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Friend Cards and Other Observations

Hey Poptropicans, what’s popping?

Poptropica glitcher idk is back at it with the behind-the-scenes insights, starting with this prototype of the Friends feature. Here, we can see that they are formatted like our item cards that you can flip through to take a look at. Interesting, but fortunately the final version we have today is much cooler.

idk has also found a way to bring back the old homepage – remember, that thing we had before Home Island? To see it, just reset your island progress on any non-SUI by clicking the gear in the top-corner menu. (Note: Resetting via the travel map will not work.) Reload the page, and there it is!


Lastly, just a random observation from the recent Littlest Pet Shop ad – who’s this Poptropica-like action figure and what’s it doing here?

Thanks for popping by, Poptropicans, and see you next time!


PHB Sneak Peeks

PHB Sneak Peeks: Pets, alternate worlds, and more!

Hey Poptropicans!

While Poptropica remains pretty quiet about what they’re working on, our resident glitcher idk recently uncovered some interesting test scenes behind-the-scenes. Keep in mind, as these are test scenes, there’s no guarantee of whether they’ll appear in game eventually. With that said, let’s take a look!

In this scene, we get a backdrop with a scenic mountain range that features a few platforms and a character you can talk to – who’s accompanied by a cute little blob that may be a pet!

We know from Poptropica that pets will be part of the New Poptropica – and this might be one of them. Or maybe just a prototype. Who knows?


Here’s another room, named “Air Control Test”. According to idk, the red block shoots your character into the air! Wonder what this could be for. Some skydiving, perhaps?


There was also this rather empty room, save for a character who offers you something to open a treasure chest. Thanks… matey.


Moving on, here we have a royally-dressed character who seems to be hinting at something super interesting… the idea of other Poptropicans coming from an alternate “Poptropiverse” (probably meaning Poptropica universe)! Could the Realms theory proposed in an earlier Popspiracy be true?? Hmm… perhaps this will be answered through the Poptropica graphic novels, as book 2 hints!

Finally, idk also uncovered these unused graphics for the Daily Pop which featured a “Challenge of the Day”, although the activity is unknown. Perhaps it was replaced by the flash games section.

Anyway, that’s all for this sneak peeks post! Hope you enjoyed the behind-the-scenes look! Keep poppin’ on, Poptropicans. Have a geisha goodbye, courtesy of Shaky Skunk! 🎎



PHB Sneak Peeks

A Not So Common Room Game and Unreleased Game Cards?

Hoi, I’m Koi.

So, idk made me aware of some unreleased game files. Digging through 78 Poptropica files was not fun, but I did find the most interesting stuff for y’alls.

An abandoned common room game called Track & Find.

Actual Game

So, see the blue loading symbol and green square? As weird as that sounds, that resembles what would be you on the right and the person you’re battling with on the left. The DNA looking strand are NPCs, which are probably the Poptropicans you’re not supposed to find.

Game Assets

So, I don’t exactly see where the basketball and soccer ball fit in this, I’ll be honest. Though, the text graphics definitely make sense. 😛

Game Dialogue

Screenshot at Jul 22 19-25-52

I didn’t find anything incredibly interesting, but this dialogue showing pretty much the game right here. I have no clue why it wasn’t finished, maybe the devs just thought we already have had enough games – or they just didn’t like it.

Honestly though, I would love to play this.  I made a mockup of what the game would be like, or at least I’d imagine.


I spent about 5 hours on this. Graphic design is seriously my passion.

Here are some unreleased game cards brought to my attention by Keith Sammut!

The first one is a Double Play Game Pack, containing Thunder Volt (the bonus quest for Wimpy Boardwalk) and DC Diner (the promo game for Mystery Train).

This is My Jam sounds like it might be either be a dance pattern kind of game, or just a different version of the robotic dance card. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see these on the new Pop.



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PHB Sneak Peeks: Quick Q&A with Creator & More Dev Rooms!

(This is a guest post by TechWizard, in which he shares a quick interview he had with Pop Creator Skinny Moon, as well as some more developer rooms from Poptropica’s files. Enjoy! –🐠)

tw guestpost

Hello Poptropicans! T—wait a minute, has someone been messing with my notecards? Well then…

Anyway, hello Poptropicans, TechWizard here with rooms, graphical bugs, and a quick question-and-answer session with a chubby sun! …No, not a chubby sun, a Skinny Moon! That’s right, it’s dat girl! I asked her a few random questions, and this is what I got. Her replies are italicized below.

> What’s the best part about working at Poptropica HQ?

I love being the social media manager and interacting with the fans. It really is so great seeing how much you all love Poptropica and how much you care about it! Also, the entire Poptropica team is AWESOME! Everyone is so creative and truly cares about the game and its fans.

