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Clubhouse Tour: Dangerous Shadow 🏡

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Dangerous ShadowEnjoy!

Hi! The name’s Dangerous Shadow, and imma show you my Poptropica clubhouse!

Let’s do the front entrance. So first, we have a totally awesome skateboard (though I fell and hurt my knee when it tipped over). There’s my diamond skull saying ”Hello” — it’s ever so kind!(lol) And then there’s my bag and cap on that smiley-face-whatever-thing.

Hm, next we have… Oh! The two parts of the living room! There’s the fireplace, which isn’t on right now because it’s summer. Then we have a really nice looking couch. They’re really fluffy, too! And there’s a little stool with a plant cat! Man, it’s cute.

On the other side, I also have a moon chair (I mean I think it’s a moon chair, it looks like one). There’s a very comfy hammock there, and a TV. And then there’s that unicorn thing… I’m pretty sure it’s a pillow, if not, let me know in the comments down below!

Now let’s go to my pets’ room — ugh, what is happening with my eyes there? So anyway, my kitten is named Toast! You can’t see it in the pic, but it’s just a cat with grey fur and a toast head.

My puppy, which you can see there, is named Dino. Here is my dog’s little house. He loves to play with the ball in there. There is some pet food in that bowl, which the pets share, and nearby is my cat’s little home-y kinda thing (I’m not doing well at remembering the names 😦 ). And there is her yarn, which she adores.

Let’s move onto the kitchen now… :OOO Someone hid my chocolate cake behind the bread basket, and I was trying to find it — I wanted my chocolate cake! *jumps up to get it* Almost there! Lol, to tell you the truth, I just never got a table, and I don’t know why! But I do have a fridge, drink machines, and food.

Let’s move onto my bedroom. It’s my favorite part of my whole clubhouse! Okay, I couldn’t get everything into one picture, so I took two. So I have my very comfy bed, with my penguin toy animal holding my phone—hey! What are you doing with it! *penguin just stares* Oh, wait. It’s a toy. Toys don’t talk.

I have a bookshelf. I love love love love to read! I have my grumpy-looking owl lamp there, with a chest full of more books and a couple more toys. I have more books on top of the bookshelf, as well as some lanterns — at least, I think they are lanterns. On the wall I have a pink moon decoration and some pictures of my friends. And I needed those beautiful light-up trees. Okay, onto the other part!

It’s my… gaming station! There’s a gaming chair. It’s pretty comfy. I have two speakers giving off some “Keeping It Loud” vibes. There’s my gaming computer, and you can see there’s that hanging chair with that orange pillow, and of course another one of those light-up trees.

Next we have what is kinda like my chillaxing/calm room. I have my (one) window in here, my music thingy majingy and a huge rainbow beanbag, plus my basketball stuff (okay, basketball isn’t really calming — I just put it there XD). I have my phoenix here too. Say hi, Feather! Oh, he’s in a calm/chillaxing mood. Better close our eyes with him — Dino, I said, “Close your eyes with him!” Hm, Dino ain’t listening to me today.

Well, that’s the end! Also, if you’d like to friend me, my username is: foxamazing1 (you don’t have to tell me, I know it sounds silly). Byeeeeee!

~Dangerous Shadow

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Dangerous Shadow. If you did, you might also enjoy other clubhouse tours we’ve featured, such as this Hare-y home from Invisible Ring. Consider sharing yours, too!

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