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Ramble Review: Vampire’s Curse Island 🧛‍♂️

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by White FoxEnjoy!

Hi, Poptropicans! It’s White Fox again, here with a Ramble Review on the one and only Vampire’s Curse Island. First things first, I have to mention Christopher. The brave, loyal boyfriend.

Yeah, right. Moving on.

One of the reasons I liked this island because of all the references to Bram Stoker’s vampire story Dracula. For example, the villain’s name is Count Bram. Seriously, it is right there.

Also, one of the graves is dedicated to one of the Count’s victims, who was drained of her blood in the novel Dracula. There’s more trivia like this in the PHB’s Vampire’s Curse Island Guide!

Let’s be honest, this island was definitely creepy. I mean, graves. Old statues. Vampires. Spiders. Eek! At first, this island did not seem like something I would be interested in playing. Mythology? Sure! Spies? Fine! But I didn’t feel like I wanted to play an island based on vampires.

Personally, seeing blood makes me freak out, so there’s a problem. The dark sky, the small city, everything at the beginning of the island was not what I would call welcoming. In the end, however, it was one of my favorite islands!

If I could change one thing about this island, though, it has to be the part when you make the anti-vampire serum. Just the fact that it’s so random. I wish it had more reason to it, like you find something that gives you a clue to it. More of an explanation to why it is like that. Or maybe there was, and I didn’t see it.

Even if this island doesn’t get brought back, I hope that the dumbwaiter and the crossbow gets brought back. I loved that. I especially liked the part where you shot arrows at the side of the castle to get the mandrake root. That was hard, but fun and memorable.

I always wondered why tomatoes were in his lab. I mean, next to blood, I suppose tomatoes are a vampire’s favorite food? Or maybe he just had them for research?

I loved this island because of all the adventure. From using the crossbow, to firing the cannon, to growing a tomato head, to helping Katya escape Count Bram, the island is purely full of wonder and mystery.

I think that just about wraps up this post! Put your favorite part of the island in the comments below. 👇Thanks for reading!

White Fox

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by White Fox. If you did, you might also enjoy the PHB’s other Ramble Reviews of various islands, like this one about Lunar Colony by Purple Paw.

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23 thoughts on “Ramble Review: Vampire’s Curse Island 🧛‍♂️”

  1. I honestly really like the bonus quest for this island. Turning into a vampire is really cool to me!

    1. That was one of my favorite parts too! Except the part when you have to go through the spiders in the attic. I reallyyyyy don’t like spiders

    1. Haha! Yeah that guy’s annoying, especially when he comes in to “save the day” after you already did everything.

  2. White foxxxx!!!!! Awesome! I got to know about this island cause I never played it but I still like it! Now one thing..wee!!!! Check my clubhouse to see what all I got from the card collector!!!

      1. OMG your new house is awesome! I love the brick walls and the claw machines! I especially like the hanging spaceship in the corner from Legendary Swords! Now we both have one! I love this place! You should do a clubhouse tour

      1. Maybe Timmy failure or time tangled! Which one should I do?

        I am seriously thinking to do Monster was sad. 😭

  3. It really stinks that even after your adventure is done and over with. Your character cannot enter the movie theater I mean seriously! Why create a area you cannot even go in?!

      1. Ohhhhhh are you a non-member? There’s some small parts in the island you can’t fit into, but the bonus quest let’s you do that because you turn into a bat.

      2. The one the goth teenagers are waiting line for to see. At the beginning you are like ‘I don’t have time to watch a movie. I need to find Kaya’ and at the end you STILL cannot enter the movie theatre. Because your character says ‘I had enough of vampires. Thanks!’ They should deleted it from the island what kind of island has a place you cannot enter?!

    1. Oh that one! I totally understand how annoying it is to have a place in the island that you can’t enter. It is probably there because it is trying to enlarge the common theory that vampires can be romantic, as proved later in the island when Count Bram gave up his immortality to be with his wife. It’s just a guess, though.

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