Gazek- Poptropican Or Glatorian??

Gazek with a Glatorian

So. We come to the question. Is Gazek a Poptropican.. or a Glatorian?? Forget that. I present to you.. a speech!

My Tribe Needs The Water
From that Cave, But it's
 Guarded by Bone Hunters!

No. I don’t have a tribe. I’m talking about the new advertisement building that can be found on Main Street For all ages. I was talking to the bionicle you see to the right, it told me the above speech. Note: This ad can be seen by boys only.

Click on the “More” below to learn about Gazek’s Sites, and his new Poptropican upgrade, and a few other things, that shall be brought into discussed as you click below. 😀

So, I was walking through Main Street on Super Power, when I saw the  LEGO Bionicle Advertisement. No, I’m just kidding. I got this update  from Obiwan2324, A Member of the PHF. So Well, I’ll tell you more about this advertisement. *Clears Throat*. Read below for Da Instructions.

  1. Talk to that Red Guy/Bionicle. He’ll tell you his tribe needs water from the cave, but Bone Hunters are guarding it.
  2. Enter the Cave, thou Glatorian; Enter!!!
  3. Be careful; there are rocks falling down. If you’re on Super Power Island, turn on your flying power.
  4. Fly right, then downwards around until you reach a platform with a Bone Hunter on it.
  5. Avoid him, then continue down, goin’ around obstacles.
  6. Continue downwards, and you should reach some sparkling water. Click on it.
  7. You’ll receive a tub of that water, and next step is to get yourself out of that cave.
  8. Talk to the Glatorian who you previously talked to. He takes the water, and you will receive your reward!

The reward is– A LEGO Bionicle costume, and a Thornax Launcher!!! The Thornax Launcher is swell, it shoots ammo (thornax fruits) when you press the space bar. The Bionicle costume is also impressive. I’ve also updated my Poptropican with the Thornax Launcher (Green Fruit) and the biker costume. You can see my costume update in the image from the first part of the post (without the Thornax Launcher).

Also, like Codien.. I present to you.. my BLOG!! It’s pretty much open to everyone now, and I’m starting to get a rush of hits.  Also, I have made a site called Letterix, a comic lettering site. So, if you’re a comic artist, who’s looking for a FREE comic letterer, go onto Letterix!!! Letterix is still under construction however.

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45 thoughts on “Gazek- Poptropican Or Glatorian??”

  1. this is cool and the funny thing is the guys im running from are called bone hunters and one of my poptropicans names is lone bones and i was on that account when i found out about it

  2. Yay! Bionicle! But… I can’t seem to find it… O_o Guess it’s for boys only. NOES! I love bionicle! It’s epic pwn! ^^

      1. I noticed that too. and here is something weird I found: if you press the space bar while you are walking, when you stop, it wont shoot, but you will be holding it pointed up instead of down.

      2. Oh yeah… and I managed to get the thorax launcher in the right position but then the fruit didn’t shoot. I think I fired multiple times after walking. I’m not sure.

  3. The Bionicle who needs water is Raanu, an Agori…I’m a bit of a Bionicle nerd, I know, but I think Bionicle is awesome!

  4. Dang! I have some comics but I don’t have a scanner. 😦 Sorry Gazek, minus one customer. Even though we don’t pay you. 😀

      1. Some people have the items (like me) because they were leaked.

        -Messy Tornado

  5. You know, girls can do it. It probably works best if you have the costume collector. You can just randomize yourself (Ctrl + Shift + R +) into a boy. Then when you are done randomize again back into a girl and use your costume collector for a different outfit.

    1. Ha! I found a way for girls to go to the bionicle thing, go to the main page of Poptropica, create a new account as a boy, an wala! You are able to access th bionicle thing.

    1. Well I know there’s one on this post, but can it be one that’s REALLY specific about the directions? I keep on going that way but all I find is a bone hunter and a geyser that shoots me up.

      1. Do not go all the way right but only to the center. When you are in the middle go down, and you should find a pond of sparkling water.

  6. Sweet ad but I think it’s like before the first woman president (I forgot her name because I dont pay much love to history) where woman were like basically slaves almost

  7. I did it on my boy accounts on Super Power Island and it wasn’t as hard! :mrgreen: The ad is like some sort of labyrinth….

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