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Costume Comebacks and Flashy Questions

Hiya, Silver Wolf here with news about Store updates and answered concerns!

Just today the Creators posted about some updates coming to the Store, saying that every month items will be added, old or new. And so far, they have proven themselves…


Three items have been added to the Store on Poptropica Original, all of which are Member exclusives from old islands. These include the Berry Scary Monkey follower from Monkey Wrench Island, the Beachgoer costume from Wimpy Boardwalk Island, and the Sea Captain costume from S.O.S. Island:

Added Cards

So far, I’m pretty excited about this idea. After all, we’ve all been wanting at least some update to Poptropica, and hey, Store items are a start. I especially like that fact that old items are being brought back for those who missed them.

The Creators are also asking for feedback about what you would like to see added next through their new comment system. Lucky Joker recommended some items like the Steamworks Mech Pilot costume and Vampire Count costume, and I recommended costumes from some of the earliest islands, as many of us didn’t play when the game was first created. What do you want? Leave it in their comments (and ours)!

Not only are updates being announced on the Creators’ Blog, but they are being announced on Poptropica’s Twitter (@Poptropica), too. One of the most pressing questions that has been on all of our minds for awhile now is what is going to happen to Poptropica when Flash ends in 2020, and @FordGaile finally got an answer:

It looks like the Creators are planning to transfer everything over to Poptropica Worlds or somehow avoid the Flash issue, which is very good news. Perhaps all of our progress on Poptropica won’t be lost after all!

The second most pressing question we’ve had is about what has been happening to Realms since its disappearance months ago, and this time @georgiemendes03 got an answer for us:

This may mean that Realms had a serious bug or that some big changes are going to be made, but at least it will be back! Additionally, the Creators announced that they’re “working on a lot of new stuff” and to check the Creators’ Blog often, and the somewhat pesky ads for old islands are for the “tons of new players” coming to Poptropica.

Despite our worries about Poptropica fading out, if what the Creators said is true, it’s actually doing the opposite. Still, that begs the question: why the recent staff cuts? As Skinny Moon (@PopGirlJess) recently tweeted, the team “got drastically cut down.” So what’s really going on?

What do you think of old items coming back to the store? Any theories on what Poptropica is going to do to adapt to Flash ending in 2020? Leave your comments below!

-SW 🐺

15 thoughts on “Costume Comebacks and Flashy Questions”

  1. Hi guys! I have some kinda bad news… I’m moving on. You may have noticed that I don’t comment as much, and I never got around to really posting on that blog of mine AND I haven’t logged on to Poptropica in a while… So yeah, because I am kinda losing interest in Pop and you probably are thinking NOOO RT/CDPG IS QUITTING but that’s not exactly true because I will still be participating in ATV on Lucky Wings blog but other then that you probably won’t see me around that often but I will visit sometimes!-for one of the last times, CookiedaPonyGamer

    1. I have recently refound the phb again but none the less, I see you in the comments a lot. Have a great time cookie, no worries 😉 you have already left your mark!

  2. Two things:

    Make the phantom power work as it use to (as in that bar to ajust how invisible you want to be, and maybe somehow on the SUIs).

    Second, two words, time watch power-card.

    Also, that steamworks suit thing and that golden robot with that glass protected brain.

  3. Ok ok. One thing. The Poptropica Creators said that they are trying to work on making Poptropica stay past 2020 and they are still updating the game then the point of Poptropica Worlds is really really becoming pointless then *_*

    1. Well, they are putting some stuff in Pop Original, of which is probably a lot easier and faster to do, since the store items they’re adding already existed. Stuff like physics tuning, commen rooms, especially that Zomberry thing is certainly gonna take a few/couple weeks. As for Zomberry, probably more.

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