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The Wheel of Nine Lives

Hey, Poptropicans!

Recently on Poptropica, the anticipated Wheel of FortunePoptropica style – was introduced!


You can find this luck wheel (that’s what the cool kids call it, for your information) on Home Island. Really. It’s right there. As soon as you drop in. Here, take a look for yourself. This may be a tad confusing, but you don’t click the wheel itself. Instead, see that guy to the right? Talk to him to spin the wheel and see what you win! (Thanks to Brave Dolphin for her pic!)

You can win a number of credits by spinning the wheel – 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, or 175 at a time. If you land on ‘Grand Prize!’, you’ll win one of the many Bronze Cards Poptropica has placed in the Store! A number of these are rare item cards that are being brought back for a limited amount of time (about a month, says Poptropica), while others are Gold Cards and Store Costumes being featured.

Unfortunately, some of the older (and even free) costumes have also been removed from the Store with this update. Perhaps they weren’t popular enough?

These Bronze Cards have also increased in price, but considering all the free credits you can now get just by spinning that wheel, it seems fair enough. These Bronze Card Costumes are going for at least 200 credits, some 250, 265 or 275, and the newly-added Dr. Hare costume is a whopping 500 credits. (Thanks to Hyper Gamer for the pic below – note that it may be missing a few cards)

Poptropica wheel 3

WimpyKidFan has also created a list of all the available wheel prizes, which you can find here.

Every day is a new chance to spin again – so be sure not to miss it!

Also on Home Island is an ad for Nine Lives, a fantasy/comedy movie coming to theaters August 5. Watch the trailer video for a Cat on the Head prize – yes, it’s what it sounds like. (Thanks to Hyper Gamer for the pics and mangle745 for the tip!)

Hope you enjoyed this post, and be sure to log in every day for another chance to spin Poptropica’s Prize Wheel! What prize did you get today? Let us know in the comments!


22 thoughts on “The Wheel of Nine Lives”

  1. Oh no, the blog comments have become YouTube’s what with hogging the first post! Anyway, I hope a month is enough time to earn enough credits to buy alot of the rare items in the store right now 😀 .What’s wrong, cat got your head? *cough-cough* I’ll leave the way I came in xD .

      1. Yeah, I was making a pun based on that expression and the “Cat on the Head” Nine Lives advertisement item 😛 .

  2. Why the heck were they removed, including Legendary Swords (at least I have it)?! 😦 Why? Though I don’t see any reason for the other store items to be worth 275 or 450 credits. Too bad I completed all the islands so I guess I won’t get even more credits that way.

    1. First of all it’s only for a limited time, second of all they are on a high price, third of all it’s something nice they are doing for us. Just trying to make it fair enough I guess (unlike ****Club Penguin***!!).

      1. Only a few are for members, using membership is faster than using credits.

      1. I had a method for ensuring that I got the grand prize every day, but it made my computer glitch, so I don’t do it anymore.

  3. Oh….. I found a free tofu dog costume in the store!!! It’s just like a hot dog and it is free!!!

  4. By the way. nonmembers are getting this so they have an opportunity for costumes they can’t get. I think it’s a good idea for the staff to come up with something like this.
    The outlaw still has his shotgun from its first release in the SUIs.

  5. AAARRRRGHHH I got the grand prize and started yelling but then Poptropica froze and when it reloaded I had to log back in again and it didn’t save the prize so now I have nothing D:

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