Super Snaps and Blogging tips from Skinny Moon!

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here, with some Super Power Island behind-the-scenes, blogging tips from Skinny Moon, and recapping a quick Skinny Moon visit to the PHC!

Today, Skinny Moon posted these behind-the-scenes sketches (as well as on Tumblr) onto her Snapchat story – featuring some highly-detailed sketches of characters and backgrounds from Super Power Island (one of March’s Islands of the Month). Tip: Click any of the images to make them larger.

Skinny Moon’s been coming to chat on the PHC more often, lately, and at around 12:30 p.m. (ET) on Tuesday, she popped in and shared her latest post from the official Poptropica Tumblr blog.

In the post, she gives a few tips on how to promote your blog. So go read it on Poptropica’s Tumblr if you’re interested!

That shading on her avatar, though. 👌 I guess that’s technically another Worlds sneak peek!

Later on, at about 5:22 p.m. (ET), Skinny Moon stopped by yet again and answered a few Poptropica questions, as well as non-Poptropica related ones, the community had for her. Here’s a little recap of the Q&A in case you missed it:

Short Feather: @Skinny Moon Hi
Skinny Moon: Hello!
Pinchu: How are you today?
Skinny Moon: Great! I’m at a Panera right now and the wifi is spotty so not sure how long I’ll be here!

#StC #PopBlogsMatter: how much longer will Snowpocalypse be available for?
Skinny Moon: I’m not sure. Probably for a while…

#StC #PopBlogsMatter: are you going to get any other dogs for Toby to play with?
Skinny Moon: No, just Toby!

LillySparkle$: will Poptropica Worlds come closer to the end of spring or the middle?
Skinny Moon: Can’t say, sorry!
LillySparkle$: So excited!
Skinny Moon: Me too! I really am!

#StC #PopBlogsMatter: when will we get more info on worlds?
Skinny Moon: I think we’ll do 2-3 more sneak peeks of Worlds and then debut it! Can’t give a date, sorry!

idk: Do you think any of those sneak peaks will include actual gameplay?
Skinny Moon: I can’t say…

idk: Will the creators ever post on the Creators’ Blog, or are you the only one writing posts?
Skinny Moon: Everyone is fully focused on Poptropica Worlds and will be for a while.

Cria: i notice the prime social media accounts poptropica checks on are twitter and instagram, i was just wondering do you plan to check up on websites like Deviantart or tumblr? just wondering?
Skinny Moon: I try to look at DeviantArt but with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Youtube… it get’s a little crazy!

#StC #PopBlogsMatter: I’m just wondering but how old are your kids and do they play Pop? Lol it would be funny if they joined the community but they may be too young
Skinny Moon: They are in 5th grade and second grade and they play Pop! I won’t let them on social media until they’re 13.

idk: Which social media platform do you like the most?
Skinny Moon:  Personally? I like Instagram a lot

idk: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
Skinny Moon: Ohhhhhhh, that’s hard. Do I have to pick one Harry Potter?

#StC #PopBlogsMatter: what other games do you or your kids like other than Pop?
Skinny Moon: My girls love Minecraft!

idk: Favorite food?
Skinny Moon: Ice Cream!
idk: What flavor?
Skinny Moon: Coffee Oreo or Chocolate PB from a local place

Short Feather: Do u like Pokemon?
Skinny Moon: I played Pokemon Go a little but didn’t get too into it. That’s it for Pokemon for me!

Cria: favorite song artist/band? :0
Skinny Moon: This is going to make me sound super old. Because I am. LOL. Dave Matthews Band and REM. Guys, I have to go. Gotta take my kid to dance class!

Although she was only there for half an hour, the Q&A was pretty lively. Thanks again for stopping by, Skinny Moon!

Interested in chatting with the coolest Poptropicans and participating in Q&As like this? Come join the PHC, we’re always open!

-Lucky Joker :luckyjoker~1:


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