Super Villain Island Guide


Deep inside a top-secret prison, four of Poptropica’s most infamous villains float in suspended animation. Your mission: to infiltrate their minds and extract the sources of their evil. Can you withstand a journey to the heart of darkness, or will their twisted dreams trap you forever?

For walkthroughs on Super Villain Island, scroll down.

Released: September 27, 2012 (for members)
or October 18, 2012 (for all)
Common Room: You Know the Drill Eatery
Preceded by: Lunar Colony Island
Succeeded by: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island

Resources on this page: Island Extras | Synopsis from Poptropica | Video Walkthrough | Written Walkthrough | Album Photos | Trivia

Island Extras: Map | Official Tour | Video Playlist | Villains’ Dream Interpretations: Dr. Hare, Captain Crawfish, Black Widow, Binary Bard, Zeus

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page.

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by Samwow5 & Brave Tomato
Special thanks to: Slanted Fish, Cool Bite, Poptropica Buddies

Welcome to Super Villain Island! You’ll land at an oil drill place. When you talk to some of the people there, they say that they’ve been there for months and they bascially miss the mainland. Go up the structure and to the left. There’s a control room. Enter it. Talk to the girl after her conversation ends and say “you can count on me.” She’ll have the chopper give you a lift.

svi 1

Now exit the control room and a helicopter will arrive below you. Hop on and the helicopter will take off, but soon you will be heading straight into a thunderstorm! Since it can’t land, you’ll have to jump off of it. But before you do that, the pilot will give you a walkie-talkie. You jump out.

svi 2

Your parachute will open, and you will need to guide yourself to safety. Watch out for clouds, which will slow you down. Also, avoid the lightning, because they can hit you and burn your parachute. Continue gliding until you reach flowing water.

After you survive, swim to shore and climb up the rocks and ledges until you see a tower. When you reach the top, a camera is looking at you. Get under it and let it look at you without moving for a few seconds, or break the camera. A door opens in the wall! Go inside. You will be in the Erewhon Prison for Supervillains. (Fun fact: Erewhon is an anagram of “Nowhere”!)

Once inside, go to the guard on the right. Ask the third question. He says it’s your life. You jump on a moving floor and the machine x-rays, scans, disinfects, dries, and takes a mugshot of you.

Go right and enter the guard room. Go all the way to the right to Dr. Jupiter’s elevator and push the up button. Step into the elevator. While going up, you’ll pass Copy Cat, Mr. Silva, Sir Rebel, Crusher, El Mushachio Grande, Ratman, Betty Jetty, and Gretchen Grimlock – a variety of villains encountered on previous islands.

When you get to Dr. Jupiter’s lab, he says you are about to participate in the greatest scientific experiment ever known to Poptropica. All the villains are asleep so you have to enter their minds and remove what turned them evil.


NOTE: You will need to go back and forth between dreams in order to obtain the items you need from someone else’s dream, for someone else’s dream. This guide lists them in an order that should hopefully minimize the hassle as much as possible.

Captain Crawfish’s Dream, Part 1 of 2

Items from Captain Crawfish’s dream:

  1. Grog Brand Turpentine (from green box) – USE: Mix it with Empty Sprayer to get a Filled Sprayer.
  2. Stopwatch (from orange box) – USE: To freeze time in Binary Bard’s dream.

(TIP: Don’t disturb the sleeping Captain Crawfishes!)

First, get the Orange Key above from where you come in. Then go to the bottom, and unlock the orange box. You get a Stopwatch, which you will need in Binary Bard’s dream. 


Then get the Green Key above you and open the green box at the top level. It gives you the Grog-Brand Turpentine which you should use to fill the Empty Sprayer from Dr. Hare’s dream (see below).


Exit the dream for now, because you will need the Shrinking Potion from Black Widow’s dream to continue.

Dr. Hare’s Dream, Part 1 of 2

Items from Dr.Hare’s dream:

  1. Empty Sprayer – USE: Mix it with Grog Brand Turpentine to get a Filled Sprayer.
  2. Filled Sprayer – USE: To clean Black Widow’s paintings in her dream.

