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TikTok on the clock and the content don’t stop ๐Ÿ•—๐Ÿฅธโœจ

Hey Poptropicans, tune in for costume calls, TikTok trends, future fun, Instagram imaginations, and mustachioed men. Let’s pop right in!

First up, November’s costume design contest is now taking entries! Share your submissions to Poptropica before November 19 at 8 pm EST, and it might be chosen for the Baron’s return in December.

That’s right, after her long stay all throughout Red October, she’s off to the skies again and, according to the Creators’ Blog, “taking some time away from Poptropica to spend some quality time with her friends and family.” Wait, she can leave Poptropica? And she and Ack aren’t lone wanderers? Wonder if we’ll get to meet the fam?

Anyway, for all the details of the contest, check out the Creators’ Blog!

Next up, Poptropica’s been popping off with the TikToks! The release of Mission Atlantis on Haxe came with a soundbite from The Office, and more recently, here’s one with a noseless human face juxtaposed on a Poptropican zipping through 24 Carrot (a cheat of a speedrun, though):

Not only that, but the Creators’ Blog featured several TikToks from Poptropica fans. (You can catch the first round over here.) There’s something for everyone: a cosplay of Octavian for the Occy cult, getting voted off Reality TV for the rage players, randomized Popsonas with origin stories for the creatives, Percy Jackson fans vs Mythology Island players for the truly knowledged, and scenes from various islands for the nostalgic ones. Watch them all on the Creators’ Blog!

Poptropica’s post of TikTok features also included some news on upcoming releases.

While Mission Atlantis and a handful of other old islands are back on Haxe, only their first episodes are available at the moment. However, we now have assurance that several of them will be getting their next episodes! As for who, what, and when… that remains to be seen.

Survival Island is one of the episodic islands that only has its first episode up on Haxe. Episodes came out for members first, then later released for all.

We also get a reminder that Goofball Island is currently in the works, though no new info is offered. But in case you missed it from last month, the PHB was able to get an inside scoop on this upcoming island from the fan designer himself, Thirsty Flame! Catch our Inside look at Dream Island winner: Goofball Island.

Also, here’s the latest batch of Poptropica’s Instagram stories. In addition to featuring their own TikTok, they also shared some fun fan art, including Smart Spinner’s “how not to wear a mask” (with nose!).

Also earlier this week on the Pop Creators’ Blog, we have a new guest blogger who, despite his name and writing style, refers to himself as “your old man.” Young Rider shares tons of pics from his “penthouse clubhouse,” as well as erratic doodles and even a Bitmoji.

After introducing us to his many pet followers, Rider gets to theorizing what might’ve happened to El Mustachio Grande since his arrest on Wild West Island way back in 2011. Ten years later, Rider suspects the hairy bandit might be vowing for revenge, eating a sad turducken, hijacking a flight to Home Island, or even, maybe, living as a kind scientist on Super Villain Island. What do you think?

That wraps up this post! Be sure to catch the waves below for news of the re-released Mission Atlantis as well as all the Atlantis-themed goods in the store. Sea you later, Poptropicans!



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