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UFO Meets Castle! *cue dramatic music*, Monster Island?

The Poptropica Creators’ Blog presents yet another sneak peek! In this sneak peek, we see the epic clash of… a UFO and a castle. What island is this picture depicting? No clue. Could it be… ALIEN ISLAND?


Perhaps this sneak peek is also of the same island? The image name is called “mystery_island”. Could the island be named Mystery Island (if any of you play Neopets, that might strike you a hearty chuckle)?  It couldn’t be Reality TV Island… right? I’m pretty sure they’re also finishing up with Nabooti and Big Nate so… huh. Ah, well. We’ll find out someday! =) Comment what you think this island is!


 Monster Carnival Island?

In other news. Codien has uncovered some very rare pictures that Smockers would love to have. :mrgreen:

Does this have a connection to either of the Mechanical Jungle or the UFO mysteries? …DUH DOH DAH


Found in one of Codien’s walk-through videos.

Taken on the February 4, 2008

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Froot Loops Diving and More!

First off, there’s a Froot Loops advertisement building on Main Street (I think it’s for all islands but I’m not sure.) Inside it, you can play a diving game and if you win, you get a Diving Suit and a Treasure Chest! (Both items will only be here for a limited time, which means when the advertisements leave, so will these prizes.) Here’s a walkthrough video of how to get it:

The Froot LoopsTM Diving Suit, one of the prizes, is a clothing item you can wear, and you automatically blow some bubbles every few seconds when you wear it, which is really cool! The Froot LoopsTM Treasure Chest, which is the other prize, is a usable item. When used, it sprays Froot Loop cereal pieces everywhere and then cleans itself up. You can use it as many times as you like. 😀

Next, we’ve got another sneak peek of an island from the Poptropica Creators’ Blog. The image is called “Jungle1”, and the full-size image link is: The blog post title is “What creature lurks in a mechanical jungle?”, so this is probably a mechanical jungle! 😯 I’m not sure what island this is of, but the description is: “A new island is in the works!” Perhaps Poptropica is working on another island? We’ll just have to wait and see! 😛

Here it is:

VladtheViking has added a new video on Poptropica YouTube! It’s a tour of all the islands on Poptropica, including sneak peeks of Big Nate and Nabooti Islands! It’s so awesome – watch it on YouTube (it’s called “Poptropica – Tour”) or here below:

And finally, we are proud to announce that this blog (Poptropica Help Blog) has reached 100,000 hits! Thanks everyone for visitng, and please continue to spread the word! Long live Scary Tomato’s Poptropica Help Blog! 🙂

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