There are three parts. The first is easy – start pickaxing all the way to the right, and avoid the ants. (TIP: To kill the ants, click on the ants and the pickaxe, and diamond drill kills them.)

The second level is a little trickier because now they have blue ants that can break the walls. Try to avoid them. Continue to dig down until there are no more layers of dirt for you to dig through. Toward the middle, you should see an Empty Sprayer bottle. Take it, and now leave the dream because you need the Diamond Drill from Binary Bard’s dream to continue.


Click on the tile marked “Surface” to go back up and exit the dream for now.

Black Widow’s Dream

Items from Black Widow’s dream:

  1. Shrinking Potion – USE: To get into the model ship in Captain Crawfish’s dream.
  2. Crystal Key – USE: To open the door in Binary Bard’s dream.

First, use the Empty Sprayer from Dr. Hare’s dream and mix it with the Grog Brand Turpentine from Captain Crawfish’s dream to get a Filled Sprayer. Then take the Filled Sprayer out of your items.

Click on Black Widow and ask the first question.


Then hop inside the Picasso painting (“Three Musicians”) that says UGLY. You have to clean the painting from the vandalism. Avoid the spiders! Take the Shrinking Potion (needed in Captain Crawfish’s dream) at the top left corner.


Go to the next painting, “Starry Night” by Van Gogh,  which has the word TRASH vandalized on it. Clean that one from vandalism too. At the top right corner there is a Crystal Key. You will need it for Binary Bard’s dream.

SVI crystal key copy

Go to the third and final painting (“Water Lilies” by Monet) and clean the graffiti that says NOT ART.


Now it’s time to melt Black Widow’s painting. Keep spraying the painting of her, which is between Picasso’s Three Musicians and Van Gogh’s Starry Night paintings. Avoid the spiders and Black Widow herself as she attempts to chase and hit you.


When the painting melts, Black Widow’s Paintbrush Totem will be revealed and you’ll exit the dream.


Binary Bard’s Dream

Item from Binary Bard’s dream:

  1. Diamond Drill – USE: In Dr. Hare’s dream to break through the diamonds.

On the first door, use the Stopwatch from Captain Crawfish’s dream to stop the door from opening and closing.


Do the same thing with the second door. At the third door, you have Merlin attacking you, which is a little trickier, but the Stopwatch freezes him.


Next it’s the mouse. To the right, there’s a big wall. Lure the mouse to the wall and use the Stopwatch to freeze it, then hop on the mouse over the wall. Enter into the next room.

The next part has these big spikes, so you have to freeze time to jump on them.

The first spike is fairly easy. Let the spike turn until it almost reaches the right side, use the Stopwatch on it while it’s facing up so you can jump on it, then jump on the platform above.


The second one is harder. The last moved from left to right, now it moves up and down. (TIP: You don’t have to freeze this one. Just time it right to make sure the spiked ball is going down while you jump as far as you can to the right).

Run by the first of the third spikes. The second part of the third spikes are harder because the spikes cross each other. Make sure they end up like this.

The fourth is pretty easy, just freeze it and jump up as high as you can.

For the fifth, they have three in a row and you have to time it right to get to the top left corner. Wait until the bottom one is to the right, then keep jumping till you reach the top left. (WARNING: This might take a couple of tries.)

For the sixth, go by it first, second, and third to get the Diamond Drill, which you’ll need for Dr. Hare’s dream.


Freeze the spike closest to the Diamond Drill, then try to hop in this.

To open the door you need the Crystal Key from Black Widow’s dream. Binary Bard becomes his old self again. Use the clock to shock him 3 times. Freeze time whenever the hands of the clock stop and spark (12:30, 3:45, 6:00, 9:30, etc).

After three shocks, Binary Bard’s Astrolabe Totem will fall out.


Dr. Hare’s Dream, Part 2 of 2

Now that we have the Diamond Drill from Binary Bard’s dream, we can use it to continue through Dr. Hare’s dream and get his totem. Make your way to the third level of the mine. Use the Diamond Drill to help you.

For the third level, you have to use the Diamond Drill for the whole thing. Also the blue ants are there, instead of the red ants. To get the totem, start out to the left, then work your way down until you reach here. Drill through the bedrock surrounding the golden carrot tip.


