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Fanfic: The Story of White Cloud, Part 2/4 ☁️

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Silver Sword. Enjoy!

Olympus has Risen: We’ve always had our heads in the clouds.

(Continued from Part 1…)

White Cloud watches in wonder as a jungle paradise forms around her.


“This must be a dream!”

White Cloud continues to look around and aww at the strange place. Suddenly, a snake bites her!


“Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!”


“It’s not a dream, kid, you’re in reality!”

White Cloud turns around to see Amelia sinking into the same purple puddle she saw in the picture.


“Couldn’t you just pinch me? Also, WAS THAT SNAKE POISONOUS?”


“You think that I would poison you?”


“I guess not. Anyway, how did you get in that puddle?”

AMELIA: “I will tell you everything if you get me out of this puddle.”

White Cloud pulls with all her might to get Amelia out of the puddle. Finally, she’s free.


“Now, tell me everything!”


“Ok. So I was just, you know, swinging around like a monkey- I mean, this is a jungle, right? And I swung into the puddle. Boom. There. You know everything.”


“Oh Amelia, wait till you hear my story.”


“Would that be possible right now?”


“Yes. Ok, so I just came back from Mythology Island, went to my bed, looked up at my favourite photo, and it sucked me inside. Also, did I mention that this place is beautiful?”


“Wow. That I did not expect. And I agree, this place is beautiful.”

White Cloud notices the really big picture from her clubhouse slowly shrinking.


“Amelia, I think that’s our way out. Let’s jump through it.”




“On the count of three. One, two, …”

But it was too late. The picture had disappeared.


“How do we get out of here?”


“I… I… I don’t know…”

To be continued

-Silver Sword ⚔️

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Silver Sword. If you did, you might also enjoy other fanfictions we’ve shared.

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28 thoughts on “Fanfic: The Story of White Cloud, Part 2/4 ☁️”

  1. Hey poptropicons! I have a contest for the poptropicon with the best idea for my next fanfic. There’s a surprise for that lucky poptropicon! If you want to participate, give ideas in the comments below! This will last entail April 29th!

    1. Maybe you could write about Detective Anna Gram and her adventures solving a bunch of mysteries? Or about a humble farmer who ends up going on a dangerous quest to save all of poptropica? I dunno. 🙂

      1. The are two surprises: for number one I will write my next fanfic about, friend them, and give them my username for my party today at four. For number two I will write my third fanfic about there idea, friend them, and give them my username for the party. Just so everyone knows, I will announce the winners VERY SOON!

    2. Ok! I am now going to announce the winners! First place goes to: Magic kid! I really liked your idea about detective Gram’s adventures, and I truly enjoyed your idea.Second place goes to: Salty puppy! Her/ his idea might’ve been short, but I still loved it! BTW the party is at 2:00 and Magic kid and Salty puppy, meet me in the arcade, right now! My username is: ava5061 and it is a different account than Silver sword ⚔️ my name is Cuddly cloud ( this fanfic is based off of that account)

  2. Perhaps, there should be Black Widow coming back and trying to vandalize six important paintings and the hero of the fanfic has to try to protect it.

    1. Sometimes comments get flagged by the system to need an admin’s approval before being posted. Don’t worry if that happens, we’ll usually check them within a day!

  3. Seems like I will have what to read😉. Great job!
    I love seeing people writing fanfics, like someone reads a new fanfic he/she gets inspired and write one too! This community gets bigger and bigger.😁

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