> Do you like Pringles? If so, what’s your favorite flavor?

I like sour cream and onion best!

> Do you drink any soda?

I used to love Diet Coke but I don’t drink it much anymore. I drink a lot of half iced tea-half lemonade. And coffee. Lots of coffee. 🙂

> Satellite or cable?

Cable — Verizon FIOS!

For more Q&As with Chubby Sun Skinny Moon, check out this PHB post as well as this one!


Well, hope you enjoyed that little Q&A with Skinny Moon! Onto the next part: I’ll be showing some more developer rooms from Poptropica’s files. (Please note: These are not meant to show up in-game, and are used by Pop developers for testing.)

Our first room is actually an add-on to a mass dialogue room I showed in another guest post here. In this room, you can receive a crowbar to take to a crowbar-loving NPC (non-player character) who’s offscreen. This is to test item receiving and giving.


Our second room looks like a roller coaster. Not much goes on, except for some boxes and orb things that randomly spawn here.


Our third room is… oh no! Where’s the floor?! Well, it’s invisible, and talking to an off screen Afro Guy will change the tile-set that’s visible here.


But wait, that’s not all! Call now and I’ll throw in one graphical bug for the low, *low* price of $20.99!

While playing around one day with a secret rectangle capable of infinite powers, I stumbled upon this lovely bug. Where is the crystal? Where is the throne?? Let me explain!

Obviously, you’re not intended to be here after you’ve finished PoptropiCon: Episode 3 (but by my ways, here I am). Because the game doesn’t know what to do here, some parts don’t load, mainly because Omegon’s throne and crystal have been destroyed.


That’s all for this time – hope you enjoyed this post!

– TechWizard

Daily Pop Sneak Peeks, PHB Sneak Peeks

Wheel, what do we have here?

Hey Poptropicans,

Wheel wheel, what do you know, Poptropica has stepped up its game, and we actually got three Daily Pop sneak peeks this month! Thanks, Creators! Now, to analyze: what do we have here?

What we see is a wheel of fortune for us to spin for prizes, a street beggar whose feet are better clothed than the average Poptropican, and the attic of a barn. Well, subject matter so far is more impressive than the month of May’s rat animation. But what to make of it all?

Could the barn be for a new island, either for Classic or New Poptropica? As for the beggar, his legs and footwear indicate that it’s part of the art style for the New Poptropica – among the few things we know about it, legs have a little more substance and shoes are a thing.

Mean-wheel (no? okay), the wheel looks like it might fit in as a new prop for Home Island, as a daily incentive to log in and spin for prizes. I think that would be a great addition to the game!

It looks even cooler in light of this exclusive sneak peek from Pop glitcher idk, showing a behind-the-scenes test of the wheel of fortune. Please note: Test scenes do not always reflect what Poptropica will add in the game. With that being said, this still gives us an insight into things they’re considering!

Here we see a more primitive design of the wheel, and above it is a bit of text that pre-determines the prize you’ll get. After the wheel is done spinning, it gives you your prize. A list of possible prizes and the chances of receiving them are on the right (obviously, this will not be shown in the final version). I’ve also listed them below this picture, and I have to say, it looks wheely good.


Possible prizes and their chances (remember that this is not final, as this has not been released):

  • A low amount of credits (15, 20, or 25) (20% chance)
  • Costume (costume 1, 2, or 3) (10% chance)
  • A medium amount of credits (50, 60, or 75) (25% chance)
  • Rare Follower (rare follower 1, 2, or 3) (2% chance)
  • A high amount of credits (100, 125, or 150) (20% chance)
  • Rare Costume (rare costume 1, 2, or 3) (3% chance)
  • Credits Jackpot (200, 250, 300) (15% chance)
  • Follower (follower 1, 2, or 3) (5% chance)

Sounds pretty promising to me! Now, I don’t know what we’ll need so many credits for (especially for those who are members), but who knows, Poptropica might add more reasons to want credits in the future. Also, the costumes and followers sound like great prizes – especially “rare” ones for people to collect! Maybe they could even rotate the prizes so you could win different ones in different seasons of time. Wheel have to see (sorry not sorry).

On a different note, here’s another test scene sneak peek from idk – in this tree-lined space, you can move around only on the platform you start on, and if you press the magnet in the left corner, you can get the magnetic black ball to stick to you as you move. The magnet icon was seen previously in a Crisis Caverns Daily Pop, but they could also just have recycled it for something else. I wonder what it’s for?

trees magnet

Any-wheel, that’s all for this post. Share what you think in the comments below!

Stay popping,

– 🌊 slantedfish 🐠 –