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Christmas joys for Island Boys 🎄🌴

Hey Poptropicans, pop in for Christmas costumes, lovely fan art, and a strange meme. Let’s take a look!

Adventure Outfitters presses on with another weekly store update, still carrying lots of winter wear. Noteworthy are the new Peppermint PJs (200 credits) and returning outfits Cozy Cocoa (250), Boss Babe (250), and Aqua Rebel (250).

Plus, pets can get the new Holiday Ball (75) and Candy Cane Cap (75), matching with player outfits still in the shop. Members’ pets can also be crowned with the Jingle Beanie (75) and re-released Blue Tiara (75). 👑 See more on the Creators’ Blog »

Over on Instagram, we’ve got some more lovely fan art featured in Poptropica’s stories. These characters may be cute on the outside, but do their hearts match their faces?

While we’re in the swing of winter, a hint of summer remains in the latest short from Poptropica: a meme that mashes the Island Boys from TikTok with Goofball Island. We might prefer goofing off with the latter.

Anyway, that’s a wrap for this update! Pop on, Poptropicans!


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