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Clubhouse Tour: Silver Shell ๐Ÿก

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Silver ShellEnjoy!

Hello, Poptropicans! It’s Silver Shell, and today I’m showing you my own Clubhouse Tour!

…Yikes! How are you here so early? Oof, I need an alarm clock…

Holy Hare, I’m still in my pajamas! Give me a second so I can try to look presentable.

Ah, there we go! Now I can get on with my day. Now, what to do next? Well, I’ll show you my bedroom.

Here’s my room, Poptropicans! Pretty full, I know, but I like it. I change out the decorations based on the time of year. Now why don’t you keep looking over there for a second while I, um, do stuff.

Hey! I thought I told you to stay over there! …No, I wasn’t reading to my unicorn. You misunderstood the situation. Moving on…

Here’s the kitchen, guys! Help yourselves to the fridge while I make myself something to eat. I’ve got just about everything, but I’m still waiting on the pizza I ordered. 

Here’s the ultimate gamer zone!! Well, it will look more ultimate once I get a membership and get all that cool high-tech stuff, but this’ll do. Right now my favorite game is something called Legendary Swords. You should try it!

Yes… Yes… YES! I won! Whew, that was tough. Anyway, I — what is that glowing thing?

What on Planet Poptropica is that??!! That’s right out of my video game! Hide! …Wait, that’s weird. It has regular arms and legs. That’s not a robot!

Ohh… she’s a fellow gamer! Hey there! Nice costume, by the way. Sure fooled me. Want to play Legendary Swords?

Click, click, click… Come on… Yes! Won again! Nice playing with you, but I have a clubhouse tour to lead. 

Anyway, here’s my pet area, living room, and schoolwork section. It’s a nice place to hang out, if you ask me. Speaking of pet areas, where’s my puppy?

There you are, Lav! This is Lavender, a rare species of Labrador Retriever that has light purple fur. She loves summer, swimming, getting petted, and wearing hats.

Moving on, past the front door, we have… Oh hey! My pizza’s here! Hmm, I’m not sure I meant “as big as I am” when I said “extra large,” but hey, I’m not complaining.

You know what? I’m in the mood for some exercise. I’ll save the pizza for later…

….eleven, twelve, thirteen… Oof! Nice work, Silver Shell! Florian “Flashy” Fosbury would be jealous.

I also love basketball! I’ll get some practice while we’re here. Slam dunk!

Wow, all this exercise is certainly making me hungry. PIZZA TIME!

Hm, doesn’t quite fit in my fridge… oh well, this’ll have to do for now. I wonder how much this thing costs, being bigger than me… *looks at receipt* OH MY POP! Oh man, next time I’ll order the medium size. Anyway, have a slice or something. 

Oh, I have one more thing to show you. You’re gonna love this.

Behold, the legendary Museum of Silver Shell! Similar to the Baron’s Airship, this is a room full of tokens and souvenirs from almost every island, and I’m still adding to it! However, this stuff is not for sale. If you see anything that you’re not sure which island it represents, be sure to ask in the comments, and give me suggestions of what other islands I should represent!

That’s that, folks. Hope you enjoyed my Clubhouse Tour!! Feel free to pop by anytime to help me finish up my pizza. My username is Seraphim22. Don’t expect my clubhouse to stay the same though; it’s ever-changing, like all things!

Have a Poptastic day, and happy Grapple-Pap!

Pop Nonstop,
Silver Shell ๐Ÿฅˆ๐Ÿš

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Silver Shell. If you did, you might also enjoy other clubhouse tours weโ€™ve featured. Consider sharing yours, too!

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