The Poptropicast

Tune in to the Poptropicast, a fan-made Poptropica podcast πŸŽ™

Hey Poptropicans, listen up β€” there’s a new podcast on the air, released just this month, and it’s all about Poptropica!

The Poptropicast is created by a fan named Maggie, and each episode so far is about a half hour long. You can listen to it on Spotify or on various other podcasting platforms. Check out the latest episode:

Fun fact: Here on the PHB, we’ve floated around the idea of creating a Poptropicast, but it’s cool to see someone finally do it!

The Poptropicast speaks on both the history of Poptropica releases as well as the host’s personal experiences with the game. In the first episode, Maggie gives “A Short History of Poptropica,” and in the second, it’s all about “Reality TV Island” and its sequel, RTV: Wild Safari. Whether she’s describing lore like the celebrity parodies in Wild Safari, or sharing anecdotes like mispronouncing Poptropica’s name as a young child, you’ll enjoy hearing her perspectives on Poptropica!

And the PHB is happy to be part of the Poptropicast’s journey β€” just two episodes in and we’ve gotten shout-outs! Thanks, Maggie, for highlighting the PHB/Creators’ Blog post on “Which Poptropica character are you based on your zodiac sign?” by Lucky Joker, as well as this guest post on Ringmaster Raven by Dangerous Dragon.

The Poptropicast promises to go through and talk about each of the islands, so stay tuned! We’re definitely looking forward to where the blimp goes next on this podcast. Catch the Poptropicast on!

Pod on and pop on, Poptropicans! 🎧✌️

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Poptropica for Kindle Fires, DeviantArt, & the PoptropiCast!

Hi Gs,

Yes, finally the day has come: Poptropica is now legally and not bootlegged for Kindle Fire devices! Super excited for auto updates ❀ I’m really excited for that “Poptropica TV” update that’s happening sometime this week.Β At this point, I think all the major handheld devices have the Poptropica mobile app – except the *cough*Windows phone*cough*


My DeviantArt

But there’s more to discuss in this post! First of all – and I’m surprised I haven’t announced this sooner – but I created a DeviantArt a few months ago. You can go watch me (I’ll watch back!) and enjoy each other’s Poptropica art!


PoptropiCast Co-host competition

Remember the PoptropiCast? I really still want to do it, but without a co-host it’s going to be really difficult. Just as a test run, you can send in an audio submission of text of your choosing. Just read it and send it! (You can use Audacity to record it!)


As the graphic describes, you’ll need a good mic (nothing fancy) and a fluid voice (able to put words together) in order to be eligible. Send the submissions to I’ll select some possible co-hosts and we’ll go from there. (and yes, I plan to make a new logo. πŸ˜› )

PoptropiComic details

A few weeks ago, I decided to make a comic for Poptropica – thanks to Ylimegirl for the name – and now it’s time to officially announce it. I can’t give any set dates, I’m just going to release it as I finish each panel. It’s a story driven comic with main characters Messy Sinker and Nice Demon (Nice Dragon’s new name)Β – possibly more eventually.Β Keep watch (heh)Β on my DeviantArt as I before mentioned for the first page!

poptropicomic1 copy

This has been my first combined update post in a while. :O Glad to be back.



The Poptropicast

The Poptropicast?

Hi Gs,

What is the Poptropicast? I mentioned it my latest livestream, but it’d be a pain to sit through the whole thing just to find it… So, I’m going to tell you! It’s one of my many upcoming projects for the summer that I’ll be talking more about soon. This is the first of many exciting things happening! πŸ˜€

The Poptropicast is a weekly Poptropica audio podcast where I talk about certain Poptopics — for example: similarities in Poptropica villain’s plots (in fact that will be the first episode’s topic πŸ˜› ). These episodes will last aroundΒ 30 minutes long, and will come out as I said above weekly — every Wednesday.


As I also mentioned it will be an audio podcast, meaning that you can listen to it without having to look at the screen — it’s great to listen to while you’re playing Poptropica!

You can watch the teaser for the show below — it’s coming this July, so be ready for it on my channelΒ or my Sound Cloud.Β πŸ˜€

And don’t forget — there’s still time to enter in the PHB magazine, the Popcorn, coming next Sunday! Just submit your questions/fan-fictions/fan-art/costumes to πŸ™‚