Like the picture shows, the totem is to the right of Dr. Hare. Drill through the rocks next to him to get the Golden Carrot Totem. Now you can click on Dr. Hare to leave his dream.

Captain Crawfish’s Dream, Part 2 of 2

Go to the model ship located on the top right and use the Shrinking Potion from Black Widow’s dream to enter it. While you’re inside the model ship, be careful not to wake the sleeping Captain Crawfishes.

There will be two boxes, each with a side you’ll need to close. Wait for a sleeping Captain Crawfish on a cannon to slide into the box, then click on the side door of the box to trap it.


After you close them both, make sure the Captain Crawfish closest to the cannon at the bottom will not be hit with the cannonball. Then fire the cannon. The cannonball will break the glass, and you’ll have Captain Crawfish’s Model Ship Totem. Now exit the dream.


The Final Showdown

After you finish getting all the items, you give them to Dr. Jupiter, who turns out to be Zeus! (Another fun fact: Jupiter is the Roman version of the Greek god Zeus.) The screen darkens, and clips of Shark Tooth, Mythology, and Mystery Train Island show that these islands have been destroyed!


When you splash down in the ocean, you’ll be given Poseidon’s Trident, just like on Mythology Island!


Now you’ll have to face Zeus. Zeus has the four totems on the Statue of Liberty. The goal for this fight is to remove the totems from the Statue of Liberty… so now we’re at New York City.

svi 3

The totems give Zeus powers that he didn’t have before, relating to a specific villain. And then of course, he has his usual thunderbolts. This time around, he’s also gathering pink clouds, like you! Zeus has 3 attacks in the first round:

  1. Thunderbolts: This is Zeus’s default power. He shoots thunderbolts at you and you simply have to dodge them.
  2. Meteor Shower: This is the power the Binary Bard’s totem gave to Zeus. Meteors will fall from the sky, and you have to avoid them. Simple enough. When you destroy the Binary Bard’s totem, Zeus no longer be able to use this attack.
  3. Cloud Cannons: This attack uses Captain Crawfish’s totem. Clouds in the shape of cannons will shoot at you. As usual, avoid em! When you destroy CC’s totem, Zeus will no longer be able to use this attack.

Before you start attacking Zeus, you’ll need to get rid of the totems first. One is inside of the torch, one is inside where Zeus’s lightning bolt medallion is on the statue, one is at the base of the statue, and the other is off to the side. Shoot at those areas repeatedly and don’t stop until the totem pops out and falls. Don’t leave something that you hit unhit for too long, because Zeus can come over and repair damage.


After you get the totems out of the picture, start attacking Zeus! This might take a while, depending on how many pink clouds Zeus has. Avoid his thunderbolts. After he loses his last pink cloud, he scoffs that he doesn’t need totem powers to defeat you, ’cause he is the Greek god of thunder! Yeah… like we needed reminding.

svi 5

Zeus will go into the statue and then… he possesses it, I guess. Now, giant lightning bolts will shoot out of its eyes.

svi 6

Keep shooting for the eyes until he is forced to come out. He sighs “Not again! I was so close!” Then he falls down.

You’ll end up back at the prison, and Zeus is in one of the sleep chambers now. For your heroic efforts, one of the security guards will reward you with the Island Medallion and credits to spend in the Store!

svi medallion

Congratulations, you have completed Super Villain Island!

Bonus quest (members only)

The prison has gone into lockdown and a guard is trapped in a cell! The only one who knows the override code is Zeus. Enter the dreams of one of Poptropica’s mightiest villains and recover that code!

Whew. You’ve just defeated Zeus for the second time ever, but don’t think you’ll be off the hook yet if you’re a member. The prisoners from Super Power Island are holding one of the guards hostage in a cell. And the only person who knows the override code is the guy in the sleep chamber. You have to go into Zeus’ dream to get letters for the override code. So after you click begin quest, click on the button you did when you went into the dreams.

Welcome to Mythology Island. However, it’s in negative colors and UPSIDE-DOWN. Really? The first area you’ll end up in is the Minotaur’s labyrinth. Use the picture below to help you find the letters. Once you’ve collected all 4 letters, you’ll be teleported to the next area.

