Hub Island Guide

Note: This island quest is now retired.
See our Monkey Wrench Island Guide for a walkthrough of the current tutorial! 🙂

Walkthrough written by Slanted Fish
Special thanks to Ultimate iPad Expert (Paul)

Welcome to Hub Island, also known as Home Island (on the map) or Tutorial Island (on the medallion). This is the place new players first land on when they arrive on Poptropica, and it was added to the game in August 2015. Even if you’re not new, you can still enjoy what this island has to offer!

When you first drop onto the island, you’ll meet this pilot explorer, who introduces you to the whimsically wonderful world of Poptropica: a place of awesome adventures!


Ask him to show you the basics. He’ll take you to a different area and mention that he wants to give you something but lost the pieces along his journey. Now it’s up to you to find it and piece it back together!

Head to your right and you’ll notice a sign teaching you how to jump (point up in the direction you want to go, click and hold). Jump up to the tiny floating ledge above, then jump to the one floating next to it, and finally jump to the last one to collect the first of the Medallion Shards. There are 8 in total, but fear not, they’re pretty easy to spot, as you just saw with the first golden glowing piece.

Now continue right. Atop a tree is the second Shard. Head down the ropes, then pick up the third Shard. Climb back up and continue right, swimming into the water and bouncing on the ledge to grab the fourth Shard. Run right and drop down and to the left for the fifth Shard beneath some rocks. Then, jump up, go right, and continue to the next area.

You’ll see a Wrench sitting on top of a tree. Jump up there and pick it up. Then, head to your right and talk to the lady pilot, who will tell you to keep the wrench and offer to show you how the Costumizer tool on Poptropica works. You can use the Costumizer in many places on Poptropica to snag some cool costume parts from other characters.

When you’re done talking to her, jump up the bouncy sails of the broken windmill and grab the sixth Shard sitting on top of the crashed plane. Then, continue right and pick up the seventh Shard. Just one more to go! Hop on the nearby barrel, then jump to the next platform and keep going right until you find the propeller-powered platform. Step on it, then click the arrow and it’ll start to ascend, allowing you to grab the final Shard stuck in a tree at the top. Then, go right to the next area.

You’ll be back in the first scene, but you have to keep going right a little until you find the first pilot again. Talk to him, and he’ll piece together your Island Medallion and credits for the Store! Congratulations!

In the first area of the island, you can also access a few other things: the New You building, where you can alter your appearance by pulling a lever to Customize from endless costumes, or using the Colorizer, which allows you to change your skin and hair colors.

The Photo Booth just to the left of the blimp will let you play around with a canvas where you can arrange a plethora of props and more to create some fun pictures that you can then save to your computer to share if you wish. Check out this PHB post for more details!

Then there’s the Shop, which brings you to the Poptropica Store. Finally, the Arcade brings you to the Pathfinders tribe common room, no matter which tribe you’re in.

If this is your first time on Poptropica, hopefully the quick tutorial was helpful in getting you acquainted. Here on the Poptropica Help Blog, we have tons more Poptropica resources for you, from island walkthroughs to the latest news and everything in between.

If you’re interested in being part of the Poptropica community: hello and welcome! 😀 We hope you like it here.

🌟 Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🌟

25 thoughts on “Hub Island Guide”

  1. My sister was SO excited that she could use the Colorizer without having to buy it. I was excited to have the chance to get my very first outfit back and stay in one place. It was like heaven.

      1. Um,yeah,obviously. I’m totally not Sticky Clown or anything. That would be dumb. PATHFINDERS FTW!!!!!!!1!11

        Seriously though,I shouldn’t laugh THIS hard at something like this.

    1. Some Guy-
      Not exactly true. If you want to change your hair or skin color, and you don’t want to have to go to a different island, then you could use it.

  2. This island is, like, SO easy! I didn’t even know PHB had a walkthrough for this, seeing as even a 5 year old could get through this island. I did it without PHB’s help (cuz I didn’t know PHB had a guide for this island; well, its not actually a REAL island, it’s just a tutorial of the basics of Poptropica) and I got a medallion and credits! Also, is this a glitch because Poptropica has 55 islands (currently), and SamWow5 (A PHB creator), his profile states that he’s got 55 island medallions, but I checked and he hasn’t completed Home Island! So he can’t have 55 medallions if he hasn’t done Home Island! Is it a glitch?? If you wanna add me on Poptropica, my user is AwesomeCY:)

    1. It may be the easiest island ever, but it still needed its own page since it is an island after all! Plus, Home Island includes not just the tutorial quest, but also extra features like the Photo Booth. 🙂

      Some Poptropicans (like Samwow5) have an extra medallion because of the 24 Carrot BETA Carrotene (the beta version of the sound updated 24 Carrot Island before it was officially re-released, which was only available to members). 😉

    2. @Shiny Panda

      More of a like, the Home island is ‘supposed’ to be easy after all it is for new comers and just a tutorial for them.

    1. Not sure what you’re asking, but this is retired, which means it’s no longer playable. The Creators may have their own copy, but that doesn’t mean they’re putting it back out there since they’ve replaced the tutorial with Monkey Wrench Island.

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