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Popular Poptropican: Lucky Joker

Hey Poptropicans, we’re back with another Popular Poptropican!

Popular Poptropican is a series where we get to know members of the Poptropica fandom. We have a number of interviews lined up with staff writers of the PHB, and in this one, we’ll be talking with Lucky Joker!

Lucky Joker has been playing Poptropica since 2008 and joined the PHB team in 2016. Since then, he’s written over 200 posts for the PHB, including Poptropica specials like 100 Years of Fashion and fun games like Guess That Poptropican! Without further ado, hello LJ!

1. What do you enjoy about blogging with the PHB?

What I love most about blogging on the PHB is having the privilege to share my love for Poptropica with a wide audience of fans who are just as passionate about the game as I am. Sharing news, critiques, artwork, and having discussions with every one of our readers for nearly 5 years has been, and always will be, a highlight in my life. Also, parties! As a matter of fact, it was a party invitation that brought me into the community in the first place. I really enjoyed hosting the Tribal Tournament last year especially. That was a lot of fun! Basically what it comes down to is that I’m super grateful for the readers. None of this would be possible without them, so I appreciate them for keeping the blog alive.

2. What advice would you give to aspiring bloggers or writers in general that you wish you had starting out?

My advice to all the aspiring bloggers out there is to try to stay as active with posting as much as your personal life allows. Find time to frequently post and engage with your readers while granting yourself some breaks as to not overwhelm yourself with too many responsibilities. There have been times Iโ€™ve put too much pressure on myself which leaves me feeling like a failure when I donโ€™t meet my (sometimes strenuous) expectations. Just do the best you can, be authentic, and have fun!

3. What is your favorite island and villain?

My favorite island and villain don’t correlate, but they’re both very popular picks from what I’ve seen in the fandom. Mythology Island (the Flash version) has always been my favorite since its release back in 2010. It’s the first island I ever played with early access as a member and it eminently ignited my interest in Greek mythology. As for my favorite villain, Ringmaster Raven would be my choice for a couple of reasons. His backstory is pitiful and his ending is unjust which makes me root for him in a way I wouldn’t for any other villain. Plus, I think his design is one of the best of any Poptropica character in general.

4. What challenge in the game has been the hardest to complete in your opinion?

For all of you OG Poptropicans out there, you may remember a time when a simple effort like returning to your blimp after finishing an island was no walk in the park. Poptropica has made some tweaks over the years to make tasks like this more convenient, but one of the toughest challenges I remember having to pull off was getting Whiskers to her bowl of milk at the Funny Bunny Carrot Farm on 24 Carrot Island. Having to guide the darn cat around with your cursor was so time-consuming and stressful, to say the least.

5. What is your favorite feature (still here or gone) from the many years of Poptropica?

There are a plethora of great features that make this beloved game so special. For me, it has to be the multiverse feature that takes the cake though. Being able to meet with specific Poptropican friends to go head-to-head in games was a nice change from the single-player world that is Poptropica. It made partying a lot easier for the PHB, and you just don’t get the same feeling in the regular old common rooms. The creators should really consider bringing this feature back to the game as soon as possible โ€” perhaps after a few island releases โ€” as it’s one of the single most enjoyable facets of the game for many of us. (Honorable mention: the Photo Booth!)

6. What is your favorite Poptropica item?

Wow, favorite item! This one is tough to answer because of all the possibilities there are, but Iโ€™ll have to go with the swirly goggles from the Hypnotic outfit. I remember feeling like such a Poptropica master when I found the secret item hidden on Early Poptropica back in the day. Theyโ€™ve been a part of my signature look for quite a while now, and I only change out of them for special occasions like Halloween when I get into costume. I mean, really, who would LJ be without his goggles?

7. What is your favorite Poptropica Easter egg/secret/reference?

This may be a cop-out since it technically isnโ€™t one single answer, but I thought the meta-references on Mocktropica Island were pure gold. There were numerous callbacks and humorous self-deprecating jokes scattered throughout the island. Some of the more notable ones can all be seen in the Poptropica headquarters trash can alone. An Afro Guy figurine, a scrapped Monster Carnival file, and the concept of the iconic Dr. Beev are among the gags brought to us by this otherwise (in my opinion) forgettable island.

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Thanks for reading, and see you in the next one! Pop on, Poptropicans!


7 thoughts on “Popular Poptropican: Lucky Joker”

  1. Wow Lucky Joker, I didnโ€™t know you play Poptropica ever since 2008, I was probably 1-2 years old at that time. Also do we have to send another response if we havenโ€™t done so last time?

  2. Justice for Raven. His newspaper stories are so sad. People just didn’t want someone like Raven. I know we love Raven, even if we turned him into a uh… chicken.

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