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Coolmath fame and classic games 📸🥕

Hey Poptropicans! In this update, we’ve got Pop-arazzi snapshots, tweets, fan art features, an official vid, and more. Let’s pop right in!

First up, the Pop-arazzi are back with more Pop fashions inspired by real-life pop stars. This time we’ve got American alt-rock musical duo Twenty One Pilots and actress Zendaya featured on the Creators’ Blog!

These stylish icons aren’t the only celebs floating in the fandom this week. Over on Twitter, a fan asked Jeff Kinney, Poptropica’s founder, if there were plans to restore the Wimpy Kid islands to the mobile app. Jeff responded, “I don’t know! I miss all the islands!

This marks the third time this year Jeff-senpai has publicly acknowledged the game he helped create. Although he’s not currently involved with Pop and doesn’t seem to have any say in its development these days, it’s great to see he still cares. And hopefully it’s one more mighty nudge for the current Creators (who retweeted Jeff’s tweet) to maybe, just maybe, bring the old islands back?

Poptropica’s been active on Twitter too this week. In response to sister site Coolmath Games (who hosts Pop among the games on their website) sharing that they’d added the updated maps, Poptropica thanked them for the “Coolmath Fame.”

On another note, here’s the latest batch of fan art features from Pop’s Instagram stories. Check out the villain vibes and costume creations!

While most of Poptropica’s classic islands seem untouched after Flash zapped them away, at least a few of them have survived into Haxe. One of them is 24 Carrot Island, which just recently got an official walkthrough video made and its tour page updated with a full written walkthrough.

As the Creators’ Blog explained, “24 Carrot was one of the few islands we didn’t have a complete walkthrough for, but now we’re one step closer to a complete Island walkthrough playlist.” But hey, you know where you can find a complete collection of Poptropica island walkthroughs in both video and written form, plus more extras like trivia and long-gone album photos? The PHB’s Island Guides!

Finally, the Baron’s Airship has set sail, but she’ll be back! Next time the Baron returns, we’ll get to pick up the winning designs from July’s costume contest (which ended this week) for free in her Cabin of Curiosities.

That wraps up this post! Plus, stay tuned for the Poppies voting round dropping later today. Thanks for popping by, and stay awesome, Poptropicans!



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      1. I totally agree, and it seems like the fandom won’t rest until he receives justice!

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