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PHB Special: Guess That Poptropican, Round 2

Howdy Poptropicans, it’s LJ here with another game of Guess That Poptropican! Can you guess a random Poptropican character based off a small number of clues? There are three levels โ€” easy, medium, and hard โ€” on the basis of the specific character and the amount of clues provided. Test your skill!


Poptropican 1

  • I can be seen on two islands
  • My name is alliterative
  • I have a villain sibling
  • I have my own store
  • I like comic books

Poptropican 2

  • I own a beauty company
  • I’m constantly searching for rare plants and creatures
  • I occasionally wear fashionable sunglasses
  • I have a beauty mark
  • I have attempted murder


“Poptropican” 3

  • I take on many different looks
  • I can help you with all your shopping needs
  • I hover
  • I am not a Poptropican

Poptropican 4

  • I go by two different names
  • I have my own Draw My Life video
  • I’ve worked on the Creators’ Blog
  • I like video games


Poptropican 5

  • My name is a pun
  • I blast lightning bolts
  • The quest from which I come from has never appeared on the map

Poptropican 6

  • I am a former child actor
  • I long to have a serious role
  • I’d like to show my dark side

The same rules apply as last time. In order for your answers to be considered correct you’ll need to list the exact name of the character in its entirety. The first person to get all 6 correct will win a drawing of their Poptropican by me. (You can check out my DeviantArt gallery for a reference of my art.)

So send in your guesses to [email protected] for your chance to win. The results will be posted as soon as the victor emerges! Good luck and pop on!

โ€“ LJ ๐Ÿ€


24 thoughts on “PHB Special: Guess That Poptropican, Round 2”

  1. So, say I also win this one (which is unlikely), would I have two drawings of my Poptropican? Would would I just wear a different costume so the two different pictures look different?

    These are some hard questions! One is an actual person, one’s not even a living Poptropican, and one doesn’t have their quest on the map! This will be difficult to figure out…

  2. I got every one of them except for the 6th one. And I gotta say, you almost had me with the 5th one, but with a little bit of research, I found out that he’s a pretty obscure character.

      1. For those who are participating, look away:

        1) Ned Noodle Head

        2) The villian from Cryptids (forgot her name)

        3) Quippy, the little robot who appears at the common rooms

        4) Shark Guy/Boy

        5) Dr. Cumilo ‘Nimbus from that one blimp mini quest which you can only access with the blimp toy’s promo code

        6) I think it might be that one guy from Back Lot who you ask to play as the antagonest in a western film

      2. The villiain from cryptids is Black Widow, i also think 1st one is Ned Noodlehead, same for 3rd, and i think the 4th one is Mordred/Binary Bard, and i dont know about the other ones as i never played that miniquest neither Back Lot

      3. Hey, i explored a little on internet and i found that yes, the 5th one is Dr. Cumulo Nimbus, And the 6th one is that guy, whose name is Willy Bingleman, so the only one we dont know is 4th one

      4. Number 3 fits Quippy more than Ned by all points (Ned is Poptropican), and “I like videogames” is a weird way of describing Binary Bard tbh.

      5. no i didnt mean that i tought ned was also 3rd, i meant i also were thinking the same you tought on 3rd, i also tought it was quippy

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