Astro-Knights Island, Sneak Peeks

The long wait for Astro-Knights Island is over!

Hoorah! After months and months of impatient waiting, it’s finally here! Let’s welcome the one-and-only Astro-Knights Island!

We’ve also updated our blog with an Astro-Knights island guide for the adventurers in distress!

More Information:

And here’s a final sneak peek at what you might expect on this troublesome island:

Blog Post Title: A Day in the Life of the Bard
Description: The Space Sharks are among my strongest but most stupid creations. They are a little thick headed, so I had to shoot at all three of them just so I could get their attention. We had quite a lovely space stroll until one of them got carried away and took a bite out of my space ship. What a mechanical mess! 0110111101110101011101000010000001100110
Image URL:
Image Name: 3sharks.JPG

[The binary code translates to “Out for a stroll”.]

So head on out there and explore the unknown territories of outer space! The kingdom of Arturus is counting on you.

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Beautiful Sea Life

There’s an advertisement building for 6 to 8 year olds on Main Street (any island). It’s a Kellogg’s Froot Loops adventure, and this time it is up to you to rescue the toucans from the FrootOctopus! All you have to do is find 8 flashing red spots on the octopus and jump over it to “tickle” it. When you are done you will be awarded a yellow Froot Loops CostumeΒ and a FrootOctorizer (both temporary items).

Comic Kid flicked through his sketchbook. He smiled at every little doodle he’d ever drawn, thinking of the adventures it came with. But today he thought that one particular image stuck out to him: the little fishies. Then he got an idea.

Half an hour later, he’d reached the ocean next to Reality TV Island and was happily swimming underwater. He dove deeper, passing by schools of fish and a bunch of coral, until he finally saw the ground. There was one medium-sized green fish down there, grinning at him. Cute, thought Comic Kid, whipping out his underwater camera. He snapped a picture for memories and headed back on shore to put into his blog later. Amazing!

Blog Post Title: What Lurks Beneath
Description: Remember the pictures of fish that I drew awhile back? Well I thought I would go back to where I first saw them and show you what they look like in their surroundings. Amazing, huh?!
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Image Name: underwater.jpg