site of Codien!

Hijuyo: Don’t forget to check out issue #4 of the Poptropican’s 911 here, and view the poll results here! And now a message from the awesome Codien–

Well howdy folks!

It has been a while since i’ve posted. Mostly because i have been busy with exams and such. Oh did i mention it was was my 16th birthday awhile ago. 😀 Yes i do realise I’m older then all of you. MUHAHAHAHA!

Seeing that there’s nothing new in Poptropica yet, i will post something unrelated. Not about some random game, No! Something a bit more, Secret!

Yes, there is a secret site-more of a blog- that is a personal blog by Codien. But can you find it?
Well it should be simple to find. Many people have found it already and i’m shocked at how many views i get daily!

My blog has the latest news about me. Also, it is still in development but, i will be posting about awesome online games and console games, new movies, books, the latest and greatest things i think worth posting, ART! Lots of Art! And i will be updating everyone on my around the world trip that will take off in a week!

“Track it down, look under rocks, jump over prison walls, take the bucket from your head and find my site (BLOG)!”


Seeing that a couple of people (Looking at you two :P) told everyone, and for those who still can’t find it, i will post it. It really is simple…


100 thoughts on “The Secret Site of Codien!

  1. Trusty Hawk says:

    Yay, I think I found it! Oh, and Codien, I’m 16 too (August 22), so you and I are evenly matched! And nothing will stop us from playing Poptropica! BWAHAHAHAA!

  2. Golden Eagle says:

    Haha nice age advance from the rest of us. 😀 I’m looking to take the PreSAT this year, that’ll show all of you! *laughs like a maniac* Um….

      • Golden Eagle says:

        I might take it this year courtesy of Duke TIP (Talent Identification Program), because they choose a couple of kids to take it in 7th grade. =P
        I asked my brother about it and he said he took it too in 7th grade, so I guess there’s a chance I’ll take it too (I thought you had to be enrolled in the program to take it).

      • Fierce Panda says:

        I don’t know if I will take it since I am home schooled…although I really don’t care I hate big tests and I really hate FCAT (florida’s test) it was SOOO boring.

      • moonlight91 says:

        im 15. i grduated high school already cuz i did correspondence school and took 10-12 grade tests. so now i play on POP ALL DAY!!!
        no homework does WONDERZ for me!!!

  3. Seth Bobitator says:

    hmm….. there has to be a no brainer place where codien put a link to the site on a picture or other link. I just can’t seem to find it. I tries clicking the question mark picture. whatever. i’ll keep looking

  4. ruthrose88 says:

    guys stop teasing us! if you found it you can just say cool site codien dont rub it in its mean!

    Hijuyo: It’s not teasing nor being mean. The other comments that mention that they found the site just want to let Codien know that they figured it out. 😉

  5. Fast Runner says:

    I cant find it!(im not being unsarcastic.:D )

    Hijuyo: Codien already edited this post to put the link to his secret blog… 🙂

  6. Grey Flame says:

    Happy (belated) Birthday to Codien!
    Happy (belated) Birthday to Codien!

    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday,

    Happy (belated) Birthday to Codien!

    Wow, you’re 16 now! Here in Canada you could drive already… dunno about Australia though…

    May all your dreams come true, and I hope you still will stay with the PHB for at least another year!

    • Sparkle Star/Green Seal says:

      Happy Sponge was simply telling us he/she had the biker outfit and he/she thinks it rocks. Either way, the PHB checks the PHF first.

  7. Fierce Panda says:

    Hi, I didn’t find the site but then Codien posted it. You know, you should be able to change your character’s age, too. Because my characters are 11 yrs and I am 12. Oh boy, time for school 😦 I hate school! 9th grade (the grade I’m in) has got to be the most boring grade ever…

    Oh Codien do you have a car? I want a car it is a Dodge Stratus don’t know why but they are cool! 🙂

    Fierce Panda signing out…
    😈 :mrgreen:

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