Gazek- Poptropican Or Glatorian??

Gazek with a Glatorian

So. We come to the question. Is Gazek a Poptropican.. or a Glatorian?? Forget that. I present to you.. a speech!

My Tribe Needs The Water
From that Cave, But it's
 Guarded by Bone Hunters!

No. I don’t have a tribe. I’m talking about the new advertisement building that can be found on Main Street For all ages. I was talking to the bionicle you see to the right, it told me the above speech. Note: This ad can be seen by boys only.

Click on the “More” below to learn about Gazek’s Sites, and his new Poptropican upgrade, and a few other things, that shall be brought into discussed as you click below. 😀

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Bonus Items, Spy Island

Treasure Hunt: Nabooti Mask!

It’s Treasure Hunt time again! This time, the hidden treasure is an exclusive mask from the upcoming Nabooti Island. (Note: You do not have to have this mask to play Nabooti Island.) Here’s the link to a clue of where the mask is located:

Here’s a video to help you out:

Written Walkthrough: The mask is located in the rooftops of Spy Island (the place above Balding Avenue). You know that building where the electrical tower is? Jump down below it, but don’t leave the Rooftop area. The Nabooti mask is located floating in the tall brown building there. You probably will need to use your Grappling Bowtie to get to it. If you don’t have one, read this: to find out how to get one! Once you see it, click on it and the words “BONUS” will appear for a second, in gold letters. Your character will be wearing the mask! Use the Costumizer on somebody to remove the bonus item from your character.

There’s also a LEGO Bionicles advertisement in between places.

I’ve also added a new poll: Don’t forget to check it out!