SVI Bonus Quest Labrynth

It’s the Tree of Immortality, the place where it all began. But now, you’ll have to be careful, ’cause Zeus has spotted you wandering around in his dreams and decided to take advantage of it – by flying around and trying to knock you off your feet. It’s easier to find the letters here, ’cause it’s not a maze! So, the next set of letters are TH3G. When you get them all, you’ll end up in the last area.

It’s Mount Olympus! Upside down! Great! And Zeus followed you there, too. Fun. I can be a little more helpful with the letters’ positioning here. Two are at differing heights on the left side of the mountain, while the other two are in differing heights on the right side.

Warning: Zeus can be a real pain in the neck during this part, ’cause he just loves trying to knock you off so you’d be at the bottom of the mountain again, so don’t be surprised if you start feeling the urge to rage. My suggestion: just keep moving.

The final letters you’ll get are R34T. With all the letters, you’ll spell “Z3USTH3GR34T” – Zeus the Great. Once that’s done, you’ll be awarded the members-only Dream Guardian costume! Enjoy!


Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures appeared in a former feature known as the photo album.


  • Super Villain Island is Poptropica’s 30th island. The countdown started on September 20, 2012, and the island was released on September 27 for members with a demo for non-members. It opened to all on October 18, 2012.
  • Erewhon (from Erewhon Prison) is an anagram of “Nowhere.” However, the name is actually taken from the name of the prison in the movie Face/Off (not for kids!).
  • The digging mini-game in Dr. Hare’s dream is inspired by Super Mario Bros 2.
  • Common room: You Know the Drill Eatery (“drill” is a pun on the fact that the common room is in a construction site and the English idiom “you know the drill”, as in, “you know what to do”)
  • As you go up the elevator, you’ll pass by villains from previous islands, including the Super Power Island bad guys, a miniature Mr. Silva, El Mustachio Grande, and Gretchen Grimlock.
  • If you click on the sleeping Captain Crawfish from inside his experimental container in the prison lab, your character will say, “Captain Crawfish can’t do much blogging from in there,” a reference to Captain Crawfish frequently posting on the Creators’ Blog.
  • The vandalized paintings in Black Widow’s dream are Three Musicians by Pablo Picasso, Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh, and Water Lilies by Claude Monet.
  • The four villains whose minds you must enter are antagonists from previous islands: Captain Crawfish from Skullduggery Island, Black Widow from Counterfeit Island, Dr. Hare from 24 Carrot Island, and Binary Bard (Mordred) from Astro-Knights Island. Binary Bard’s dream also includes the mechanical owl Merlin from Astro-Knights.
  • Captain Crawfish’s dream contains an alternate version of the Phoenix Warbird ship you use to defeat him on Skullduggery Island, called the H.M.S. Seachicken.
  • Jupiter is the Roman version of the Greek god Zeus, as evidenced by Dr. Jupiter being a disguise for Zeus.
  • The cutscene displaying footage of the damage Zeus is causing around Poptropica is from PNN, a parody of the popular television news network CNN.
  • The final showdown with Zeus takes place in New York City with the Statue of Liberty (but with Zeus’s head on it), and with the Chrysler Building in the background. The battle itself is similar to the final part of Mythology Island.
  • Bonus quest for members only: The world may be safe, but another villain stirs in his slumber. Do you dare to enter the dream machine once more, and visit a nightmarish version of one of the most popular Poptropica Islands? After completing the bonus quest, members receive a Dream Guardian costume!
  • In the bonus quest, you’ll be in areas of Mythology Island, but the landscape is upside-down and the color is negative.
  • Members would get an additional Super Villain Island gear pack, which included the Night Hare costume, Sleeping Powder power, and Evil Henchmen item. The Night Hare costume was only available during Early Access.

