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Hook: Survival Ep. 2, Sinker: For Members 🎣

Yay to you for surviving another week in this weird world! 🦫

Pop drop: after an earlier teaser, Poptropica has re-released another episode for the map. Survival Island, Ep. 2: Hook, Line, and Sinker is back in business for desktop and mobile — but only for members.

Episode 1 of Survival is currently free for all, but beyond the newly re-released follow-up, the rest of the story is still stuck in limbo. However, the full island (with all 5 episodes) is expected to be included in the Steam bundle releasing next week, so stay tuned for that!

In other news, guest writer Young Rider on the Pop Creators’ Blog has been speculating that Sir Howard Diggory from the new Jade Scarab Island might be a reincarnation of construction leader Burt Diamond from the missing classic Twisted Thicket. 🌳 Between their pale English looks and nefarious tendencies, they sure share some similarities. What do you think? (We think we want Twisted Thicket back!)



13 thoughts on “Hook: Survival Ep. 2, Sinker: For Members 🎣”

  1. hello guys im new to this thing but poptropica i am a expert its my fav game in the whole world p.s cool those games sound cool

      1. Because these islands are included in the Steam package, I’m assuming they won’t be available to non-members. Since the players would need to purchase the bundle, it would be unjust to them if the episodes were made available to non-members for free on the website.

        This makes me wonder what the price of the bundle will be, and how reasonable it will appear in comparison to the cost of membership. Will the bundle signify that none of the remaining islands included will return to the original site? Perhaps it indicates that if they do return to the website, they will be permanently designated as member-only islands?

        Poptropica’s peculiar business strategies have me intrigued.

      2. The Pop Creators have announced that they’re working on bringing the episodic islands back to desktop and mobile, and it’s not a great look to have just partial islands available, so I’d expect they plan to bring all the episodes back eventually.

        How much of them will be members only remains to be seen, but right now for episodic islands with two (out of three+) episodes available on desktop and mobile, one episode from each is available for all. So the current model offers a set free demo, with subsequent episodes locked under the membership paywall.

      3. Your wrong their isn’t one for mission Atlantis. All are for members

      4. Yes because Mission Atlantis only has the first episode up, so it doesn’t fall under the “episodic islands with two episodes” I mentioned.

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