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Recap: PHB’s gr8 8th birthday party for Poptropica!

Hey gr8 Poptropican m8s, check out this upd8! w8 for it…

As you may know, Poptropica has been celebrating their 8th birthday these past two weeks, and to join in the 8-bit festivities, this past Saturday the PHB invited all Poptropicans to join in for a party on the PHC and Poptropica! Thanks to all those who came; we hope you’d r8 it 8/8!

8thbday recap

Don’t all those balloons look so orn8? With birthday balloons of various colors (and similar-looking musical trees) filling up the several Multiverse rooms we had going on, plus fireworks being set off as players competed in games and got turned into pixel pigs, the party rooms were definitely very lively (and laggy, because Poptropica can’t handle our partying 😉 ).

Over on the PHC (the PHB’s official Poptropica Help Chat), Poptropicans enjoyed chatting with each other, got to meet a few PHB authors (UiPE, BT, Sam, Slip, and yours truly were there!), and even had some fun on the Doodle feature with Poptropica artists like MasterPinpey!

The party went on for a few hours, and it was great to see many of you there! For those who couldn’t come, as well as those who had a fun time, remember the PHC is always open – not just during PHB parties – and we welcome you there to hang out with other Poptropicans anytime! You can access it via or by clicking “Chat” in the navigation bar at the top of the PHB’s site.

Thanks to those of you who came, even those who were fashionably l8, and made this event gr8! Even if you couldn’t make it, it’s okay, we don’t h8. Be sure to check out this PHB post for everything about Poptropica’s 8-bit celebr8ion this month! :mrgreen:

Happy 8th birthday, Poptropica! ❤

Here’s to many more years!

15 thoughts on “Recap: PHB’s gr8 8th birthday party for Poptropica!”

  1. Yass, I’m there in the picture and I also had great time in the common room with PHB author, Moderater, Owner and other people in the chat. I enjoyed Poptropica turned in to pigs.

  2. Yeah sounded like a great party i was only in there for 5 seconds then left XD To bad I couldnt be there. i was up with my uncles having a sleepover and had a rugby game and it was the final game and wow was it great! me and my team won!! by the way i am the captain! we won the trophy and we get to keep it for a year! so yeah it was great! to bad i couldnt make it oh well there are more party’s in the feature! I will most likely come to the next one! 🙂

  3. I’m in two pictures. I’m in the big picture (covered by UiPE) and in a tiny one wall jumping! I’ve achieved ultimate fame!! I’d like to thank my mother, Comic Kid, Slanted Fish….

  4. I’d r8 the party 10/8, super gr8, would celebr8 again.

    PS: People should use the word ornate (or orn8, as we are still r8ing comments with puns) more often.

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