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      2. You get the turpentine from Captian Crawfish’s dream then click use on the turpentine and select equip once it’s filled

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      If you have the tiger shark costume there is a fish. When you press space the fish flies in the air. So when you collect the orange key it goes in the same hand with your fish. So you can click space then and throw the fish and the key in the air! It’s really cool! Try it sometime!\

  1. Here the island comes 1 by 1 this is the 30th Island you know so here’s the guide, here it goes.


    Oh no. Your blimp has appeared on some type of oil crane. Don’t worry just go to the control room and a doctor and a lady are talking but the doctor hangs up so click on her a say “you can count on me” and she will have the chopper give a lift for you. Now exit the control room and a helicopter will arrive below your player hop on and the helicopter will take off but soon of all… will be heading straight to THUNDERSTORMS!!! cause it can’t land you’ll have to jump off it it before you do that, the pilot will give you a walkie-talkie and jump!

    Using the parachute

    Since you’ve jumped of the helicopter, your parachute open.
    You need to guide your parachute and watch out for thunderstorms cause they could hit you and burn your parachute so continue gliding till you reach flowing water.


    When you are near jump on rocks and ledges until you see a tower. Break the camera then a door opens. Go inside and you are in the Erewhon prison
    for super villans talk to the police guy near you and say “I’m not afraid”

    someone finnish the rest please?


      You jump on a moving floor.
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      1. You’re given a walkie-talkie before you jump off. Before that point, you should still be on the island and able to reach the blimp if you want to leave.

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  2. I loved this island.
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    Slanted Fish: It’s just a minor glitch; it’s been reported to have happened on other islands as well.

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  8. I found when you click the pause button in the upper left corner of the screen the watch still charges.

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    1. The part you described, with Merlin (owl), the mouse, and the moving doors is supposed to be the first part of the dream. Use the Stopwatch to get past that and to the next part, where the spinning thorn shells are. Read the section of the walkthrough titled “Binary Bard’s Dream.”

      1. Um Slanted Fish, I used the walkie talkie to leave the island but it made me jump out of the helicopter again, and I’m afraid if I keep using it then i have to keep jumping and im stuck now, is the walkie talkie the only way to leave?

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    1. I think you have to use the walkie talkie outside or it won’t work. Other than that, I’m not sure what you can do.

  11. umm im having a little problem, when i get to the island my blimp is fine and isnt in an oil rig. can anyone tell me what to do?

    1. When you first land on the island, you’ll be on “Main Street.” Check your Map if you need to. Main Street should look like an oil rig. Anyway, from there, just continue to follow the steps on the guide. 🙂

  12. uhhh… can I also use the crown if i finish mythology island???

    Slanted Fish: You can try! It’s said to help in some Reality TV Island challenges. 🙂

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    1. After you finish the quest, exit the prison. On the Map, you should be at the place marked “Prison Exterior.” Then use your walkie-talkie, and the chopper will come to give you a ride back to Main Street, where you’ll find your blimp and be able to visit a different island.

      1. but when I used the walkie talkie, it took me all the way back to the prison exterior… and I did the in the sky bit as well! I don’t understand. Please explain, is this a glitch, or just my account? I can’t say I’ve done this on my other accounts because I only have the one. 🙂 gloria19012 add me as a friend!

      2. You should be at the prison exterior. Use the walkie-talkie, which should bring the chopper (helicopter) to the prison exterior. Go over to where it sits waiting for you and hop in. It should take you back to Main Street, where your blimp is. If you’re still having trouble, try contacting Poptropica.

    1. Before you jump out of the helicopter, the pilot will give you a walkie-talkie. You can find it in your inventory (click the backpack icon). For more details, read the first part of the guide above.

    1. That’s a good observation! Though Suez (Zeus backwards) could also be a place name. In this context, though, you’re probably right, and they meant for it to reference Zeus. 😛

      1. Also, Dr. Jupiter (the person you did the errand for) Jupiter is the Roman equivilent of Zeus.

  15. I wonder if this was the creators’ twisted way to welcome mark of athena? (heroes of olympus series) ~B.T.W. , Before i played the island, when i looked at “Dr. Jupiter” i was like, “Good Gollywobber! he looks just like zeus!” oh coarse, i failed to make the connection before it was too late. ._. i know, epic fail.
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  17. i like how at the end of super villian island you get to beat Zeus from Mythology Island. It’s so fun! (and you beat him just like you do at mythology island except for the part that he has the totems!)

