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Poptropica for Kindle Fires, DeviantArt, & the PoptropiCast!

Hi Gs,

Yes, finally the day has come: Poptropica is now legally and not bootlegged for Kindle Fire devices! Super excited for auto updates โค I’m really excited for that “Poptropica TV” update that’s happening sometime this week.ย At this point, I think all the major handheld devices have the Poptropica mobile app – except the *cough*Windows phone*cough*


My DeviantArt

But there’s more to discuss in this post! First of all – and I’m surprised I haven’t announced this sooner – but I created a DeviantArt a few months ago. You can go watch me (I’ll watch back!) and enjoy each other’s Poptropica art!


PoptropiCast Co-host competition

Remember the PoptropiCast? I really still want to do it, but without a co-host it’s going to be really difficult. Just as a test run, you can send in an audio submission of text of your choosing. Just read it and send it! (You can use Audacity to record it!)


As the graphic describes, you’ll need a good mic (nothing fancy) and a fluid voice (able to put words together) in order to be eligible. Send the submissions to [email protected]. I’ll select some possible co-hosts and we’ll go from there. (and yes, I plan to make a new logo. ๐Ÿ˜› )

PoptropiComic details

A few weeks ago, I decided to make a comic for Poptropica – thanks to Ylimegirl for the name – and now it’s time to officially announce it. I can’t give any set dates, I’m just going to release it as I finish each panel. It’s a story driven comic with main characters Messy Sinker and Nice Demon (Nice Dragon’s new name)ย – possibly more eventually.ย Keep watch (heh)ย on my DeviantArt as I before mentioned for the first page!

poptropicomic1 copy

This has been my first combined update post in a while. :O Glad to be back.




11 thoughts on “Poptropica for Kindle Fires, DeviantArt, & the PoptropiCast!”

  1. @HPuterPop

    I really want to do this, but I will have no internet tomorrow? Can you wait a couple days until I can get internet and my mic to work?


    Happy Panda

  2. I have a mic, but it can’t stream or cast… can I send a submission anyway? Don’t worry, I’m going to get one soon… :p

      1. Alrighty, thanks! You’ll be hearing from me soon now! Haha, see what I did there? So punny.

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