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Spotted: Dr. Hare in despair

Hello, Poptropicans in the know!

Looks like Dr. Hare has had a rough night, as he was seen earlier today on the Poptropica Creators’ Instagram story keeled over, while fellow Poptropica elites Shark Boy and Sir Cador stared straight on with indifference. Nearby blimps surrounded them, ready to give a lift to the hospital.

What’s the problem, doc? Couldn’t get enough carrots to supply your next evil plot? Lost the ability to toy with victims? The Creator who snapped this story certainly doesn’t think he’s up for whatever he’s up to.

Y’know, we’re not entirely sure why we’re still gossiping about this has-been villain who is fast falling into irrelevance considering his last stunt happened more than a year ago, but here we are.

Speaking of relevance, did you hear that Poptropica’s getting a new island? Looks like cheetahs are in, and hares have been beaten out of the race!


โ€” the PHB ๐Ÿ˜˜

8 thoughts on “Spotted: Dr. Hare in despair”

  1. Has anyone else noticed that tutorial mini island on poptopica, where you have to collect coins? Or was that there before and I just missed it?

    1. Personally, I’m still seeing Monkey Wrench and not a coin-collecting tutorial (though that existed before Monkey Wrench came along). I’ve tried on my main account as well as a new account. Where or how are you seeing this other tutorial?

      1. I’ve heard that clearing the browser cache can help trigger it to appear. Although it’s yet to work for me, Gentle Dolphin and others have reported seeing it, so we may be able to cover it here on the blog soon.

      2. I done it, and it was sort of like the tutorial from the Poptropica mobile app at it’s early versions. But, instead of collecting shards of a medallion, you collect coins of which contain a few or couple credits.

        Btw, am I the only one who finds the controls too simple and easy to figure out for a tutorial? (besides the ability to click to get to a specific mark.)

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