The PHB’s 12th Halloween Costume Contest: 🦸‍♀️ Heroes & Villains 🦹‍♂️

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The Poptropica Help Blog presents

Halloween Costume Contest Twelve:
🦸‍♀️ Heroes & Villains 🦹‍♂️

Now in our 12th year of this tradition, we’re once again thrilled to announce our annual Poptropica Halloween costume contest. This year’s theme: Heroes & Villains. Which side will you choose?

Whether you’re inventing your own characters or emulating icons from pop culture, we invite you to get your creativity flowing by assembling a Poptropica costume (or two, or several) based on either (or both!) of these themes. And one more specialty for this year…

👯‍♀️ Group costumes are encouraged! Get some friends together (or make some new ones on the PHC or in the comments section of this post) and plan your costumes as a group. All it takes is two or more.

As an example, the PHB team decided to band together this year to form the Colors of the Rainbow! 🌈 In keeping with the theme, we’ve split into the Warm Warriors (heroes) and Cool Criminals (villains)—but that’s optional for group costumes. They just have to be related.

📝 Here’s what you need to know about entering:

  1. 🦸‍♂️ Assemble your costume for either (or both) categories on Poptropica, including for group costumes. You may enter each category (heroes, villains, group) as many times as you like. You may concurrently submit an entry for both the hero/villain categories and a group costume (which may be considered its own category of sorts). However, each individual person is eligible to win just once per category.
  2. 📸 Take a screenshot of your costume entry in the Costumizer window.* Here’s how to take a screenshot — the instructions will vary depending on your device. For Windows, you’ll also need to paste it somewhere to save it as an image file on your computer. Also, use the in-game Costumizer window (pictured below) as that will display your character at a high resolution. Ideally, crop the image to show just your character.
  3. 🔗 Upload the image to the web and share the link in the comments of this post. You can use a site like imgur or Discord to upload your picture and obtain a web link for it that can then be shared so others can see it. Once you’ve got a link, comment on this PHB post you’re reading right now with the link. Include details such as what category you’re entering, what you’re naming your costume, and anything else you’d like to share about it.

*Note: Though we’ve used Avatar Studio (AS) links in the past, many of the newer items in Poptropica are not visible through AS. If your entire costume is still viewable by AS, you’re welcome to provide a username (not link, as those don’t work with AS anymore) in lieu of a picture. However, since AS is no longer a complete guarantee for displaying costumes, we recommend taking a screenshot.

Share a screenshot of your costume in the Costumizer window, like so. You can access this screen from the green shirt button in the menu if you’re in Flash, or from costumizing one of your clothing items in Haxe.

📝 Things to Note ✨

  • 💻 If you send us a username for us to look up on the Avatar Studio, you’ll have to keep your costume intact until Halloween so we can see it throughout the month. That’s something you won’t have to concern yourself with if you send a screenshot instead, and it’ll be easier for you to capture multiple costume entries!
  • 👯‍♀️ Group costume rules: Group costumes are encouraged to match the heroes & villains theme, but this is not required. An individual entry within a group costume entry may also qualify for the singular-costume hero/villain categories, but we will take care to honor group efforts by prioritizing awards for this category before others, as each individual person may only win once per category.
  • 💡 Tips for seeking out costume parts: We know Poptropica has changed a lot in the past couple years, making lots of old methods obsolete, but there are still places you can go for cool costume parts. The Flash version of Pop has more options, but Haxe has plenty of store costumes too. Dig through old store items, buy new store costumes, crank the switch in the New You shop on Home Island, snag something off an NPC from PoptropiCon, sneak your way into old islands with idk’s directory, and use MAP (for individual parts) (MAP is currently not working) or the ASG Machine (for full costumes) along with usernames from our ASG collection.

👑 Prizes ✨

  • 🗓 The contest closes on Friday, October 30. We’ll announce the winners the next day.
  • 🎃 On Halloween (October 31), we’ll post our favorite costumes from each category on the front page of the PHB for all to enjoy.
  • 🌟 A grand prize winner will be selected for each category, plus one group. Each grand prize winner will receive a 1-month Poptropica membership. Up to 6 memberships for the winning group will be awarded, with one month per participant.
  • 🕺 Winning costumes will be immortalized on our Costumes page, but we’ll also have honorable mentions for just the post, not page.

🦹‍♀️🦸‍♂️👻 There are no heroes without villains…
…and no villains without heroes 🦹‍♂️🦸‍♀️🎃

93 thoughts on “The PHB’s 12th Halloween Costume Contest: 🦸‍♀️ Heroes & Villains 🦹‍♂️”

  1. Can we send more than one costume? Anyways I just got back from vacation yesterday close to 9 at night. My pink Gucci gang shoes got ruined by some dirty trail in Asheville. My pink laces rip I wore those shoes for two years:/ . I hope there are high top pink quilted ones then I’ll certainly entreat my mom to buy it might as well check the website for em.

  2. There was an issue attaching the link/file, but my username on the Avatar Studio is PurplePawzz, so you can view it there. It’s my hero entry, named Earthbug. I may make a villain entry soon!

  3. Heya! TheOrangeHe here!

    This is my entry for the Heroes & Villains Costume Contest.

    In the HERO Category: Jose Rizal – The National Hero of the Philippines

    What’s interesting about Rizal is that he never used weapons to free his country. Instead, he used his knowledge to educate his countrymen and appeal to the Spanish Colonizers. Through his famous novels: Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, he described the Spanish Colonization in the Philippines and hoping to spark change in his country. These novels inspired many Filipinos to finally stand up for themselves.

      1. sf please note that im working with jamelle (sorry if i spelled it wrong) and the one with a vampire teeth is HIM not me. thanks!

    1. A bit confused here — can you clarify if you’re helping Jamelle submit a costume, or if you’re both teaming up for a group costume? If it’s a group costume, can you share more about what it is?

  4. I have 2 links on Discord here, because I can’t copy and paste here. Amethyst Princess and Golden Butterfly, both under the category of heroes.

  5. When is the deadline because I have a couple of entries that are missing a couple of parts but the asg machine isn’t working for me, like it seems my IP address has been blocked from using it, and I wanna see when I have to have my outfits before by.

      1. Okay thank you so much, also another question, can I make a new account asg one of my costumes onto there and if I hypothetically win could I get the membership on a different account?

    1. ASG Machine seems to be working for some people, but there have been reports of it timing out for others. MAP is down, and unfortunately there’s no guarantee on when they’ll be up and running again. In the meantime, it would be more reliable to try mixing and matching with store costumes or pieces from the New You shop on Home Island.

      Also, yes — if you win, you can add the membership to any one account. We’ll contact the winners to arrange this. 🙂

  6. Here’s my Hero Entry. I named it as “Ghost of Poptropica” (In honour of the game “Ghost of Tsushima”) The character is known to be abandoned from all islands in poptropica as he does not follow the defending style which Poptropica follows by. Therefore, he decides to take on a new identity as the “Ghost.”

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