24 Carrot Island, Sneak Peeks

Beware up there, maybe a hare…

UPDATE:ย The special event (the mini-quest as described below) can now be accessed via the map. On Instagram, the Creators announced that the event runs only until Monday, September 17. Win that new limited edition robot suit while you can!

Hey Poptropicans! Carrot all to see what’s new? ๐Ÿฅ•

The Poptropica Creators posted a sneak peek on the official blog that’s meant to be for a “special event launching this Thursday.” This might look familiar to some of you…


In case the crate of carrots in the pic and the 38 carrot emojis on the Creators’ Blog weren’t enough of a hint, this smells a lot like it’s got something to do with 24 Carrot Island villain Dr. Hare. Specifically, this is almost an exact scene from the entrance of the old mini-quest Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab (but the signpost is new).

Since the store is now getting refreshed with new stock every month, the card for Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab hasn’t been there for some time. However, if you’ve got the card in your inventory, you can still play itโ€”in fact, this update is live, but the only changes are aesthetic: the addition of a new sign, music, and a recolored robot costume reward.

For those who don’t have access because you may not own the card, wait until Thursday for the official release of this “special event.”

Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab came out in 2010 and has been available in the store until about four months ago. Guess it’s nice to see it return, at least. ๐Ÿฅ•



6 thoughts on “Beware up there, maybe a hare…”

  1. So the mini quest is an SUI (technincally not an island), since it has music?
    Although, I hope they make the rabbot award a costume card instead of having to costumize it to obtain it. Also, I hope it’s not turned into an SUI because that would probably mean I can’t cheese it with the Super Power island flight.

      1. To be honest, that is kinda lame since unless you’re a member, you have to use those magic mirrors to save the costume, and in my case, in sacrafice for a costume you don’t want to delete.

        Well, at least I have the gold card so I can get it whenever I want. And the new rabbot design is neat as well.

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