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Pop-TROPE-ica: Top 10 Poptropica Betrayals

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by White Fox. Enjoy!

Hey, Poptropicans! Today I’m going to talk about the Poptropica trope of us meeting cool characters who eventually betray us.

Off the top of my head, the first person who comes to mind when I think of Poptropica betrayers is the one and only Director D from Spy IslandHe played the part of seeming extremely trustworthy, because he could persuade everyone at the Spy HQ to do his bidding, and they thought they were doing it for the good of Poptropica. That’s why I was so surprised when I saw this:

So now you see why I have trust issues…

Now I have come up with 10 islands where someone you trust ends up being the bad guy. Okay, I’m gonna take a deep breath and list them all…

1. Mordred on Astro-Knights Island, after he became the Binary Bard and tried to take the princess.

The Life of Mordred: A Cautionary Tale

2. Director D on Spy Island, who secretly works for the B.A.D (Bald and Dangerous).

3. Zeus on Mythology Island, who steals your items after you worked so hard to gather them, and tries to take over Poptropica.

4. Dr Jupiter on Super Villain Island, who is Zeus in disguise and tries to take over Poptropica โ€” again!

5. The captain of the ship on SOS Island, who isn’t really a bad guy, but he kinda betrayed you because he caused the whole shipwreck in the first place but said he didn’t.

6. Ringmaster Raven on Monster Carnival Island, who tried to hypnotize the whole town. Well, the betrayal lies more in the fact that it turns out the carnies weren’t just regular people when night fell, thanks to Raven’s meddling monster-making!

7. Mr Silva on Shrink Ray Island, the teacher who tries to steal CJ’s invention.

8. Inspector Veuvre-noire on Counterfeit Island, or Black Widow, who attempts to steal “The Scream” painting.

9. Myron van Buren in Survival Island: Episode 4, who takes you in but has bad intentions in mind โ€” keeping you hostage in his log cabin and hunting you for sport!

10. The governor’s aide on Skullduggery Island, who, it turns out, secretly works for Captain Crawfish.

That’s all I thought up, but I might have missed some. Please put any others in the comments!

Because Poptropicans have been tricked and backstabbed countless times, it is often a surprise when you come across someone who actually holds up their end of the deal.

For example, the weight guesser on Monster Carnival Island. He actually gave you the bouncy ball. Since when do carnies just give away the prize? I guess they aren’t all cheap, lazy, and cheating, but all I got was a cup when I won the dart throwing contest!

Yay. My point is, Poptropicans are so often tricked on islands, it’s kind of hard to believe when people actually do what they say they will. A lot of people are suspicious in Poptropica. Next time you play a new island, don’t let anyone double-cross you… ๐Ÿ•ถ

That’s all for this post! Thanks for reading!

White Fox

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22 thoughts on “Pop-TROPE-ica: Top 10 Poptropica Betrayals”

  1. I love your list! I remember playing SOS Island BUT I didn’t know he caused the shipwreck.I thought it was the whale. Magistrate from ghost story island did betray his friend Valiant.

    1. Both the captain and whale may be responsible for the shipwreck โ€” the captain for carelessly steering the ship in that direction, and the whale for being there to crash into it.

  2. I didnโ€™t play through Skullduggery before Haxe started. But when I read through and saw the governorโ€™s aide betrayal. I was surprised since I thought he was a good guy. Anyway I like this betrayal list, my personal fav has to be Director Dโ€™s betrayal.

    1. I was surprised when I got to that part, too! On the crew, there’s also more pirates there that you found on other islands, like the lady pirate was on Pirate Outpost, in front of the cannon shop.

  3. I know that he didn’t really “betray you,” but what about Ned Noodlehead? He helped you, and then took all the credit! That still gets on my nerves…

    1. I was so worried when the police officer said Ned got the medallion. At least he’ll give you the medallion for a hot dog.

    1. Oh, yeah! She did betray you!
      Yeah, both their names give clues; Tessa Turncoat, having the name “Turncoat”, and Dr. Jupiter, because Jupiter is Zeus’s Roman form.

  4. I didn’t know that there’s a lot of people who you think is good but they end up betraying you.

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