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Curtain call

“The Runes and the Queen” by Brave Tomato

There are going to be points in life where you must make a very hard decision. And I don’t mean decisions like what to eat at a restaurant or, I don’t know, what to wear. Those are things that you simply do and forget about in a month or two.

And then there are the tougher decisions that will affect the rest of your life. Where to go, what to do, what do you want to do with your life—those are the hardest decisions that people will come across, and there must be a time where you’re ready to face it head-on.

So with that said, I’ve decided that, after six years, it’s my time to resign from the Poptropica Help Blog.

It wasn’t easy, but I do have a motivation as to why I’m resigning. Well, you probably noticed that I haven’t posted on here since Greek Sea Odyssey was announced (ironic, huh?). Over time, I realized that I wasn’t the same girl as I was six years ago. My interest in blogging started to fade away. When I first joined the PHB, I’d just started high school, and now here I am, approaching my third year of community college. I have a lot of other projects ahead of me now, and it feels time to step aside for another person, a person like the one I was six years ago, to enjoy what I had.

But don’t get me wrong—I’m not leaving the fandom. I’ll still make videos for my YouTube channel; I’ll still create things for people to enjoy. Poptropica as a game is still dear to me, and I will continue to follow its progress with Poptropica Worlds. Also, I’ve made several close friendships that I cherish deep in my heart. I’ll still be around; I won’t let myself fade away that easily 😊.  However, I really do feel like this is the perfect time for me to leave the PHB.

I could never be more grateful for the opportunity to be here in the first place. So, I want to say thank you. Thank you, past and present PHB authors, for working alongside me and being supportive on the journey. Thank you, Slanted Fish, for seeing something in that 14-year-old me; for bringing her over to the PHB.

Thank you to the Creators, old and new, for all the things you do for the game, with a special personal thank you to Jessica Devine (for being such an amazing community manager in the past), Mitch Krpata (for going out of his way to give me a shout-out in one of his Poptropica video walkthroughs), and Ashley Lange (for that drawing of the PHB crew she made a few years ago).

phb art
PHB team drawn by (Dr.) Ashley Lange, Poptropica Creator (2014)

Thank you to all my friends I’ve made through this fandom over the years, for being listening ears and sharers of happy memories. And thank you, the audience, for being a part of the show. Winning the Poppie award for “Best PHB Author” really meant a lot to me, and I’m so glad that you saw something in my contributions over the years. So thank you ever so much for that.

And now the show, for me, has to end. The curtain call must be made; I’ll stand and take a bow one last time. Remember the good times we experienced during the performance. The decision to end it was inevitable, and the time has finally come. Here’s to the show going on for the PHB, here’s to everything that brought us together, and here’s to the next chapter of what’s to come.

With love,

Brave Tomato ⭐️

16 thoughts on “Curtain call”

  1. Thanks for everything you’ve brought to the Poptropica community, Brave Tomato. You’ve been in so many areas of the fandom: writing fan fiction, making fan art, YouTubing, and of course, blogging—and for so long, too!

    Congrats again on “Best PHB Author” at the Poppies—well deserved. You’ve left an amazing legacy behind, and for this curtain call, I’d throw you only the bravest of tomatoes. 🍅 All the best!

  2. Brave Tomato, you were an awesome author, and always glad these authors aren’t leaving the fandom. 🙂

  3. It will be super weird not having you on the team, considering you’ve been around since the day I started blogging. That being said, I wish you luck on your future endeavors! Thank you so much for everything you brought to the community thus far. You’ve always been an amazing author, and congrats on proving that in the Poppies! You will be missed.

  4. And then there were five…

    Farewell, Brave Tomato! We’ll all miss you! And, um, you’re kinda a big part in this story I wrote… Should I, like, show it to you to get your consent? Or is it not that big of a deal? Well, in any case, I’ll miss you and all the other “original” authors. Go black flags!


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