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PHB Sneak Peeks: Quick Q&A with Creator & More Dev Rooms!

(This is a guest post by TechWizard, in which he shares a quick interview he had with Pop Creator Skinny Moon, as well as some more developer rooms from Poptropica’s files. Enjoy! –🐠)

tw guestpost

Hello Poptropicans! T—wait a minute, has someone been messing with my notecards? Well then…

Anyway, hello Poptropicans, TechWizard here with rooms, graphical bugs, and a quick question-and-answer session with a chubby sun! …No, not a chubby sun, a Skinny Moon! That’s right, it’s dat girl! I asked her a few random questions, and this is what I got. Her replies are italicized below.

> What’s the best part about working at Poptropica HQ?

I love being the social media manager and interacting with the fans. It really is so great seeing how much you all love Poptropica and how much you care about it! Also, the entire Poptropica team is AWESOME! Everyone is so creative and truly cares about the game and its fans.

> Do you like Pringles? If so, what’s your favorite flavor?

I like sour cream and onion best!

> Do you drink any soda?

I used to love Diet Coke but I don’t drink it much anymore. I drink a lot of half iced tea-half lemonade. And coffee. Lots of coffee. 🙂

> Satellite or cable?

Cable — Verizon FIOS!

For more Q&As with Chubby Sun Skinny Moon, check out this PHB post as well as this one!


Well, hope you enjoyed that little Q&A with Skinny Moon! Onto the next part: I’ll be showing some more developer rooms from Poptropica’s files. (Please note: These are not meant to show up in-game, and are used by Pop developers for testing.)

Our first room is actually an add-on to a mass dialogue room I showed in another guest post here. In this room, you can receive a crowbar to take to a crowbar-loving NPC (non-player character) who’s offscreen. This is to test item receiving and giving.


Our second room looks like a roller coaster. Not much goes on, except for some boxes and orb things that randomly spawn here.


Our third room is… oh no! Where’s the floor?! Well, it’s invisible, and talking to an off screen Afro Guy will change the tile-set that’s visible here.


But wait, that’s not all! Call now and I’ll throw in one graphical bug for the low, *low* price of $20.99!

While playing around one day with a secret rectangle capable of infinite powers, I stumbled upon this lovely bug. Where is the crystal? Where is the throne?? Let me explain!

Obviously, you’re not intended to be here after you’ve finished PoptropiCon: Episode 3 (but by my ways, here I am). Because the game doesn’t know what to do here, some parts don’t load, mainly because Omegon’s throne and crystal have been destroyed.


That’s all for this time – hope you enjoyed this post!

– TechWizard

24 thoughts on “PHB Sneak Peeks: Quick Q&A with Creator & More Dev Rooms!”

      1. um rude much ?? If you even read her comment, she said it as if “ew why did my mind go there,” not “haha this is a funny reference!” You shouldn’t be so rude but have fun vomiting I guess

  1. They released a new feature on home island. Spin the wheel to win credits! You only get to spin once a day.

  2. I got some good news and some bad news. The good news is the costumes for the Poptropica toys are now on the Poptropica store(most of them), on a high price though. The bad news is they made almost all the store costumes worth 275 credits and the powers 450 (and for some reason they’re bronze instead of gold). Hopefully that was just a mistake when they were doing the toy costumes and they’ll fix it.

  3. Chubby Sun is Skinny Moon’s evil and treacherous twin sister, also known as Jessico! Beware of her solar might! XD Great to see more test rooms – keep these posts comin’ 🙂 .

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