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Fanfic: The Story of White Cloud, Part 1/4 ☁️

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Silver Sword. Enjoy!

Olympus has Risen: We’ve always had our heads in the clouds.

White Cloud journeyed to Home Island after a long and tiring trip from Mythology Island. She walked up to her clubhouse door, ready to look at her favourite picture (and maybe take a nap) before journeying to another island for another quest. White Cloud entered her clubhouse and climbed to the top, where her bed was.

“Mythology is tiring,” she thought out loud. She sat down on the bed and looked up at her favourite picture, ready to take a nap.

But the picture looked different. Instead of a picture of White Cloud and her friend, Dizzy Thunder, playing on Fairy Tale Island, there was a picture of Amelia. The picture looked like Amelia was in a jungle, in a purple puddle on a tree, and sinking into the puddle! White Cloud could tell that the picture (or perhaps Amelia) was trying to tell her something.

“I need to help Amelia, but where in Poptropica is she?”said White Cloud. Then it came to her. There was only one place Amelia could be… V1 Island! But where could it be? White Cloud checked all her maps for V1 Island, but couldn’t find it.

“Even though I don’t know where it is yet, I should probably pack. V1 island is forbidden, after all.” White Cloud packed everything she thought she would need for a trip to a dangerous and forbidden place like V1 Island. She sat back down on her bed and checked all her maps again, but she still couldn’t find the island!

“Ugh! I will never find V1 island on my own.” White Cloud looked at the picture again. This time, the picture started glowing! White Cloud watched in horror as the picture started pulling her inside — then she started to hear Amelia’s cry for help…

To be continued

Thanks, bye!

-Silver Sword ⚔️

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Silver Sword. If you did, you might also enjoy other fanfictions we’ve shared.

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8 thoughts on “Fanfic: The Story of White Cloud, Part 1/4 ☁️”

  1. Serious Heart: I love this! Not sure if Wild Hawk will…
    Wild Hawk: … I LOVE THIS 110%! Oh dear

  2. Funny how there are now TWO Poptropicans with the name “Silver Sword” featured on this blog, me (who got a MPIP and a Popspiracy post published on the PHB) and the one who wrote this amazing fanfic!

    Fun fact: My “Silver Sword” moniker is actually inspired by a game by the same name from the infamous 52-in-one NES game cartdrige, Action 52.
    I wonder if anything specific inspired theirs…?

  3. Hey poptropicons! I have a contest for the poptropicon with the best idea for my next fanfic. There’s a surprise for that lucky poptropicon! If you want to participate, give ideas in the comments below! This will last entail April 29th!

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