    1. Actually, I prefer this Island’s Zeus boss battle much more than the Mythology one. The Mythology one was soo hard! And this one is much more fun.

      1. Yeah. It could’ve been burning Paint Thinner for Black Widow, and flying demon rabbits for Dr.Hare. It also would’ve been cool if DH, BW, BB, and CC could help you in the battle since the evil of them was removed, and together, you could beat ZEUS together, and the bond of Poptropica will be restored! Well, sorta….

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    1. that happened to me too!?! While i was falling i thought i had done something wrong, but when i touched the water my parachute came out!

      1. And it seemed like no one else in this island paid attention in History or Language Arts class, because everyone was pretty darn gullible about Dr. Jupiter. Meanwhile, I knew who he was going to turn out to be as soon as I saw his name and what he looked like.

  19. How do you get off the island? I have used the walkie talkie and the helicopter came,but it still dropped me off at the prison

    1. The helicopter should take you to and from Main Street (on top of the Control Room) to the Prison Exterior, and you can summon it using the walkie-talkie. The blimp (which can take you to a different island) is on Main Street.

  20. help me! i can’t leave super villain island and whenever i use the walkie talkie, it just takes me back to the parachute cutscene! am I doing something wrong? i want to leave

    1. With those spiders dangling from the ceiling and all, there’s a lot going on in Black Widow’s dream, so lag wouldn’t be a surprising factor…

  21. At the beginning of the island, at the erehwon prison, I selected the third chat option when talking to the police officer on my right and he didn’t say “it’s your life”. Instead, he replied, “you should be”. Did I do something wrong? I’m unsure of how to continue off from entering the tower. 😦 Please and Thank you!

    Slanted Fish: Make sure you’ve done all the steps prior to that point, and try all the chat options.

  22. What happens when you click the wake up button in the villains’ dreams?

    Slanted Fish: You’ll just be transported back to the chamber with the sleeping villains.

  23. certainly like your web-site but you have to check the spelling on quite
    a few of your posts. A number of them are rife with
    spelling issues and I in finding it very troublesome to tell the truth then again I’ll certainly
    come back again.

  24. Hey, guys!
    I followed your walkthrough and I completed the island! Thank you SOO much!!!!!
    Can’t wait to use more of your walkthrough.
    Love ya!

  25. QUESTION:How do you open the doors to get the keys for the orange and green treasure boxes in crawfish’s dream????

    Slanted Fish: Walk over to the keys to take them and click the treasure boxes to open them.

  26. LOL when I used the walkie talkie at the end and the helicopter guy came he wacked me with the helicopter propellors and i laughed so hard

  27. This Island is sooooo cool. Its Greek AND Roman! (Kind of…) Zeus Is Greek and Jupiter is Roman! I love Mythology!

  28. Guess what i did in this island. i thought the walkie talkie was useless so i decided to restart the island. and after that i said in my mind “Oh no i should have used the walkie talkie!”

  29. By the way, I noticed that the tail thing of the helicopter is R-SUEZ and suez backwards is.. Well.. Zeus…. Am I the only one who noticed that?

  30. I have a lot of these but, who else has the time when they can’t beat a game/island after they tried SOOOOO many times????? It just gets so fustrating and you feel like you just want to quit?

  31. Fun fact – the helicopter that comes has a logo saying ‘suez’…backwards spelling ‘Zeus’.

  32. the order of the super villian’s dreams i enter starts with Binary Bard… i cant complete the island now. Help?

    1. The order of the dreams you enter doesn’t matter, but some dream segments cannot be done with until you’ve gotten certain items from other dreams. You can always exit a dream by clicking the exit button if you need to. 🙂

  33. This sounds incredibly dumb, and I’ll probably end up solving this problem later… but after completing the island, I can’t get back to my blimp…

    1. Do you have the Haunted House store item card? If you don’t, buy it from the Poptropica store. If you do, click on the item card in your store items and click on the “Visit” button, then into the hole and you will be back on the Map.

    2. Or, use your walkie-talkie to call the helicopter pilot and he’ll take you back to “Main Street.” You can access your blimp from there.

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